How to choose a juicer?

Juicer, or the desire to have it, came into our life together with foreign films and serials, in which their characters indulge yourself in the morning cup of fresh juice. Many people then wanted to acquire this attribute of success in life, comfort and respectability. But juicers become widely available only recently, when the major home appliance retailers have placed them on their shelves. After that, each of us got a chance to make their life more juicy. But it came at the other extreme. A wide range of devices has led to the emergence of new problems is the question of how to choose a juicer.

It is not so difficult to do, if you know their demands to the device and have an overview of the different types of juicers offered at the moment.
There are the following types of citrus juicers, centrifugal, screw and dvuzhernovye.

Citrus juicer (citrus-press).
How to choose a juicer?Designed to extract the juice of oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits. They are very simple and are cone-shaped nozzle, an electric motor for driv
ing of the nozzle and the container for collecting the finished juice. Cut an orange in half you will need to keep your hands while cooking juice. There are models with a holder, but they are much more expensive. Nozzles in citrus juicers are performed for each type of removable product: orange, grapefruit and so on. It may be helpful to the reverse, which will make a full spin.
Another good option - is to control the content of the pulp in the finished juice.
There is also a full manual models operating on the principle of the press. Centrifugal juicers.
The most common form , occurring in the market. Squeezing juice in devices of this type is due to a centrifugal force in a centrifuge. Pre- ground products are put into the drum through the guide nozzle through which can be biasing the special guide. Juice presses under the action tsentrostrimitelnogo acceleration through holes in a rotating drum and flows into the container. Refinery products remain inside the centrifuge.
The advantages of these centrifuges are: ease of use, high spin speed, low cost.
Disadvantages: very noisy devices, as the speed of rotation of the drum in which sometimes reaches 10-12 thousand. / Min.

Screw Juicer.
How to choose a juicer?How do these devices have to be everything , because in essence they are normal grinder , only made ​​more accurately than massive aluminum products from our childhood . It may be either manual or electric actuator.
Pros : The best preservation of its nutritional quality juice (up to 24 hours when stored in the refrigerator ) , higher reliability, a much quieter in operation, easy to clean , low demands on the products , allowing the presence of small stones .

Dvuzhernovye juicers.
The principle of operation of centrifuges of this type can be understood by looking at the picture with the image of the working bodies of the device . Products are pushed two rotating screws in opposite directions against the pinions , which are passing through they produce juice.
How to choose a juicer?Advantages: maintains nutritional quality juice to three days due to minimal contact with air, quiet operation.
Disadvantages: most expensive devices from all types of juicers in our country do not buy, so you will have to book through the Internet in Europe or America.

What else to pay attention to those who want to know how to choose a juicer.

Power and size.
Sufficient capacity does not allow you to finely chop the products before downloading , which will provide you a minimum cost for a favorite juice. If space is limited in your kitchen , you should choose a juicer small size , or it may share the fate of the seldom-used appliance in the world - ice cream and for all to live in the closet next to her.

Easy to use.
If you want to always drink a glass of fresh juice , you need to pay attention to the ease of disassembly and reassembly for cleaning and washing of the chosen model juicer. Otherwise, the sense of laziness before the subsequent washing device may be stronger than the desire to drink tasty juice .

The presence of additional functions.
Some juicers have impressive additional features , for example, such as the spin nut oil , or coconut milk. For a list of features you need , you have to decide before shopping , you do not forget in the selection process about something important .

Well, of course, is to estimate the amount of money you are willing to spend . If you do not plan to frequent cooking juices, it is possible to restrict the budget models . Otherwise, it makes sense to think about buying a top model from the top of the price range .

Finally I would like to advise on the issue of how to choose a juicer not forget to learn about the availability of service and support for your purchased brand.