The carriage is one of the most important purchases that prospective parents have to make shortly before birth, or immediately after it. Lack of experience in this matter and excessive persistence sales consultants, quickly telling and asking you about unfamiliar options, may enter into a stupor every mother. Meanwhile, it is the correct choice of strollers for your lifestyle and future conditions of operation will depend on the convenience of walking to her. So how to choose a stroller, to later be disappointed in your choice?

Strollers have a variety of different shapes, forms , sizes and styles . There is no wheelchair , which is ideal for everybody . Every mother has her individual needs and wishes. First of all you need to decide the following issues :
  • how often you will use the stroller and what sort terrain as smooth asphalt, the number of obstacles that need to go around;
  • Whether your home is equipped with seats for the Congress Chair, or you will need to carry the stroller up the steps manually;
  • what the weather conditions will prevail during your walks;
  • How much are you willing to spend to purchase wheelchairs.
The main types of wheelchairs.
Thinking about how to choose a stroller for a newborn or an older child, you must first determine the type needed at present strollers.
We can distinguish the following main types:

This is a traditional , spacious , but quite heavy vehicles for children . Ideal for walking with newborn children , who have not held back and travel in a lying position . Well insulated , allowing their use for walking in cold weather and rain with a plastic cover from getting wet . Due to the large wheels are well overcome various obstacles , but have poor maneuverability.
How to choose a stroller?

Wheelchair transformer.
Designed as a versatile option for parents who want to save a little and do not want to purchase a separate traditional and strollers. This type resembles conventional strollers, because it has the same dimensions, but due to the special design of the frame can be translated into the exercise position. It should be noted that such compromises are not always successful. If the stroller is comfortable as the traditional option, as the pleasure it will be too hot in summer and very severe. If it is made with a bias to the strollers, then it may be poorly insulated and have a limited length and width of the space in the traditional version.
How to choose a stroller?

Typically, this lightweight options for walks in good weather. One of the representatives of this type are carriages of the " stick ." But the most typical representatives are more "representative " model. Some of them allow transfer back to the upright position . All Strollers easy to operate in crowded places or supermarkets , easy to carry , but it is bad to overcome various obstacles due to wheel slippage .
How to choose a stroller?

How to how to choose a baby carriage, depending on its type?
The best and the best solution is to choose a traditional stroller for a newborn , and the subsequent acquisition of the stroller when the child begins to sit up and walk. But this will require additional costs that may be the way to slightly reduce , not acquiring a new wheelchair , and second-hand . On the forums , you can find a huge number of ads on the mothers, who offer an affordable price became unnecessary children's clothes .

If you still decide to do a stroller that you will need to periodically raised and lowered to enter the city transport, or leave the apartment , you can stay in a wheelchair Transformers sloping to the recreational option, which Insulate for walks during cold periods year.

What else should I look for when choosing a stroller.

If you plan to transport the wheelchair in your car , make sure that you select will prevent stroller when folded into the trunk of your car without transforming its interior . There remains after this place for other necessary baggage ?

The wheels of the carriage.
Rubber pneumatic wheels provide better smoothness of walking on uneven pavement , compared with rubberized plastic on which the wheelchair will shake well . The larger the wheels , the easier it is to overcome various obstacles such as curbs, holes and steps , but the heavier your stroller . The wheels can be detachable and then they are easier to clean after walking through the mud . Very useful are swivel front wheels that make the stroller more agile and have the ability to lock movement directly .

How to choose a stroller for her baby weight ? If you often will have to raise the carriage to move it through various obstacles , be sure to try the stroller in the store by weight. Try to lift the stroller , but do it with one hand as the other you will be engaged in actual child.

The handle wheelchairs.
Many pens are adjustable column hight and tilt under different growth moms.

Frame Material.
Rama stroller can be made of plastic, aluminum alloys and steel. Steel frame the most durable , robust and allow to transport children in a stroller great age , but have great weight . Plastic is much easier , but short-lived. An intermediate position between them hold the frame of aluminum alloy as a reasonable combination of weight and strength .

Brakes can block sidecar wheel to prevent it from rolling away on inclines. Check the brakes by installing the stroller and tried to roll it . Left for a minute stroller , with unreliable brakes can roll on an incline .

Have pockets.
Have kormashkov and grids for different things are very useful, to add them to walk all the baby stuff, or buy at the supermarket.

Ease of use.
Check that all mechanisms of transformation , zascheki , clips work well and easily and you yourself can carry out all the necessary actions with a sidecar . Test is definitely in store . Poor-quality execution of these mechanisms tend to cheaper models of the Polish Chair .

Upholstery materials.
Rate the visual quality of the material of construction of the stroller to assess how easily you will be cleaned of dust and dirt . There are models with a removable top cover that is easy to stretch and dry separately from the stroller.

Additional options.
Some models are provided with a wheelchair -transformers supplying bags for carrying babies , which is convenient for the handle to remove them from the wheelchair to go to the clinic or in the house , leaving the carriage in the street. Also they can be equipped with car seats for babies .

We hope that now you have enough information about how to choose the right stroller for baby and easy to pick up a suitable option . We wish you a pleasant walk with your little happiness !