How to eat in the post?

Post exists in many religions and philosophical concepts. Symbolically, it displays the set of principles and carries far more than one function, but is formally recognized in the stipulated restrictions imposed during this period on nutrition, behavior, sometimes - appearance. And most often it is the power put at the forefront when it comes to fasting. No wonder, because the daily food - a pledge of our strength, health and well-being. Another thing is that we do not always properly understand the benefits and harms of certain products, and form the diet for many, is not the most healthy habits. A post gives quite specific recommendations, following which we will get a chance to clean up not only the soul but also the body - who refuse such an opportunity?

So I suggest you understand exactly gastronomic aspect of fasting, spiritual, leaving up to you how deeply personal questions. But even this purely practical approach, has many nuances on a set of authorized products, time and other additional terms of
eating, which together constitute the proper nutrition in the post. So eat right in the post - it does not mean to just forget about meat, and to know what, when and how to cook and eat, it is difficult to withstand the test and at the same time not to harm health.

What is a lean diet?
We say at once, which deals with the right nutrition at the time of the Christian, even more precisely - the Orthodox Lent. After fasting and similar ascetic practices peculiar to Hinduism, and Judaism, and Islam, and other religions, but adequately describe all of their features in one article is impossible. Therefore, we pay attention that tradition, which is closer to the numerical majority of our compatriots in the hope that the adherents of other faiths will understand us correctly - as it befits the true believers. As for the Orthodox Church, it is understood as abstinence post (refusal or restriction) of food and beverages - all or only some, for a specified time. Respect for bodily fasting also helps to sustain the spiritual and emotional post, and ideally - to prepare for the contact with God through the Holy Communion. But even if you are not ready for such a deep inner work, lean meals will not do you harm - only good.

During Lent excluded from the diet of the foods that are called-fasting, that is unlawful in the post.
  • meat and poultry;
  • by-products;
  • animal fat (the fat, the rump);
  • semi-finished products and any products containing meat and offal;
  • eggs;
  • butter;
  • dairy;
  • dairy products;
  • fish on certain days of strict fasting;
  • pastries and other dishes prepared with these ingredients.
Instead of the usual , but not the most useful goodies are allowed to fill their menus other products . It's all edible plants and other food of vegetable origin , and more - no warm-blooded organisms . If you look, the food fits into this framework , is not so little . Here's her list :
lenten farelenten fare
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • greens;
  • mushrooms;
  • grains and cereals;
  • legumes;
  • nuts;
  • spices and herbs;
  • vegetable oils, except for some days;
  • fish and seafood, except for some days;
  • honey;
  • salt.
And, of course, water and herbal teas can be drunk in any quantity. And when you consider how much can be delicious mollusks, arthropods, vegetable stew, porridge with fruit and honey - you get that lean food is even nothing. Throw nuts in honey and natural muesli, meringue kozinaki and oatmeal cookies, and possibly that of meat, you do not even remember. However, some priests are not allowed to fasting eat candy and other sweets, regardless of their composition. However, this prohibition applies to the moral rather than the food asceticism. Therefore, stick to it or not - you decide. Do not forget that fasting - it's strictly voluntary, otherwise his whole benefit is negated.

When it is necessary to observe the rules of lean supply?
Orthodox post observed several times a year, and each time has a different duration and name. The longest and strict - Lent, a period of 40 days. If you have never fasted, you can start small and try to eat according to the rules of fasting for one day, for example, on Wednesdays and Fridays. A schedule of longer restrictions on food reconcile with the church calendar. There you will find instructions on bans and permits provided for each lean period. These are different:
  • Strict post- A rejection of all foods and beverages other than plain water.
  • Xerophagy- It is eating only plant foods in its natural form is not prepared and not even warmed.
  • "The eating Boiled"It allows to cook vegetarian food, but not refuel its oil.
  • "The eating boiled with oil"It means that you can not only cook / heat the vegetable products, but their flavor oil.
  • "The eating of fish"It allows not only the heat-processed vegetable food with oil, and fish and fish products in raw or cooked form.
The Church defines on what days should follow the rules or other food. But, not being perfectly disciplined parishioner, you can afford to choose the degree of restriction. The main thing that this aspiration was sincere and from the heart, and not wanting to lose weight, to arrange a fasting day, or to prove something to themselves and others. In this case, you risk to put your body the stress associated with an unbalanced diet. The correct lean diet - it is not only limited, but also adjusted the schedule of prohibitions and permissions. After fasting, like any established tradition, is not random rules. They agreed with the duration of fasting, the seasons and climatic characteristics, have periodic breaks and reservations for people of all ages, lifestyles and health.

This can not be fasting
How to eat in the post?Restrictions on food, like any drastic changes - is stressful for the body, especially if you are not used to indulge in meat and oily dishes. On the one hand, such a shake-up of a beneficial effect on the digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems, so the exclusion of heavy and generally any food is used as fasting. The effectiveness of this method has repeatedly proved and alternative and conventional medicine, but it is used for a short one to three days, maximum - per week. Longer interruptions in the flow of nutrients (in lean and diet lacking primarily protein and fat) can produce the opposite effect, especially not completely healthy and / or weak person. Therefore, the severity of fasting is not the same, and allowed some relief in such cases:
  1. Children of preschool and primary school age lean diet can be harmful. Their body is under active form when a complete protein, vitamins and minerals is particularly important. Therefore, do not deprive the child of meat and fish at all and / or replace parts of animal origin on vegetable sources of protein: beans, mushrooms, nuts, buckwheat. There should be enough to ensure the structure of bones, teeth, muscles and nervous system. And do not force your child to fast, let him make a decision, watching you. On how wisely you will eat in the post depends on whether your child will want to follow your example.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women are allowed to eat eggs, fish and dairy products, without which their bodies can not cope with his responsible mission . They need to carefully monitor the state of health and to listen carefully to the doctor than a confessor .
  3. Convalescent patients , particularly after injuries and wounds , you can not cut the power - on the contrary , to recuperate , they need amino acids and fats . This post can be turned into a spiritual and emotional track, not overeating , and doing internal work , praying and helping others.
  4. Some types of the disease are a direct contraindication to fasting.
  5. The first position in life in adulthood may be a small indulgences . They are chosen depending on the state of health and your goals, which are determined together with your doctor and / or a priest. But if fasting - that is your conscious decision , then try not to make yourself more concessions and to eat in the office, as it should be .
Example of a proper lean supply
Lenten mealsLenten mealsEat right in the post - so do not let yourself too much, but from time to time diversity in the list of allowed foods. What and when? If you do not enter into any of the categories of persons described in the preceding paragraph , the schedule established by the church. Its specific calendar dates vary slightly from year to year , but in general " schedule" remains firm . Here are the main tenets of the example of Lent :
  1. Fasting begins Monday, or Clean Monday.
  2. All subsequent Mondays during Lent are not so strict, but not without restrictions: You can take food only once in the afternoon, keeping dry diet (cold raw vegetables, fruits, herbs without oil).
  3. Every Wednesday and Friday during Lent also be observed syroedcheskuyu dry diet, drink cool water and avoid even the vegetable fats.
  4. Tuesday and Thursday you can afford hot meals, boiled or steamed.
  5. Saturday and Sunday - the most pleasant days of fasting in terms of nutrition.
  6. Friday and Saturday last week of Lent are exceptions to these general rules. On Good Friday, any food is banned , and on Holy Saturday can be extended starvation or take cooked food without oil and other seasonings.
  7. Twice during Lent allowed pampered fish: in the Annunciation and Palm Sunday.
  8. Lazarus Saturday - a reason to be treated with caviar, although the fish on this day there is not allowed.
  9. At the end of Lent, the last week, have stricter limit yourself and stick xerophagy.
These canons of lean food , but their implementation requires a high level of self-discipline and a certain percentage of habit. Fasting for the first time , you can adjust them a little bit - for example , increasing the number of meals . It does not break the fast , if you save its essence , that is, will choose the simple , modest and inexpensive food and give up snacking " tasty " for fun.

How delicious to eat in the post
Some people mistakenly perceive the post as a diet, at best - Health , at worst - to lose weight. In both cases , when the true role of the post taken out of the brackets , and restrictions are not supported by the inner desire , is psychologically hard enough to withstand the post . In aid of culinary experience and imagination needed to make a variety of the daily menu . So if vegetable salad and meatless soup already causing you on edge , try these tricks :
  1. Also sunflower and olive, use other vegetable oils: flaxseed, grape, sesame, etc.
  2. Eat different cereals to help the work of the intestine.
  3. Ask exotic cuisines.
  4. Use lean diet to increase the amount of useful products in their diet: for example, replace the unleavened bread for the usual, or even better - one-piece, with bran.
  5. Use spices and look for new ways of cooking. For example , a pinch of allspice in a salad improves digestion and promotes a more rapid saturation , and instead of fish oil can fry skovrode dry non-stick , to cook on the grill or in a double boiler .
Recipes lean supply
No meat can be cooked a huge amount of food - perhaps you can not even imagine the amount of lean cooking recipes . Not only cold salads and snacks , and the first, second , desserts , drinks made ​​from fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and berries. Well, for example :
  • Vinaigrette.Take 4 potatoes , 2 pickles, 1 beet, 1 carrot , 1 onion , 100 grams of sauerkraut , 1 teaspoon mustard , a pinch of salt and sugar , vinegar . Potatoes , carrots and beets , boil , peel and cut into small cubes . Chop the onion and cabbage , cucumbers cut into cubes . Prepare a dressing of salt, sugar , mustard and a tablespoon of vinegar . Put all the ingredients in a salad bowl , season and mix.
  • Meatless bean soup.Take 4 potatoes , 2 onions , 2 carrots , 1 cup of beans, 4 walnuts , bay leaf, a pinch of salt and ground black pepper . Cook the beans until tender. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes , place in a saucepan with water and bring to a boil . Add the bay leaf and salt . Peel and chop the onion and carrot, fry in a pan until soft. For 5 minutes until cooked potatoes in a saucepan , place beans, carrots , onion and pepper, cover and simmer for 5 minutes . Put the peeled kernels and serve .
  • Fruit puff.Take the package of puff pastry , 1 large apple , 1 kiwi, 1 pear, 100g raspberries or other fruit , 100 grams of sugar . Fruit peel and cut into small cubes of the same . Roll out the dough and cut into 6 pieces of square shape . Put fruits and berries on the dough or mixed parts , sprinkle with sugar. Wrap the edges of the dough to get small rolls . Preheat oven to 200 ° C and bake the puff for 15 minutes .
Thus, observing the basic principles of post - restraint, humility and modesty, we can lean food is not only correct, but also very tasty. The main thing - do not Concentrate on what you can not, but the fact that it is possible, that is, on the positive instead of the negative. And they say that in the post importantly - do not eat each other and themselves, that is to forget the hustle and bustle, faultfinding, claims and self-flagellation, to devote time to the spiritual and intellectual growth, communication with relatives, and beneficial for good deeds. If you can accomplish all of this - that you will surely get to eat in the office, and at other times correctly.