How to write a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin personally?

None of the ordinary people can not be safe from the point where he needs to be to complain about any injustice on the action or inaction of officials to ask about some improvements in my life and feel secure legal machinery of the state . In this case , often the only authority that can help restore their citizen rights , is the President of the Russian Federation .

Many people in our country just pull the plug , having learned that the head of our state can be , and most importantly - you need to write! And this is certainly true. Numerous press conferences , as well as personal travel to the regions of Vladimir say that the president is absolutely not the same as the lives of his people , as many special cases only Putin takes under his personal control .

The main means of communication with Russian President
Every citizen of the Russian Federation living anywhere in the country , from Khabarovsk to Kaliningrad , the president can write your message . At that absolutely does not matter how old you are , w
hat your financial situation , whether at your disposal a personal computer and Internet access . Let us consider the basic ways of sending letters to the head of state .
a letter to the Presidenta letter to the President
  1. Open letter to the President of the Russian Federation.Very often , studying the news on the Internet, we come to the reports that some group of activists wrote a letter to the Russian president on his page on the World Wide Web . An open letter , posted on the Internet, will be able to see estimate , and most importantly - to comment on absolutely everyone . In this case, it is worth remembering that all the rules of registration of official letters addressed to the President of the Russian Federation and stored in the writing open letters . Ie they should not be used profanity , threats, insults .
  2. Russian Post.One of the most accessible for people in our country way is to send a letter using the address of the Russian Federation . To do this, you need to purchase a regular envelope , acting on the territory of Russia , and postage stamps . Do not forget that your message will be read by experts from the Office of the President , so try to express their thoughts easily and affordably . Sign the envelope legible handwriting that your letter is not lost on the way.

    If you send a mail message to Russia, you need to specify the next destination address: 103132, Russian Federation, Moscow, ul.

    This need to know!

    This method of sending complaints, claims and petitions to the President of the Russian Federation will be especially convenient for seniors who have not yet had time to learn to work on a personal computer . It is also sending letters by mail Russia convenient for residents of Russian glubinok . Unimpeded communication with the president of the country is one of the undoubted advantages of this type of treatment to the head of state.
  3. Online.In the age of modern technology major way complaints and claims the president of the Russian Federation is the Internet.
    Site kremlin.ruSite
    It is important! One of the obvious advantages of this method of treatment to the president is the simplicity and accessibility. After all, in order to send a letter to Putin , Vladimir Vladimirovich , you just need to have a valid mailbox in one of the mail system . Thus, even people with limited knowledge of the PC can send your letter to the president , armed with the support of more experienced computer-related relatives, friends , neighbors or colleagues.

    To send a letter to the site of President VV Putin, you must observe a number of very important requirements:
    • The writer should briefly and clearly explain the essence of his address in the email.
    • Before you send your message, you need to fill out the questionnaire.
    • For messages you post you rightfully can attach an additional file, whose size should not exceed 5MB.
    • In his address to the Russian president banned unflattering remarks against the President, and the use of profanity . The appeal must be written in Russian . The letter should contain a specific request or complaint . In addition, the message must be addressed to the name of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin , and not written vague and blurry . Such letters " nothing " is not accepted and removed from the system .
Important points when considering the complaints and requests of citizens
  1. All letters to the President of the Russian Federation considered within thirty calendar days.
  2. Our citizens need to understand that the letters are not seen personally by the President of the Russian Federation , as a special service by professionals . Even with good intentions , Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, physically could not read all the treatment received daily for consideration. But do not forget that many of the issues the president takes under his personal control .
  3. The answer to the complaint will be directed to the email address or the actual citizens. It will indicate the measures that have been taken to solve the problem to handle. If the letter was forwarded to the relevant authorities , in response to a letter from a citizen can understand exactly where he should be treated .
Whichever of the above methods you choose, be sure that your request is sure to be heard, and then you will succeed!