How to ask for help from Matrona of Moscow?

Mother Matrona from birth has been chosen by God to minister to people. Born with no eyes at all, she had a special spiritual vision, enabling her to heal the sick and to penetrate the secrets of the future time. Spent more than fifty years in a sitting position, Matrona of Moscow could see the inner world of other people and help them to overcome the constant prayer of mental problems and physical illnesses. And now to the blessed saint oxbow people flock from all over Russia, remembering her words shortly before his death: "Everything, everything come to me and tell me how to live, about their affliction, I will see you, and to hear and help you" .

How to ask for help from Matrona of Moscow?
Matron Mother helps in simple everyday affairs and troubles. She asked the intercession in curing serious diseases and resolving problems at work. Through the prayers of Matrona of Moscow joined couples and found large losses. It helps blessed holy bayou and the device private life, and the birth of children. You can
refer to it in many ways, but the important thing to observe - is sincere, slёznuyu and humble prayer, beginning with the words: "Oh blessed Mother Matron ...". A short prayer to the Mother is, "the holy and righteous Matrona oxbow lake, pray for us!".

Where to ask for help from Matrona of Moscow?
You can ask for help from Matrona of Moscow of marriage, establishing financial situation, resolving severe situations anywhere:
  • at home;
  • in the temple that you visit in his hometown;
  • in any Orthodox church in the world where there is an icon of the holy old women;
  • Pokrovsky Monastery in Moscow, where the relics of Mother Matrona.
The presence of icons (home, temple ) and visit the Pokrovsky monastery is not a prerequisite to Matrona of Moscow pay attention to you . Mother Matrona hear all who approach her ​​with a sincere prayer coming from the heart.

If you want to ask for help from Matrona of Moscow about the pregnancy , of course , it is desirable to visit the Pokrovsky monastery, stand among the other pilgrims , to venerate the relics of a saint. Pokrovsky Monastery is located in the underground Proletarian and more - on the street Abelmanovskaya . Access to the relics of Mother Matrona daily from seven in the morning until eight at night , on Sundays - from six in the morning until eight at night .

Many pilgrims asking for help from Matrona of Moscow on her grave, located on the Danilovsky cemetery.

How to write Matrona of Moscow?
If you for some reason ( economic or physical) can not personally visit the Pokrovsky monastery , you can write a letter to Mother Matrona , to be entrusted to the Servants of the monastery relics of the blessed old women .

Classic letter should be sent to the address: 109147 , Moscow, st . Taganskaya Str. 58 (postal address Pokrovsky Monastery ) . Emails (their print and also lay the relics of Mother Matrona ) are accepted on e-mail: matronushka ( dog )