How to choose a hair iron?

Smooth and straight hair dream not only holders of unruly curls and waves whimsical, but a girl with lank hair. Even the nature of the straight hair is not always smooth and silky look. Sometimes the hair ends are bent in different directions, sometimes the hair is formed uneven waviness, and sometimes hair pushatsya and Shaggy. With all of these problems can be overcome with the help of ironing rectifier. This item is intended to tame recalcitrant strands presented in stores in the big assortment.

How to understand a variety of manufacturers and models and choose the hair iron that will fulfill all your wishes concerning the installation?

Consider the basic parameters on which irons differ from each other.

Utyuzhok a forceps, through which passed the strands of hair.

The hair becomes wavy just because of the accumulation of hydrogen molecules or moisture, under the top layer.

Covering plates ironing
This option can be considered the most important because it determines the safety and health of your hair . Fr
om frequent and excessive heating hair become fragile and brittle and lose their natural beauty. Modern manufacturers ironing try to invent such coatings that cause minimal damage to the hair or not applied at all.

What makes the coating ironing?
  • Metal.First the hair iron produced with this coating. Metal well heated , but against the hair is not very good. He simply burns them . Therefore, metal irons - the most dangerous for the hair. Especially if the hair is naturally thin and weak . But even with thick and strong hair regular use of metal ironing undesirable.
  • Pottery.It applies to hair care. The ceramic plates are heated evenly, maintain a constant temperature and keep the elasticity and natural shine to the hair , adding it smoothness and silkiness . They have one drawback : in the ceramic plate can adhere styling products that have been processed hair. Therefore, they need to be regularly cleaned .
  • Teflon.By their effect is similar to a ceramic coating, but it does not adhere cosmetics.
  • Tourmaline (ion-ceramic coating).This material is often covered with a professional hair iron . By heating the surface of tourmaline , it starts to produce negative ions and thus eliminates existing static electricity on the hair and promotes tight fit delaminated flakes hair.
  • Marble and ceramic.One plate is made of ceramics, it is heated and straightens hair.
  • Titanium and diamond coating.Give your hair a special shine and promote easier sliding.
Some manufacturers produce irons with ceramic coating that contains moisturizers, vitamins for hair conditioners.

The width of the straightening plates ironing
To choose the hair iron is suitable for you, you need to know how to affect the width of the plates on the method of laying.

Thin plates are suitable for short and medium hair , if they are not too thick . For laying thin plates of long and thick hair takes too much time and effort . Furthermore, by using rather narrow plates can not only be rectified, and curling hair tresses. In this case, the plates should be rounded edges .

Wide plates are good hair medium and large lengths, especially if the hair is thick.

The function of temperature control
This function has almost all the ironing, the differences only in the parameters.

Fluctuations in temperature range from 120 to 220 degrees.

If you decide to choose a professional hair iron , pay attention to the manufacturer . The most well-known companies that produce professional hairdressing equipment - GA.MA, Remington and Moser. These irons are heated instantly and have excellent technical specifications . But the price is higher than in the non-professional models .

Many appliance manufacturers have in their assortment of hair straighteners, which also correspond to the modern requirements and trends.

Additional features ironing and packing
The most common optional ironing - a nozzle for corrugating.

The paddles may be present such additional functions as:
  • Cold air stream
  • Air conditioning Hair
  • Ionization
  • Moisturizing hair steam
What else to look for when choosing a hair iron
  • Design ironing.
  • Power ironing.
  • Auto-off function.
  • Finish cooling the outer edges of the plates materials.
  • Handbag for ironing.
  • Weight ironing, if you're going to carry it with you, can make a difference.
  • The length and quality of the wire.
  • The presence of a liquid crystal display and indicators.
Additional tools for straightening hair

When using ironing, especially the regular, it is important to protect hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures.

They can be produced in the form of sprays, gels or jelly hair.