How to choose a professional hair dryer?

The heart bleeds every time you hold a hot stream of air conventional dryer to your hair ? Forces no longer look like the hair is dried and pushatsya after use ? Fortunately, modern technologies are introduced into every household priborchik in our house . Including modern dryers because such technologies are now called professional . And no need to go to a beauty salon to feel the difference . Knowing the basic parameters , choose a hair dryer can be , and for home use.

The benefits of professional hair dryers to the usual
Normal hair dryer is intended only for drying hair , besides they quickly overheat and able in a short time to turn the healthy hair dry and lifeless , since such hairdryers can not come soon for all hair types . But professional hairdryers much take care of the hair , adjusting to the different types of hair texture . It is not yet all the advantages :
  • professional hairdryer has many modes and speeds, suitable for different types of hair;
  • able to work for a long time;
  • have many tips for cr
    eating different hairstyles;
  • They are of high quality;
  • equipped with the latest technology.
What should be a professional hair dryer for home use?
Professional hair dryers can be up to 6 temperature modes and speeds, but for home use - it is too.
  1. The greater the power of the dryer, the more carefully it relates to hair, so for home use is better to choose a hairdryer power 1900-2000 watts.
  2. For home is best to choose a professional hair dryer with 3 temperature modes and two speed . The highest approach to eliminate excessive moisture hair , medium - for drying thin and weak hair , and the lowest for the most suitable installation.
  3. Buying a professional hair dryer, it is necessary to note the presence of cold air function.
  4. Weight is also important.
  5. The technology used in the production of new professional hair dryers are aimed at preserving and protecting the hair . So before you choose a professional hair dryer , you need to make sure whether it is a function of ionization and ceramic heater . Ionization function makes hair beautiful , smooth and shiny , as does not give hair scales open. Ceramic heater prevents dry hair , while maintaining their structure.
  6. The cord must be attached to the hair dryer by means of a freely rotating element and have a length of at least 2.5 meters.
Based on these parameters, choose a professional hair dryer from all the abundance will not be difficult.

Read more about the technology
We all heard about the miraculous ceramic heater, a magical function ionization and mysterious phenomenon tourmaline coating.
  1. Ionization of air. Women who enjoy professional hairdryer with the function of ionization notice a tangible difference : after drying the hair ionizing hairdryer hair becomes smooth and shiny. This is due to the negatively charged ions , which are :
    • reduce the adverse effects of hot air;
    • prevent over-drying and dehydration of hair;
    • help reduce the drying process;
    • removes hair from static electricity;
    • It prevents hair-section;
    • It helps solve the problem of excessive fat hair.
  2. The ceramic heater.
    • reduce the impact of aggressive dryer;
    • It heats the hair from the inside, which excludes its burnout;
    • It maintains the temperature, not too hot and not cool down periodically, in contrast to conventional hair dryers.
    Marks and Ceramic Ionic hair dryer on the package indicates the presence of these technologies in the creation of a hair dryer.
  3. Tourmaline coating.
    Choose a professional hair dryer with tourmaline coating - so take care of your hair with special care. Such dryers are now considered the best because they are several times more efficient hairdryers with the ionizer . Tourmaline is a natural crystal , and heating it allocates six times more negatively charged particles , which are :
    • make hair smooth and manageable;
    • give a healthy shine;
    • shorten the drying process;
    • elekrizuemost prevent hair;
    • It cleanses the hair of odors;
    • It helps retain moisture.
Professional hair dryers for and designed to preserve the health of the hair, so buying them is not worth saving.