How to choose a gas stove?

The advantages of gas stoves to electrical perfectly clear: they are economical , is prepared quickly , heats and cools instantly. So what if the house has appropriate communication in the kitchen , most likely it will be a gas cooker. But how to choose a gas stove - it is a question more serious . Modern stoves are so diverse and include so many additional features and accessories that you can get lost and what this really make life easier for housewives , and that - a waste of money .

The first thing necessarily have to be considered when choosing a plate - it is estimated dimensions. Floor plate with oven produced generally in standard sizes: height 85 cm, "depth" - 60 cm and a width can vary from 50 (narrow) to 60 cm. However, the height can be a little change, if there is adjustable feet. If the plate board, its dimensions can be very diverse and depend on the number of burners. Determine the dimensions of a plate, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that dictates the overall interior design and
dimensions of the kitchen furniture. We must not forget also that next to the fire, especially at the level of the burners, in any case should not be curtains, wallpaper, vertical surfaces of wooden cabinets and all - no inflammable items.
Cooktop plates can be made of different materials. The cheapest of these, and perhaps the most common - enamelled steel , it can be different colors, but regardless of the aesthetic properties such surface has low resistance to scratching and chipping .

Slightly more expensive material - stainless steel. This plate will be much easier to clean up, but it will require careful maintenance and application of special detergents. Quite comfortable surface of an aluminum alloy, this material is undemanding in terms of care, it does not scratch and does not tarnish. Hot glass ceramic is more expensive. To it is necessary to select cookware with a flat or concave bottom, but in any case not convex. Use abrasive detergents and cleaning products on such a surface can not be: will scratch. If you buy a stove with ceramic hob, remember - she is afraid of sugary foods. at high temperatures, the sugar changes its structure so that kapnuvshee jam or syrup should be washed off immediately. Instead, you can buy glass ceramic plate with the surface of the heat-resistant glass - the qualitative characteristics are almost identical, but it is cheaper.

If you do not want to have to clean the grille - there are two options: to buy a flat-burner stove, and put the dishes directly on them or plate with collapsible grills that can be cleaned even in a dishwasher.

One of the most important parts of a gas cooker - oven, and it can be one of three types - gas, electric or combined, gas with electric grill.

How to choose a gas stove?Gas ovens are classic, with two modes of heating and multi-function - up to eight modes and a built-in fan. To the air flow is not to extinguish the fire, using a special "nezaduvaemaya" system, the fire is burning inside a special cavity. If you are a foodie and you want to cook in the oven for a variety of dishes - take just this, with grill and skewer. In this oven when opening the door pan extend automatically, and the timer can not only send a signal, and turn off the oven at the right time. An excellent choice for someone who prepares a lot, though not the cheapest.

Inexpensive oven will have to clean yourself, and the road will be cleared automatically, you will only have to wipe it after cooking with a damp cloth - also a useful feature.

Oven and versatile, can defrost food, brown dishes and self-cleaning.

Virtually all modern boards are equipped with avtopodzhigom - you turn the knob lights the fire yourself. However, do not forget that it helps in the electric spark , so let the house will match , in case the light is shut off .

Another useful feature of modern gas stove - gas control system . If for some reason the flame goes out , gas supply to the burner stops. Needless to say, this ability of your plate is extremely important because it will make the operation safe . Some slabs of this problem is solved more elegantly - accidentally extinguished the fire immediately ignited again automatically by means of the automatic ignition .

When deciding how to choose a gas stove , often have to come not only from his wants and needs , but also financial resources. And yet if you choose between lots of functions and the " bells and whistles " on the one hand and reliability and a good plate of well-known company - at the same cost is better to give preference to the quality factor . Eventually , gas - a rather dangerous thing . And of course , whatever plate you choose, it should be installed only by a specialist - there can not save in any case .

The new stove will serve you for many years, and of its convenience and functionality will depend on the quality of the cooked meal and the hostess mood and the results of its culinary creativity.