How to use the Jerusalem candle?

Wards need to all people, regardless of the nature, world views and religion. Even skeptics, atheists give birth talismans, not to mention the deeply religious people who are confident in the strength and supernatural abilities sacred artifacts. Sacred relics have the strongest potential, but some other, more affordable material objects play an equally important role. In the Orthodox tradition in this role often act candles: they are symbolic, embody the idea of ​​the Divine, and you can use candles in the Jerusalem home.

Orthodox Christians give each other and / or acquire the church candles, but candles Jerusalem are different from others. They can be obtained only once a year in one place for the whole world, it is not surprising that not everyone has such a symbol of holiness, and not every believer knows how to apply the Jerusalem candle. However, despite the uniqueness of this talisman, use the Jerusalem candle is not too difficult. And rightly so, because the relic should be protected and help, not
hinder the path to purification and grace. And if until now you do not ever use the Jerusalem candle, the information about them is certainly useful in the future.

What is the Jerusalem candle?
Church candles - an essential attribute of worship and traditional symbol of faith. The so-called Jerusalem candles , in fact, differ only in that symbolize a specific phenomenon : the descent of the Miracle of the Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulchre . Each year , the service on Holy Saturday before Easter in the Church of the Resurrection , which is located in Jerusalem , the flame of the Holy Fire , signifying the resurrection of Jesus Christ , the faithful endure . Priest allows everyone to take a little bit of light , and lighted candles away called Jerusalem .

It is believed that the Holy Fire has a supernatural nature , so the news about it , and pieces of flame spread across the globe. If you happen to be present at the service of the Holy Sepulchre in the kindled fire or get Jerusalem candle as a gift from the pilgrims , know that you have the symbol of a miracle , and a powerful talisman . In Jerusalem candle has several features that allow them to accurately distinguish between :
  • Jerusalem candle did not happen in one or any number other than 33. 33 Jerusalem candles are inextricably connected with each other in a tight beam as a symbol of 33 years lived among the people of Christ.
  • These candles are made of Jerusalem in the Holy Land.
  • Jerusalem candle carry the Light of the Holy Fire, which have been washed (set on fire in the temple) and a piece of the land of Israel.
Pilgrims are trying to set fire to their own candles from the flame general , and then to bring a bunch of 33 Jerusalem candle home. It is believed that donated and received a gift from loved ones, the Jerusalem candle to keep the house and its inhabitants cherish . Even unlit , they have a wonderful power . But the store , and use the Jerusalem light candles at home is necessary according to the rules .

What to do with candles from Jerusalem?
If you managed to visit the Church of the Resurrection of Christ and join the miracle of the Holy Fire, it felt light and joy, cleansed of past sins to a righteous life.
How to use the Jerusalem candle?
  1. After a bunch of your candles will be scorched by the general torch extinguish them with a special cap, but in any case not blow out.
  2. You can repay the Jerusalem candle even bare hands: Holy Fire lights, "washes", but does not burn human skin.
  3. It is impossible to divide Jerusalem candle.
It is important that in the Church of the Resurrection , the combination of 33 candles did not burn , but only took part of the Holy Fire . Braised , they will retain the strength and light . Henceforth, each candle , lit from the Jerusalem candle , get a little miraculous power , and you can share it with loved ones .

How the use of Jerusalem candles at home?
If you are presented with the Jerusalem candle, then you know that you've got a valuable spiritual gift and gained access to the shrine.
  1. Put a bunch of Jerusalem candles in the red corner of the icons, or wherever in your home stored icons, religious artifacts and / or amulet.
  2. Wardrobe, cupboard, shelves and appliances surface - not a place for storage of Jerusalem candles.
  3. Installed in front of the iconostasis of Jerusalem candles are lit all at once, 33 candles at the same time.
  4. 33 Jerusalem candle not be divided, but your faith is more important than regulations.
  5. Even non-durable Jerusalem candle burning bless the house and fills it with good energy.
Before Jerusalem candle can read any prayer requests for which your soul . It is advisable to do it alone , but the presence of the iconostasis does not matter . The main thing that your heart felt light and heat , and thought were good . Candles of Jerusalem have the power to fulfill wishes , but only if you have in mind something good .

When and why Jerusalem lit candles?
Like all the church candles, a bunch of 33 Jerusalem candle light, clean and filled with wonderful power the room in which they are lit, and the souls of the people who lit them with prayer and love.
How to use the Jerusalem candle?
  1. Holy Days.
  2. Confession, purification of the soul from sins, doubts, fears.
  3. Commemoration of the dead in a special memorial days, any day when you remember them and wish them a peaceful sleep.
  4. Before the start of new cases, settling into a new home, starting a new room for the illumination of large acquisitions, vehicles, etc.
  5. To attract good luck, peace, happiness and inner need to find the right solution, the answer to the unresolved question etc.
You can not light a candle of Jerusalem in the days of mourning and Christmas - this is the ban of the Church.

How exactly the desires with the help of the Jerusalem candle?
Candles of Jerusalem, the Holy Fire scorched, perform cherished desires.
  • Light a candle at the same time, all 33, and read to them a prayer, asking the Lord that you need.
  • Concentrate on their desire and mentally say it in front of the candles.
  • Pray before the Jerusalem candle and make a wish every day for 3-7 days.
After prayers heartily thank the Lord for the wonders he does for you , and for that he hears your wish . Extinguish the candle and keep it in their heart light and grace. It is these feelings as well as your sincere faith in the power and righteousness of the Holy Fire will perform make a wish.

You can use candles because Jerusalem , as well as the dictates of your faith , which tells the right words and prayers . Holy power of miraculous power Jerusalem candle so great that brings joy , lightness and inner purity to everyone who believes , and correctly uses the 33 candles from Jerusalem . They are accessible and understandable epitome of grace and help to touch the shrine , even at a great distance from the Holy Sepulchre , which descended the Holy Fire .