How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house or apartment is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. At the hardware store , you will come across a wide variety of different brands , brands , sizes and colors , not to mention the functional differences between specific models . Therefore , before buying you need to have a minimum of information and answers to the fundamental issues that will affect your choice . On them we will cover in this article.

The size of the vacuum cleaner. Generally , the larger the vacuum cleaner has , the more power it has . This means that the model can be increased except the area of ​​high power scrub brush , which will reduce the time of cleaning large areas. If you select a large house for a little vacuum cleaner, then you will have to work longer and more often they clean his bag . If you live in a small apartment , the large vacuum cleaner it takes up too much space and will not be used to full capacity.Types of vacuum cleaners.
All vacuum cleaners can be divided into tw
o types.

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning.
Mainly used for cleaning dust and dry garbage . Devices of this type consist of a traditional set of parts : a suction turbine , the filter at the inlet and outlet thereof, and the hose and brushes for garbage collection . They are easy to use, provide good quality cleaning and washing vacuum cleaners are cheaper .
For vacuum cleaners of this type are also robotorizirovannye model , or as it is also called vacuum cleaner robot . It will independently move around your apartment and collect dust. They have different settings of the cleaning head height and with the same success to cope with thick carpets and bare floors.
How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house?

Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning (cleaning).
It appeared on the market relatively recently, but already gained popularity among fans of purity. Vacuum cleaners of this type consist of such components as a turbine, a pump for supplying chemicals to the surface to be cleaned, the recovery tank, a reservoir for the chemical composition and operate on the following principle. The cleaning chemical solution is pumped into the suction nozzle and sprayed on the surface to be treated with spray jets. Then the washing solution with purified of dust and dirt due to the depression created by the turbine, is sucked back through the nozzle and is collected in a recovery tank. Thus, wet cleaning is achieved.
Cleaning is much more efficient vacuum cleaners clean carpets and rugs. With the use of different accessories available dry cleaning furniture and automotive upholstery and seats. However, this type of vacuum cleaners are not recommended for cleaning parquet and other wooden surfaces. They are more expensive, heavier, and have a large size compared to dry vacuum cleaners. In addition, a little difficult to use because it involves some control of the concentration and quality of the cleaning solution, as well as the fact that after each cleaning the data vacuum cleaners have to disassemble, wash and dry.

Power vacuum cleaner.
Determines the strength of the suction. But here it is necessary to mention that the one power that manufacturers proudly reported in Watts on their products and their boxes have to create a vacuum mediocre attitude, as indicates an electrical motor power. What eventually got the power vacuum will depend on the parameters of the turbine. Therefore, ask the seller in the store include your model and bring to the suction opening his hand, comparing the suction power of the device with your old house cleaner. Some models have an adjustable setting forces generated by the vacuum, allowing to increase it if necessary.

Type of Dust.
Dust collector accumulates in itself almost all the collected dust and dirt and gives them back to return to clean the room with the flow of the exhaust air. It is disposable and reusable. Disposable convenient in that you do not need to clean the bag after the cleanups, and simply replace it with a new one. On the other hand, you will be forced to keep buying the bags and if one day I will sell you the correct model, you can not use a vacuum cleaner. Reusable Bags in this respect are more profitable. Some cleaners equi combined filtering system consisting of filters and centrifuges, which are also reusable.

More filters.
More filters to provide additional filtering of the output of the blown air from dust particles , providing a high quality of cleaning . Such a filter is provided with the more expensive models of vacuum cleaners, and in some they can be multi-stage water filter in its composition . Low cost is limited to only one version of the dust collector inlet .

H.E.P.A. .

Noise level.
Try to estimate the noise level of several models.

Swivel Hose.
Rotating 360 degrees in place of the hose attachment gives you complete freedom of movement and protection against twisting of the hose when cleaning hard to reach areas.

Weight and dimensions.
With the increase in power will inevitably increase in the weight and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners are equipped with crevice tool and brush for furniture.

Additional features.
Note the additional options that can be very useful for you. For example, a long pull and automatically retractable by pressing the power cable will allow you to switch between the smaller outlets during cleaning . It is also a useful indicator of filling the dust collecting bag . Telescopic tube brush to provide height adjustment brush holder for your growth that will eliminate the need to clean up in a strongly flexed and relieve fatigue from the back.

Learn about the timing of warrants purchased a vacuum cleaner and the availability of service centers in your city.

We hope that these tips will help you in choosing a vacuum cleaner that will meet your requirements.