How to forget the first love?

True love does not get old, right? This beautiful stereotype saved many couples - but fewer people messed up life. It's about the sensitive nature, at first a strong sense of who made such a strong impression that they can not forget the first love even after many years. Even if it was not love, but love - forget the first unrequited love is even harder. Here's a disturbing paradox, because of which man builds his life peacefully and the other does not know how to forget first love and live on forever.

This strangeness first love does not end. For example, it is not clear how to forget the first love of a guy married a woman who already has children, and even - imagine! - Grandchildren. Such is the old love - does not rust, does not go and does not enjoy life with those people who really likes or does not even know of your anguish. And forget the first love of a girl no more difficult than the guy: gender differences play no role when it comes to first love. However, the first guy out of love a must, unles
s you do not plan to continue those old relationships.

Why is it difficult to forget the first love?
Nature took care to love, love, emotional and sensual affection caused a storm of excitement in us and left on their own bright, sometimes indelible memories. All this is necessary and important, if the first happy love becomes the only and last, that is, turns into a full-fledged and successful relationship. And if not? What if first love was unrequited and remained so, but continues to remind myself and torment the soul and the mind? Who can forget the first love, and if so, how? To answer this question, we have to delve into the features of the first love and take into account some of the nuances of this feeling:
  1. Baby Love- A kind of "test-drive" the younger the organism the ability to love, to feel a sense of attachment and other necessary to create the family and procreation. All the young learn by copying the behavior of adults. We reiterate our parents for the first steps, words, manner of dress and behave in society. With first love, everything is exactly the same, with the only the sacristy, that parents do not affect our choices and the first object of love becomes nice neighbor on the desk or even a "colleague" of kindergarten sandbox. It is thanks to this fun toddler we discover the ability to take care not only about themselves, this function is activated as with the children's love. It is much harder when the first love comes at a conscious age and is more complex, adult experience.
    memory of first lovememory of first love
  2. The memory of the first lovevery resistant, because otherwise would have lost all sense of its teaching function. Therefore, taking into account what was said in the first paragraph, we can assume that to completely forget the first love in the truest sense of the word is unlikely to succeed. But you can make the memories less sharp paint them in other, tragic, poetic and nostalgic tone. First Love - too impressed to be able to erase it from memory any normal person. So the problem is stated more precisely: do not forget the first love, and not to think about it too often.
  3. Sweet illusion.When you realize that this first love, and why it is so deeply etched in my memory, and it becomes clear that the feeling is more internal than external. Especially when it comes to the first unrequited love - it is possible that the object of your sighs and passionate views did not even know about your anxious feeling to it. But even the first mutual love thing of the past, it is not necessary in order to bring her to sacrifice the rest of your life. Quite the contrary: it is necessary to make the memories of first love that kind ephemeral way, their own imagination, a product of the creative imagination. You do not suffer seriously by your favorite characters?
This information we will offer you not only for informational purposes . Understanding the nature of his feelings helps to understand their logic and objectives , see themselves not as lonely and no one understood the sufferer , but as it is a typical member , and therefore not such a tragic situation. We are in no way attempt to reverse the value and importance of your feelings . But calm , constructive life without torment of a bygone love still seems more important.

First love is unrequited.
Memories of first love is very cunning : they have no statute of limitations , and equally strong torment of boys and girls , men and women, even grandparents . This is easily seen , if you ask Grandma to tell about her first love. You'll see : it is a dreamy smile , breathe deeply and tell you a story in which your grandfather would almost certainly not appear . So how to forget his first love , even if it is to see people's lives can not be ?! Just remember , do not forget the first time makes love, and your attitude :
  1. To paraphrase a famous saying, we can safely say that the former are not happy about the recall . If you can not forget the first lover , or the thought of it returned again , you imagine you are with and / or wonder how could have turned your relationship - is a sign of trouble in your real life . But the trick is that you can only fix it by real actions and current events , to which people from the past, alas, does not apply .
    Meeting with first loveMeeting with first love
  2. Meeting with first love can literally a couple of minutes to spare you from a painful doubt. These minutes will be required for it to say hello and share a few words , after which it will become obvious that the man standing in front of you has very little to do with was chosen and repeatedly transform the way your fantasies . Memories at odds with reality , and see this - the best way to forget first love.
  3. Do not meet with first love. No, we do not mock and do not forget the previous council. Just in matters of the heart is not uniquely proper prescription, and success depends on many factors. In particular, if you said goodbye to former love and built a prosperous new relationship, it is better not to test their nerves on strength and not to provoke the outburst of emotion. Better not go to the meeting classmates, corporate party or family celebration, if you know in advance that you can face it with a person, I had already robbed you of sleep and appetite.
Suffering of first love, you are driving themselves into this corner, look into it and, of course, do not see the exit. But it is necessary to look back, examine the wider and / or higher, and the problem will probably not so serious. What if you just like to think that your life is filled with a special, hidden meaning? With a quiet family life - it's just a facade, behind which hides the storm slightly exaggerated, but no less exciting passions. In this case, it is not necessary at all to forget first love. Just be sure your fantasies do not become known to the person who loves you here and now, and you do not offend him with his "storm in a teacup."

How to forget ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?
The first unrequited love - it is bitter and hurt , but in the long term, it is often more desirable option . Because if the first love was mutual , has developed into a close relationship, which ended the fault of one of the lovers or the tragic circumstances to forget first love is much more difficult. Complicating the situation is real and not fictitious , situations , memories and regrets, but even in spite of them , you can forget the first love :
  1. Endure.It would be naive to hope that will be able to easily and painlessly get rid of the first bright feelings. So do not aggravate stress and allow yourself to have gone through much suffering, recover loss. Girls may be advisable to have a good cry, then it will be easier to forget ex-boyfriend. Young men also would not hurt to give way to tears, but if it seems impermissible even with yourself, it will help the physical work, athletic training, or simply loneliness, during which can be enough to mourn and think. For the first time period can be viewed photograph his first love, listen to sad music and your "general song," Watch melodrama and console themselves with sweets. But not alcohol and antidepressants! And be sure to pre-designated time frame, after which you need to stand up, shake off the spleen and forget first love, to live.
    How to forget the first love?
  2. Distraction.Once you have dedicated a lot of time and gave a kind of tribute to the memory of first love, it's time to remember that the world is full of other, no less important and interesting phenomena. Now your task is to find such a case or cases that captivate you and will not leave time for memories of lost love. You'd be surprised, but sports clubs, swimming pools, dance clubs filled with people like you. Active and fascinating hobby has helped them and will help you forget the first love, and it is likely to find a new one, with similar interests. Choose something for everyone and inclinations, but in search of a hobby and has guided the usefulness. Design classes have a truly miraculous powers.
  3. Find a replacement.Do not expect a new love and especially the more persistently do not look for it on the principle of " like cures ." But do not give up new acquaintances and opportunities that they offer . Forcing himself not necessary and even dangerous , especially as long as you have not managed to completely forget the first love. Keep an eye to others , be friendly and sympathetic , listen to your heart . It is not your enemy , but an ally of the first , even if right now it's hard to believe.
All of these methods are really effective because many people tested. But there is another secret, to get rid of the pain of first love even in the most sensitive cases. Imagine that someone just misses you. He recalls sorts in memory even fleeting meetings and conversations. This idea helps change the role of the victim and forget about unrequited love, drawing attention to other, more realistic and forward-looking attitude. And if not, if you still believe that first love - the most solid and real, then it should not be forgotten. In the end, many couples have developed precisely because of first love, and who knows, maybe this is your case. Love and be loved, and only at the same time!