How to prepare for extreme unction?

The church no longer plays in the life of modern people are so significant role, as it was in the days of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. And yet, even we, the children of the new time and members of modern society, despite his daily employment and the typical skepticism about the spiritual, we know that the place - rock steady, eternal values. Moreover, in the present case - is not just geographical, however symbolic, and therefore may be present as a map of the city and in the shower. And in almost every soul of us still understands how important church traditions. And aware that their appearance and preservation of not only not accidental, but has a deep, true meaning. Let the most difficult to explain what are the sacraments and hardly remembers them by heart, but the existence of such rites as the Communion, Confession and Extreme Unction heard everything. Even those who never took the sacraments, recognize their importance for the people of the faithful. A believer - is like knowing, and it

is an occasion to respect and take care of the sacraments of the church.

There is a lot of the sacraments in the church, but only seven of these great name. Even among them, not all known to a wide range of people. For example, Wedding and Baptism are on the lips, and many of you or your friends probably have taken them yourself. As for the Unction, a sacrament that also belongs to the list of great mystery. But it is less well known because of its content and features of the meeting. However, Unction is still held in the church and at home, and continues to help many believers return force, the desire to live and to praise the Lord. Even if you hear about it the first time, in whatever age it may happen if your soul is pulled into the church and asked for the sacrament - a sign. The sign does not deny it, and to devote time and strength to learning, study and preparation for the sacraments. Because it is for the soul it is made, and, probably, Unction - more than some of the other sacraments. And in order for you to make it easier to prepare yourself for extreme unction internally and externally, read our tips. Read quietly and thoughtfully, the best in the silence and solitude. Let each part of the ritual will respond to you and you will realize that none of them is not random, each has a deeper meaning, and performs a role - both in preparation and in the conduct of Unction.

What is the sacrament of Holy Unction
Unction, anyway - Unction - is one of the seven Great, that is the most important sacraments of the Orthodox Church. He founded it even Jesus himself, who is himself healing the suffering of people and taught his apostles. Jacob said this in his address (Jas. 5: 14-15): "Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. " After analyzing this fragment of the Gospel, we have received part of their responses to questions about the extreme unction. Indeed, this ordinance is performed for those who are sick. But the disease is meant not only (and not so much bodily), but mental and spiritual. That is why it is wrong to consider (and such opinion exists among the people), which is made exclusively Unction before his death. On the contrary, people need Unction alive and seeking to live, but not live at random, and in peace and harmony with yourself, honestly and in harmony with others. And if you feel that this delicate balance is disturbed by your own fault - it is an occasion to address to the confessor. But in any case, will not prevent Unction held once a year - preferably during Lent, because it is like no other time has the humility and repentance.

If a person feels unwell if it hurts depression and / or oppressed by heavy thoughts - is also a testimony to the extreme unction. According to the Church, like disease - a consequence of the sins committed by us, and only with the help of Holy Unction is possible to recover from them. And not only those sins that we remember that and put pressure on our conscience, but also those of which we can all forget because of their apparent insignificance. On this account, even there is an ancient parable about a young man who asked him to let go of a great sin, silent about minor transgressions. Then the confessor told the young man to go to a vacant lot with an empty bag and collect stones at him, but the little ones without touching large boulders. The young man should fill the bag to the brim with small stones, and when he completed the task, you simply could not move from their seats logged trunk came to mentor with empty hands. He explained silly that not only large but also small stones, that is, sins are heavy, if accumulated in large quantities. Now, Extreme Unction is intended to release parishioner sins, large and small, to banish all the demons that torment his soul and flesh. After that, the suffering will definitely feel relief, calm and serenity.

How to prepare for extreme unction?According to the rules, Unction spend together seven (this number at all in the Orthodox tradition has particular force), or even a few priests. Hence the name of the sacraments, it turns a kind of cathedral as priests gather together for the rite. The power of their prayers together and also helps the sufferer will recover. Moreover, among them Christ himself is present invisibly, his hand and will help celebrate the sacraments. But the modern Church goes to meet his parishioners and understands that in today's observance of this rule is not always possible, especially if the unction comes to the home of the sick person. In this case, extreme unction, and one can make an experienced priest, but he still reads exactly seven specific portions of the text of the Gospel and apostles. And then make a very important for this great mystery of the action: a parishioner anoint with oil, that is the church oil mixed with the consecrated wine. Prayer uttered during the Unction of the sick bed, tell us about mercy and compassion, faith in God and his suffering, repentance, and subsequent healing. And the anointing is also happening seven times - after each fragment of prayer.

Unction can be carried out both at home (with a special permit bishop), if a parishioner weakening enough strength to come to the church. But often it happens in the temple, although, unlike the Baptism or Matrimony, and does not require specific environmental conditions, equipment and / or circumstances. Children under seven years of extreme unction to what the church does not hold over them is a sacrament, because God forgives them, and so all the children's sins. Since the age of 8, at the request of parents, child can receive extreme unction, if it will be blessed cleric. But most of the Unction of the persons held to 16 or even 18 years. At this age, people are able to realize their sins, to feel remorse and desire to repent, and related diseases, which are intended to heal the extreme unction. And yet, in spite of so many favors, accompanying this great mystery, Unction has its own strict rules and regulations, without which it can not be done. And a large part of them did not even take the process of Unction, which is already carrying out a priest, and preparation for the sacraments, which he must pass a parishioner.

Preparing for and conducting Unction Holy Unction
It so happened that most of our fellow citizens are turning to the sacrament of Holy Unction during Lent. Perhaps some just do not know what Unction can go at any other time - when you feel the need. But an annual commission of great mystery, during Lent, or at another time, can be considered a sort of "prevention" of the soul, protecting it and which gives strength to the righteous life. For example, total (ie, the collective for many parishioners) Unction you can take in his temple on the Cross Week, on the eve of the evening of Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday during Holy Week is also traditionally been considered a time for Holy Unction. And do not forget that Unction rarely held in absentia (only in exceptional cases: posthumously, on patients unconscious, violent, etc.), so be present at the sacrament you have personally. But going to church, use these tips:
  1. ConfessionUnction is usually preceded. Repent, that is, to purify his soul sincere repentance, a person is better prepared to take Unction. And, although no special preparations for the Unction in fact not required, but preliminary confession would not only be useful but also quite logical in this case. In Confessions they are absolved in which you have repented themselves, and Extreme Unction to cleanse you of sins inadvertently forgotten. But do not think that the formal transfer of sins to cope with the task. To confession to come to the special state of mind, believe and hope for the remission of sins, at the mercy of the Lord, but in any case not to allow pride to the heart.
  2. Extreme unctionTaking place in the temple - it is also a kind of test for purity of thought. From among the other parishioners, you must feel your own humility and the fact that you - only a part of the big world. With Tim inner attitude you pass all three parts of Unction. At first you hear the singing of prayers - in it you can find the familiar prayers, and it is not surprising: after all sounds a bit shortened version of Matins, which is sung in the days of penance and fasting. This initial morning prayers, and the 142nd Psalm, and the Litany. But instead of "God is the Lord" is sung during Holy Unction "Hallelujah." Always sung penitential troparia, Psalm 50, and Canon, "the abyss of the Red Sea." Only after that the priest seeks the Lord for healing the sick (suffering parishioners).
    The oil, ie oil Unction, is prepared and consecrated after the reading of prayers and a transition to the second stage of the Sacraments. And then there is its essence: to pronounce the Gospel and Apostle, the prayer for the sick, which is a cross anointed with blessed oil. The anointing takes place in certain places on the body: this brow (forehead), nostrils, Lanita (cheek), lips, breasts (chest) and both hands. During the anointing sounds appeal to God the Father, the Virgin and other saints with the request for healing. This is a ritual and procedure of Unction, and this sequence is performed, as mentioned above, exactly seven times. The consequence are the two divine gift sent people over. The first gift - physical and spiritual healing, a second gift - the forgiveness of sins.
    How to prepare for extreme unction?
  3. The oil and wheatThey are the material attributes of the sacrament of Holy Unction. Apart from these, using the cross and the Gospel course. These items, including a large platter with wheat are located in the middle of the laid table, present in the room where the Holy Unction. Of course, like any ritual objects, all of these components sacraments are not accidental. In particular, the wheat symbolizes the new life that comes after the recovery and / or general resurrection in the future. The Gospel and the Cross - a symbol of Jesus himself. And oil mixed with wine, poured into the vessel just as it happened in the parable of the Samaritan (see. Lk 10, 34). Thus, each element of Unction plays an important role for the process of the Sacraments and its effectiveness in healing the sick.
    Sami patients undergoing extreme unction, and their relatives, which may even be present in the sacrament prayers to strengthen, often do not know what to do with these relics after the sacrament. Priests say little can be used at home to bless the children and loved ones, lubricate them sore spots and reverently kept as a relic. As for wheat grains, that with respect to their otherwise stated in Scripture, so not forbidden to use them at its discretion: to keep the house, or even germinate pound and used in food. What matters is that relevant to the wheat, and eleyu was appropriate: respectful and reverent, and the oil applied to the body with prayer and a cross.
  4. Communion of Christ's Holy MysteriesIt takes place at the next after the Liturgy of Holy Unction in the temple. No one can compel you to visit it, but it's better not to miss this opportunity, because it will help to adequately pass the sacrament of Holy Unction, complete it correctly, and razmyslit about his life, about his sins and himself. Especially because the healing of body and soul to take place through the Lord's grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit, not by chance consecrated oil for the Unction. Approaching the Chalice during Communion, do not rush and do not try to circumvent and / or overtake others. Instead, keep mentally pray, repent and thank the Lord. Then, take the body and blood of Christ, as prescribed by the sacrament of Holy Communion (Eucharist). And know that Communion in the hotel cases, you can not go after, but before Unction - for that there are special circumstances to permit a cleric.
  5. Unction and Confirmationshould not be confused with each other . Indeed, while both of these sacraments comes the anointing with blessed oil . But during the anointing of Holy Unction to heal the sick , whereas the sacrament of Confirmation occurs after baptism and / or admission to the Orthodox members of other faiths . Confirmation can be accomplished separately , symbolize rebirth after Baptism . In addition, the anointing of the holy oil occurs during Vespers , but it is only part of the service can not be considered a sacrament .
  6. Barring extreme unctionimposed on women during menstruation - they are not allowed either to this or any other sacrament. The rest of Unction is performed when it is necessary and only special cases may be a contraindication to it. Although in general - it is one of the most accessible and acceptable sacraments of the church. However, taking it more than once a year is not necessary, especially if you are taking other sacraments regularly and visit the temple. But do not forget that Unction does not affect the laws of physics and chemistry, can not fundamentally change the biochemistry of the human body. On the one hand, this means that for the unction should be treated only if really serious and severe illness (ie, runny nose or sore tooth is not one of them, but the long-term depression - it is). On the other hand, it says that Extreme Unction is no substitute for a medical examination and medical care when it is needed to save the life and health at the physiological level.
Unction - one of the great mystery, which helps in the fight against physical and mental illnesses to those who sincerely repent of their sins and believe in the power of Divine healing. Such a person, even the forgotten sins forgiven - but it is forgotten inadvertently, not deliberately kept a mystery from the confession! But the truly repentant sinner Lord pardons until the seventh generation, and therefore, preparing and passing the Great Mystery, we help not only myself, but our loved ones, treat and purify their family, even those members who are not yet born. Do not give your soul to accumulate sins, even the small (in your opinion), so as not to clog it, do not force it to weaken and hurt. Regularly refer to the unction and the other great mystery, analyze his life and deeds, pray for forgiveness and trust in the mercy of the Lord. This will give us hope for the salvation of souls and decency, prosperous life. God help you!