How to help children in orphanages?

Should I explain every adult that lives in an orphanage - it's not sugar. Even in the case when a public institution is exemplary , it only manages an outstanding person who devoted his life to his favorite cause , young students is very difficult to come to terms with the lack of a normal family . This is not unnatural , because every child wants his parents were .

What can the society for its youngest citizens who find themselves in such a difficult situation? Of course, to help. At the mention of the word "help" we are not talking only about financial support, but also moral. An essential duty of each of us is feasible help orphans. Many of us believe that in this case you need to leave work and devote whole days this honor, but it is unpaid business - charity. However, it is not so! To help children from orphanages can in his spare time. To do this, it is not necessary even to go to a government agency, you do not have time for this. Today we highlight the main directions of the help to children from c
hildren's homes, which under the force of each one of us!
  1. Pen pal.Anyone who needs to communicate. Are no exception , and children from orphanages . The little man , twenty-four hours a day, which is in a government institution need not only food and clothes , but also warm and tender words. No matter how hard the teachers and the director of the orphanage , no matter what the situation or create a wonderful , all the same children will lack parental support and warmth.
    Bring joy to orphans in life can you.
    How to help children in orphanages?
    Where to find the information:on the websites of various volunteer organizations , groups in social networks periodically published posts about the various activities . If you have a desire to become a pen pal for your child from an orphanage , you need to contact a representative of the volunteer organization. Will help you to choose the baby's candidature in accordance with your wishes. Someone easier to correspond with younger students from 6-7 to 10-11 years. Some people prefer to chat with teens already 13-17 years.

    What to do:write a letter. No, on the computer , and by hand. The kid will be very pleased to receive a letter from a living person , which he is not indifferent . Do not forget to invest in an blank envelope with a return address . This should always be , because the child will not be able to buy the envelope to respond to you .
    You can write about everything. Interest in the affairs of the baby, give him advice if he asks , rejoice with him . It is not necessary to write your child about their problems . Do not get too tied to her child and to promise him something you can not do . Try to keep your friendship by correspondence did not come out for some you set the scope of communication. After all, children are very receptive , and the crumbs will be difficult to accept the fact that you can not see him , etc.

    Required:send baby gifts. Typically, these rules establish voluntary organizations . The child must receive a gift twice a year : the New Year and birthday . Pre-negotiate with the head of a charity gift amount . This is important in order to avoid conflicts between the children (after all, someone can send a fancy phone, and someone - just a notebook and pen ) .
    What difficulties may be encountered:In a letter to the child may ask you, when you come to see him start to call you "mother", "sister", etc.
  2. Material aid.Of course, the most common way to help children from children's homes is material support . If you do not have time or opportunity to do it in person, you can transfer money to a charitable organization or to transfer funds coordinator of the children's home .

    Where to find the information:Online children's homes and charities.
    What to do : help ! If you have the strength and desire , you can select items from the so-called " list of demands " of one of the children's institutions ( you can find it in the group on a social network or online volunteer organization) . Collect items and deliver them to volunteer koorditnatoru orphanage.

    Children may need:
    • Clothing and shoes.If you have children, then you can send in an orphanage your unwanted clothes and shoes . Not necessarily things to be new , but not necessarily - in good condition! Objectively assess the clothes and shoes you want to give to the orphanage . Could you put it to your children? After all, the kids from the orphanage , too, want to look well-groomed and neat and clean and wear fashionable clothes .
      How to help children in orphanages?
    • Toys, books, games, CDs DVD.The full development of a child is impossible without books and toys . Choosing things for their children 's homes , common sense . For example, it is not necessary to give children the broken or not functioning toys, tattered books and so on. A child living in a children's home , is no different from your baby. It is unlikely that you would have liked to play a chubby little boy with the car , which did not turn the wheel , there are no doors , steering wheel , etc.
      It is not necessary to give children soft toys, because for them requires constant care, and it is unlikely that teachers in the orphanage will be at this time.
      Books should be and contemporary authors, and classic.
    • Hygiene.Diapers, cotton swabs, disposable diapers, deodorants, feminine care - all of this is usually required in unlimited quantities.

      Required:ask the coordinator of a particular orphanage that it requires the guys.

    What difficulties may be encountered:you need to be prepared for the fact that a certain portion of your monthly budget will be spent on charity.
  3. Volunteering.Where to find the information:on the websites of charities.

    What to do:help.

    Required:fill out the form on one of the sites of volunteer organizations.

    What difficulties may be encountered:Are you ready to give this matter absolutely all their free time?
Help the children from children's homes - a noble cause , but it is very responsible . Before you do charity , answer yourself the question whether you really want to devote all my free time kids from an orphanage . Can you give kids the warmth of his soul ? Are you ready for the fact that from now on you will have virtually no free time ? If yes, then you can easily become a volunteer . Be of good cheer !