How to choose a grinder?

At the present time it is not fleeting are often hours to cook for yourself or your family a real tasty dinner. And what a delicious meal complete without a meat dish? That's right, no! And we have a long and tedious with the application of forces to wind handle old grinder to get ground beef. The kitchen table of your efforts goes shaking, sweat pours person handle constantly pops out of the slot. All this is irritating, tiring and takes a lot of time. Finally, all of this boring, and throwing hateful look at the unit since the era of communist construction, quick step you go to the store in order to buy an electric grinder. It is said that such beef chopper can give you in a few minutes.

When the time will come to choose your first grinder you come across the fact that they hit the stores dozens of different species.
  1. Power.Currently available grinder with engine power from 330 to 1600 watts. It will depend on the capacity and speed of preparation of the semifinished product, ie productivity. The weak you
    do not need as meat processing will be delayed. A very powerful will consume a lot of electricity. Note the model power of about 1000 watts. Such a chopper without problems provernetsya and a half kilograms of meat per minute. Since grinding meat rather energy-intensive process and that everyone knows who crushed his hand in the meat grinder, then you need to consider another point. Manufacturers point as the peak of its power value that can deliver electric motor. In this mode, it can not work for a long time, so there will be its overheating and failure. To avoid this, many manufacturers indicate in the technical data when operating at maximum load. Pay attention to this figure, and if it does not suit you, take a more powerful model.
  2. Schneck.Spiral part passing along the hull grinder . It carries out important work - promoting meat to the chopping knives. Therefore , it is necessary to pay attention to the screw was made of metal. In this case, the device will last you much longer.
    Presence of a plastic screw in the mincer, but only as an additional replacement element for chopping fruits and berries.
  3. Knives.Have a property blunt the worst possible moment , when you have on the table a few kilograms of meat that need to grind . In the event of such an emergency situation it is useful to have an extra set of blades that can be put into the device and others , meanwhile give sharpening , or spend it on their own.
    Recently there were models with self-sharpening knives made of stainless steel, which do not require periodic sharpening involving human subjects.
  4. How to choose a grinder?Lattices.The size of the holes will depend on the degree of grinding meat.
  5. Availability reverse.A very useful feature.
  6. Ease of cleaning.Mincer should be easily assembled and disassembled for regular cleaning.
  7. The tray and a pusher.Should provide convenience to the screw feeding meat and ensure the maximum degree of protection against injury. A device of this site shall be such that when it is turned on it was impossible to enter into contact with the screw under any circumstances .
  8. Reviews.Read reviews on the Internet about the popular types of grinder . Despite the fact that they are all quite subjective nevertheless possible to trace the presence or absence of significant disadvantages that a particular device. Reviews can be found on the pages of online stores websites big sellers of household appliances , or by simply typing in the search engines query as " reviews about ... " and instead of three points to substitute your model .

With the grinder can not only be treated meat, sausage and cut, chop or grate vegetables and fruit and squeeze the juice from them.
Choosing the right Grinder you become a reliable assistant in the kitchen and make the process of cooking meat dishes easy and quick.