How to choose a washing machine?

The days when women washed clothes on a washboard at the river for a long time in the past. It is now and not the river, and the women themselves prefer to give this laborious operation at the mercy of modern washing machines, which itself attains water, add detergent, wash, rinse, and even will dry clothes, according to the selected program. It remains only that dosushit linen, smooth, and it is again ready for use. But to experience all the benefits of modern civilization needs to know how to choose the washing machine, to be honest, it has served you a few years.

The hardware store is a wide range of washing machines of different sizes, features, and having a broad price range.
Dimensions and type of load.
The first thing to begin the process of choosing a washing machine - is to identify and measure the intended installation site. Depending on where you choose the type of boot that is most appropriate. If there is not a lot, it will approach the machine with top-loading laundry with dimensions 85h60h40
see. She has several advantages, for example, you can throw in the wash or remove any thing, if necessary, to the same control panel is located on the top panel, and thus available for children. The axis of the drum washing machine of this type is fixed on the shock absorbers on both sides, which significantly improves reliability compared with frontal loading device in which the drum is fixed on one side only. Therefore, other things being equal characteristics of the model and dryers are on average 20% more expensive than their front counterparts. If space allows, you can choose a car with a front-loading. And the place should allow not only to establish the machine itself, but also to provide easy access to it to download and extract the laundry through the front hatch. Greatly facilitates the process of loading and unloading, as well as allows you to erase the big things front hatch of large diameter, which are equipped with some models. The dignity of washing machines with front-loading is the fact that their top surface can be used as a bedside table. Washing machines with frontal load got more popular and are available standard, narrow and compact appearance. Standard dimensions (height x width x depth) for various types of washing machines front type is as follows:
  • Standard washing machines 85h60h60 cm;
  • narrow washing machines 85h60h32 ... 45 cm;
  • compact 67 cm ... 70h51h45.

Loading capacity of the washing machine.
When selecting automatic machines next thing to pay attention after determining dimensions - it is the maximum load in kilograms . Select needed depending on the size of your family. If a family up to 3 persons , it will be enough machines to the volume of 3.5-4 kg . If the family is large , you can buy a machine for 6-7 kg load .
For a guide to translate the amount of laundry in kilograms can assume that 5 kg of laundry correspond to three complete sets of bed linen for a double bed.
It is very important to choose the optimal load capacity of the washing machine according to the needs of your family. Otherwise you will have to run any part of the washing process if you choose a small volume , or wait long will gather the necessary amount of laundry of the same color , if the amount would be in excess of your needs .

Washing class, power and spin washing machine.
How to choose a washing machine?
Also, choosing a washing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to what class of washing, spin and power it relates. There are machines from A to G grade. Machinery Class A and B provide a wash of high quality and respect for the tissue levels of C, D, E - average levels of washing, and F, G - low levels. On machines with less power consumption are indicated by the same letters and, accordingly, the most economical car of class A. If you do not purchase a fuel-efficient car, it will be reflected in the accounts of the electricity and, consequently, on the family budget. The higher the class of the washing machine, the more expensive it will cost.

Washing programs.
More recently still believe that the more the car wash programs , the better it is . But the producers clearly overdone , because users become confused in a long list of washing programs and as a result drew attention to the car with several standard modes of washing, namely, for silk and wool , cotton and linen and synthetics , and of a few extra , in different manufacturers are different.
More and more popular system Fuzzy Logic, which some manufacturers called Fuzzy Control, or Dialogic. It consists in that the washing machine using water , in accordance with a portion of the loaded laundry. This saves water and electricity for the case of partial load in the machine .

How to choose a washing machine?Washing control and additional functions in modern washing machines is carried out by mechanical or rotary handles , or it is made entirely electronically , when all is set by pressing the appropriate buttons and the corresponding display on the liquid crystal displays . The latest machines are equipped with touch screens through which information is not only displayed , but entered by touching the screen with your fingers .
When choosing a washing machine according to this criterion pay attention to the quality of the electrical network in your area . If you are experiencing frequent jumps and drops in voltage , it is better to opt for models with its design in the minimum number of complex electronics . Otherwise it is necessary to purchase an additional voltage , cost from 3,000 to 6,000 rubles.

Reliability and warranty.
The average duration of the warranty period , set by the manufacturer of washing machines for the products is 2 years. The standard of quality and reliability washing machines are considered to be the elite class of the German company Miele. But they cost several times more expensive than more affordable for consumers of washing machines companies Bosch, Samsung, Zanussi, LG, Electolux, Indesit.

How to connect the washing machine.
Most washing machines are connected to the cold water only. Heating water to desired values ​​according to the various modes of washing takes place in the washing machine of the built-in heating element. Because of the increased rigidity of this detail is often the first fails, covered with a thick layer of scum. Therefore, there are models of washing machines with connection to hot and cold water at the same time. This avoids scale and reduce power consumption. However, in view of the fact that few people have the ability to provide year-round heating and water for the washing machine, such models are not widespread in our country.

The spin speed.
The higher the spin speed , the lower the residual moisture in the laundry and the drier it is received at the outlet of the washing machine. But here we must take into account that in order to overcome qualitative towel required speed 800 ... 1000 rev / min. , And the delicate tissues better than pressing the relatively low speeds - 400 ... 500 rev / min in order to avoid the increased crushing and spoilage. Therefore, if such tissue is supposed to erase a lot, then , ideally, washing machine must have a stepped or stepless speed spin .

The presence of built-in drying.
How to choose a washing machine?Lets get completely dry laundry washed by blowing and depressed things flow of warm air in a slowly rotating drum. After it you just have to smooth out and put wash things. In the 3-4 hours you get the washed and ready-to-wear clothes. A very useful feature during the autumn and winter, when your laundry dries very bad due to low temperatures and high humidity. But for extra comfort will have to pay a lump sum when buying a washing machine, because they are about 30% higher, and then pay another constantly increased power consumption during operation. You also need to take into account that drying can be no more than half washed clothes, that is, if the washing machine washes 5 kg, then dry it can only 2.5 kg.

In addition to the above, special attention should be paid to the presence of a timer that allows you to run a delayed washing on the metal of the tank is made of the machine (it is better to choose stainless steel , it will last longer ) , the level of emitted noise, especially if the car will be standing in the kitchen , protection from water leaks .

Buying a washing machine in the store do not forget to specify the conditions of delivery and lifting to the floor, if you need one.