How to ask for help from God?

Human civilization has always worshiped the gods. One or more, but certainly all-powerful. As a rule, all the deities by the human imagination, and have had a powerful character, and their relationship to the person depends not only on their behavior, but also on the mood of the gods themselves. That's why to seek help from God, hope for its location - it is the oldest general human tradition, which became an unconscious habit. Although, understanding the illusory nature of such hopes, folk wisdom bequeathed to us, hoping in God, do not make a mistake and own, the desire for protection and patronage over remained in our subconscious, even today, in an age of scientific experiments and technological advances.

Incidentally, it is this cognitive progress not only denied, but confirmed the assumption of the existence of some higher power, able to influence what is happening in the physical world. And strengthen the faith of those people for whom belief in divine support has always been unquestionable. For thou
sands of years they paid their requests to the Almighty to give an answer in the form of symbolic clues, spiritual insight, and even tangible assistance. To explain the mechanism of action of this process, physics and psychology have difficulty even today, at the present level of development of science. And people who know how to ask for help from God, a good-natured willingness to educate scholars.

How and why to turn to God
To appeal to the Supreme Being the main way, common to all religions and cultures - is prayer. It starts with the interior monologue of appeal to higher powers, and becomes verbal expression, uttered or progovorennoe in mind. Forms, as well as the purpose of the prayer may be many, but most of them are strictly regulated and aligned traditions of a religion. And, if you take prayer purely as a means of conversion to God, communication and connection with him, quite rightly consider it an evolution of magic spells and communicating with the gods.

Nevertheless, in spite of the antiquity of this form of address to God, not all people who sincerely believe in the divine power, and even attending church, they know how to pray properly. And it's not that he heard "wrong" prayer, God would be offended or enraged for evermore. And the fact that certain wording and language formulas allow you to best focus to the praying man, to put together his mental and emotional efforts and direct their energy that way to get the desired response. For centuries, perfected such speech structure subordinate to this goal.

Thus , prayer - is, first of all, the inner desire and faith , and only then - the expression of these feelings in words and deeds . This desire of the soul , supported by reason. But in practice, this treatment takes different forms , depending on the religious context , the situation and the individual believer :
  1. Public or private , depending on whether they are taken up in the liturgy in the church , with the participation of many parishioners , when the words refer to God sounded from the lips of a priest , or read a man alone, without help.
    How to ask for help from God?
  2. Verbal or mental, in whichever pronounced the words of prayer in a voice (loud or very quiet whisper), or in the imagination, read inner voice sounded in my head believer.
  3. Pleading , thank or praise , depending on their content and objectives of the praying man. And modern psychologists and sociologists believe that all religions were created precisely for the purpose of the petition and produce . And the church has a different opinion : first, officially at least , puts prayer of praise , and then - thank you , and only in the last turn allows parishioners to pray to God for help.
Any theory is dry and barren without practice . Especially one that describes such subtle spiritual impulses , as an appeal to God. Therefore, prayer , for all their harmony , prayer books and set out in a controlled servants of the church , were to remain strictly personal phenomenon , even intimate. And because no one has the right to prohibit or restrict your prayer in a form that is closer , more comfortable and more productive for you.

How to pray to God for help
Sincere , coming from the depths of the soul prayer really has miraculous powers . Religious people call it a divine presence , psychologists practice - visualization and realization . But be that as it may, to this "mechanism" to work, you need to pray according to certain rules . They are very sketchy and rather direct the power of thought than give specific instructions . Relying on them , you can check whether you have prayed to date and , if necessary , adjust his style appeals to God :
  1. This prayer begins with the needs of the internal sense of communion with God . You can experience this feeling at any time : during the turmoil of life experience or in full prosperity. The main thing is not to ignore their desire and experience it fully.
  2. The second important condition for conversion to God and / or requests for assistance is the existence of faith. God will not help someone who doubts its existence. But this does not mean that you will not get support. For God takes many forms and this is one for all. One way in which it is on the icons do not look like a form of perception of skeptics and scientists. They recognize God as the center of fine fabrics and therefore understanding receive a response. You also do not have to be a parishioner of a particular church, to keep in mind your own idea of ​​God, to whose care you trust and believe in one's strength.
  3. Depending on what kind of God lives in your inner universe, to create conditions for prayer. Come to the church during the service, or at any other time, light a candle in front of house and become icons or curl up in a quiet room and close your eyes. All this is just external surroundings, which, however, lets you tune in the desired fashion, leaving aside all worldly things and realizing the importance of the moment, to focus on prayer. Yoga before you connect thoughts to a higher power, taking the lotus position or doing asanas, Western religions prescribe fasting. But even the prayer of your mind while traveling to work in the underground, is in force. The way your mind to God and his care is not dependent on the interior or the depths of the dungeon - but are directly related to your inner attitude to prayer.
  4. Before you ask for help from God , thank him . You probably have something to tell him "thank you" : for good health, for a new day of peace in the camp and your family . Do not be like spoiled children , who only do what they need from their parents to satisfy their whims . Pay for my gratitude to the Creator . She will begin a monologue and create the right mood , soaked respect and humility .
  5. After thanks ask God for forgiveness for their sins . Do not attempt to dodge or hide some of them . Talking to God , you open your soul to him and let him into it , that is all your transgressions it obvious. Better truly clean conscience repentance and earn His favor and your own peace of mind . Promise yourself to Him and not to repeat past mistakes .
  6. Turns to God as you can, what you can see and feel it.
    How to ask for help from God?
  7. During prayer, your business must be in a position that will allow you to completely forget about it. In the church, most people ask God for help while standing , some sitting or kneeling . In this respect the clergy advised : "prayer of a seated person , thinking about God , prayer is better standing person think on their feet ." Meaning, you probably understand : guided by their own strength , health and habits to maximize focus is on communication with the Lord.
  8. Reassure your breath, take a deep hasteless breaths.
  9. Concentrate on one thing, the most important desire , and ask about his performance. It is not necessary to list all the things you would like and what you would not have refused. Please be strong , pure and concrete . Thinking about it , it seems that it has already made ​​.
  10. The text of the prayer in a special advance look at the book of prayer and remember by heart , if not , then the main content . Personal requests may be formulated in his own words , the main thing earnestly desire and believe in finding hope. Earnestly requested , expressed in his own words , God will reach no less than memorized from books .
  11. During the prayer not only feel, but also the desire to comprehend.
  12. Pronouncing request for help, do it impressively.
  13. After finishing prayers try to keep in mind the atmosphere she created . Do not rush to plunge into the bustle of life , give yourself at least a little time to reflect and strengthen the faith in divine help . Walk from the church on foot, with no one to argue or quarrel .
You can ask God for help , support and strength. But remember that in most cases, it is responsible not directly, but indirectly. He will give you do not want the opportunity to implement it. But , if it considers that you want that will not go in your favor , it may refuse to help . Therefore, do not ask about the material and the spiritual . Pray for giving exposure, confidence and optimism . Do not miss the opportunity to fulfill his own desire, but do not forget that this will happen with the help of God .