How to present yourself at the competition?

Even the most interesting and eventful life requires from time to time new experiences. Especially when it comes to activism, positive mood and gifted man. Such positive energy personalities tend to swing and constantly needs new ways of implementation. And in two directions. On the one hand, it is a continuous search for the source of inspiration. All kinds of performances, exhibitions, festivals, projects of modern polyphonic art, presentations and fairs, installations and concerts can push on new ideas, give a lot of fresh ideas. On the other hand, requires creative energy output embodied in tangible art objects and processes. This is - the reason and the reason for a variety of events and competitions, friendlies and competitive meetings. In general, those events where creative people can fully show their abilities, to see and appreciate other artists and to compare their achievements.

And if the meaning of the competition is clear and can not be questioned, and the participation in them should be take
n seriously. Especially as contests, as well as the sphere of creative activity, are very different and each requires individual, original, but equally careful preparation. The complexity of the training depends on many parameters: the talent of the contestants, the level of competition and the strength of rivals, on the scale of the event (it is no secret that the local contests require less effort than international competitions). But in any case, in the competition involved several rivals - the best man win, and the rest need to adequately express themselves, to continue competitive struggle in the future, remember the audience and the jury. That's why impressively present themselves at the competition often no less important than win it. Especially when the competition includes not only the prize rewards, but also such a nice "People's Choice Award."

General rules for the preparation for the competition
As already mentioned, competitions, as well as training requirements to participate in them, are different. However, you can highlight certain features in common that make up a "competitive spirit". Whatever you do in life: sports, dancing, singing or intellectual games, without that special mood, you can even call it a "secret ingredient of bankruptcy," it is useless to expect to win. Conversely, if you master the technique of setting yourself on the right emotional wave, introduce ourselves and speak at the competition will be much easier. But this is not so difficult if you know and take into account such recommendations:
  1. Learning the rules.Even if you've already eaten a dog in similar competitions and not for the first speaker, do not neglect the rules and regulations of the upcoming competition. First, even in the same field competitions are different from each other. The organizers seek to do so deliberately, so that their actions were not similar. Secondly, even the same competition from year to year changes, develops and acquires new conditions. Relying on past experience, you can easily lose sight of the important criteria that ultimately will be decisive and will ruin the rest of your training. Therefore: the attention, respect and diligence. Here are the three pillars, without which it is not necessary to go to the competition.
    How to present yourself at the competition?
  2. The study itself and rivals.The second indispensable condition for a quality presentation. Soberly assess their strengths and weaknesses in the light of the competition, strengths and weaknesses. You can even make a special list, which will make its own features - so you can visually see their number. In parallel, try to scout than good, and what your future rather weak opponents in the competition. Compare your and their strength. And try to think objectively not become conceited, if you feel the advantage, and do not be discouraged if competitors are not born yesterday. Firstly, the information may be incomplete and rely on it totally worth it. Secondly, the result will show the contest. In the meantime, you can analyze over which need to work in the remaining time before the competition.
    When you're ready to self, ie, representation of the audience itself (in various competitions this stage performances called differently: greeting card or something else of the same kind), first demonstrated by those qualities which feel more strength. If the weaknesses also have to announce, do it gently and closer to the end of the performance. Pre-check records of previous competitions, to study the behavior of the participants, and especially - the winners. This will give you an idea of ​​what is valued in the competition, that draws attention to the jury. Cultivate these qualities, but do not forget about their own, for the sake of other people's individual merits.
  3. Confidence in himself- An essential condition for training, especially for the first output and introduce themselves to the audience. As you know, the first impression - the brightest and most durable. In your power to turn this to your advantage if you can correctly configure morally. This means that about any fears stage fright, distress to the public and other constraining emotions can be no speech, nor even a shadow of thought. Engage auto-training, meditate, think, and pick out a couple of affirmations - anything, just to get rid of the fetter of panic. Each speaker your purchase method of confidence, but in most cases universal knowledge to help their strengths, good preparation, a sufficient number of rehearsals and understanding of the fact that the competition - it is just a small episode of a great life. An important, but not worth such experiences that can prevent you from getting pleasure from it and deliver the audience the pleasure of your submission.
  4. Zest.Also a good way to get rid of the fear of speaking. At the same time it helps to stand out from the other contestants, and thus present themselves in an original and expressive. Find your individual, exclusive, unique features. The fact that only you have, and what there is no trace in the other contestants. Take in its submission that the emphasis on "flavor", show her as much as possible, bright, catchy. As such, you can use almost any of your feature - the main thing that it was really personal and distinctive.
    How to present yourself at the competition?For example, an interesting biographical fact, disarming charm, talent, tell jokes, lively facial expressions, the ability to copy other people's voices, or even just a fun piece of clothing. Think of the work on this aspect that the submission went like clockwork, without a single failure. If you manage to charm the jury and the public during this first, individual self-representation, you can assume that the lion's share of success already in your pocket. And so bright exclusive feature ably capable of supplying even hide some flaws in your program, so it makes sense to "squeeze" out of it all that you can to give yourself a head start on some subsequent stages of the competition.
  5. Contact with the audienceimposed on our list in the last paragraph, but in fact it is not the last in securing the favor of the audience to you and your presentation. It is important your personal charisma and ability to captivate with his voice, gestures, plastic and manner of speaking. Take advantage of a small but effective trick - look in the eyes of those on whose solution depends directly on your performance evaluation. Looked from one juror to another, and detained him for a few seconds each. Look in the eyes, and even better - to a point just above the eyes, on the bridge of the nose. This gentle smile and show friendliness, but without fawning. Eye contact - a powerful tool to install an emotional connection, use it to your benefit.
Now that the basic presentation skills themselves before the audience passed, let's take a closer look at individual cases and thematic competitions . After all, the differences between them can be significant enough to require special assistance to participants and tips for a successful training. Let us try to highlight the main points of his presentation on the advantages of different types of competitions, so that if necessary, you can use this concise " cheat sheet " .

Preparing for a small music competition
The competition between singers, musicians and other artists in the genres of music recently gained popularity. They are carried out in different cities, invite participants from neighboring regions and countries, show similar show on TV and on large open areas. Good vocal and musical ear have a lot of people, so the lack of participants in such contests do not. Yet between the talent and the ability to reveal to strangers sometimes lies an abyss, consisting of doubt, uncertainty and a lack of experience in public speaking. To avoid breaking anything, and show himself worthy of singing, instrumental and dancing competition, pay attention to two main criteria: their repertoire and appearance.

The repertoire is often driven by the requirements of the competition and the theme of the event is limited. But, if possible, for the first, then select the output presentation piece that you like the most. Even if it is all known song / song / dance party. If it is a real pleasure for you personally, and you can convey your feelings of the jury, the card will be able to much better if you have to demonstrate through the power trending, artsy, but do not touch your soul work. As for the costumes, there is a chance that you will allow a small select it to your liking. Do not miss this opportunity and try to use it as much as possible. It is not that the "right to put all the best", and that the dress according to their performance and personal style statement, so that together with your image they form a harmonious whole. It makes sense to sew clothes for the presentation of exclusive tailor sketch to anything like that no one can see and buy in stores. Creative imagination, spare no effort, time and, no matter how trivial, money. After presentation of the competition - this is the impression you make on the judges, and from which depends directly on your victory.

Preparation of business cards for beauty contest
Beauty contests for many years do not lose any popularity among the spectators or participants. As a rule, they compete in the fair sex, while "male" beauty contests are held, too, though relatively rare. A distinctive feature of the presentation itself a beauty contest is that this "card" is not carried into the beginning of the presentation, and held, usually closer to the finale. This has its pluses and minuses for the participants. On the one hand, there is little time to settle down and get used to the stage, auditorium, environment, tune in to a certain courage. Moreover, what is happening towards the end of the submission is always remembered better than what happened in the beginning, so that the jury carefully react to your presentation. On the other hand, many women tend to doubt their abilities right after they see their competitors 'in action'. And the strength and energy at the end of the contest is already lower than at the start.

And yet, that is no reason to abandon the careful preparation of their own business cards. And this preparation should start well before the start of the competition and to be integrated. Diet, sports training, hair care and skin - all this will make you more beautiful and make you feel more confident. But it does not help answer the tricky questions of the presenter, and in fact acquainted with the participants in the beauty contests traditionally lies in the interview. In order not to blunder in front of the audience and the judges, you have to be not just beautiful, but also intellectually developed person. Broad general knowledge is likely to be enough to navigate and / or improvise, responding to a question. Typically, issues relate to any actual events currently in the country or in the world. So on the eve of the competition read news, check the websites of the fashion trends and events of show business and the world of cinema. And most importantly - feel confident, smile and have a sense of humor.

Preparing for a small school competition
Almost all schools carry out activities under the name of "Student of the Year" or others like him, among the students of junior and middle classes. Students are prepared to participate with the help and guidance of parents, so our advice is addressed to them. By sending their child to the competition, you have to properly rehearse with him an idea and to prepare all necessary materials. And it is all his certificates, diplomas, medals and pictures, soundtracks and videos of previous performances. All these insignia showing on the performance and talent of the child, can be combined into a vivid album, similar to so-called student portfolio. Or imagine a presentation with commentary, music and colorful visuals.

According to the generally accepted standard school competition consists of three successive stages. At first, students were evaluated for their performance: participation in the Olympic Games, sports and other forms of intellectual development. This is followed by creative tour, during which numbers are considered amateur, depending on the talents of each child. And at the end of the finalists must present themselves, acting within the framework of a kind of "calling card": a small performance that characterizes the student and shows his personal qualities. There are important and artistry and ingenuity of the baby. Better yet, if you take part in a business card of his family, to prepare a joint song, theater or other funny scene number. Performance in the verses always looks a winner as improvisations on motifs of famous songs. In general, without your help and creative approach the child can not cope, and together you can make the whole room to ride with laughter, and the judges - the heir to put your highest scores.

As you can see, the success of the submission in the competition does not depend on a single or even a few as a participant, and on its ability to harmoniously tie them and put into a single image, and then confidently demonstrate it from the scene. An important role is played here by the experience, but newcomers can show a class presentation that will impress experienced competitors, and most importantly - the members of the jury. These people will decide who the winner will receive a trophy, and then your focus should be mainly on them. However, about the audience, too, can not forget, because your presentation should give the impression of hospitality, friendliness and confidence. So cheer up, smile - a broader view - the room. You already know how to present themselves in the competition, it remains only to realize it and enjoy well-deserved ovation. Good luck!