How to determine the diagonal of the TV?

Diagonal TV is the most important characteristic when selecting and placing in the space of the room. Small diagonal may hinder viewing of the image by the lack of opportunity to consider it in fine detail , and too much will not give the whole picture of what is happening visually , as the eyes can concentrate on some of the screen. For this reason, when choosing a TV , and installation position relate the diagonal of the TV with the distance at which it is supposed to look .

Methods for determining the diagonal TV
Determine the diagonal of the TV or monitor in various ways.
  1. The easiest and fastest way you can do this , knowing the exact name of your TV model . Create a query in a search engine Yandex and Google as a full model name with the additional keyword " data" and open any website in the top search results . Diagonal TV - this is one of the main technical characteristics and will be sure to refer to open your site.
  2. If you search the internet at the moment is not possible, or you do not know the name
    of the model, we can define the diagonal of the TV its direct measurement. To do this, take a centimeter and help measure the distance between two opposite corners of the rectangle that represents the any display. As a point of reference it take a screen that begins where it ends up framing frame. The result of measurement in centimeters divide by 2.54 to obtain the diagonal inches. The most common modern TVs with the following dimensions diagonal: 19 ", 22", 26 ", 32", 40 ", 42", 46 ", 55", 60 "and 75".
  3. In the absence of a centimeter, you can use a rope or string of suitable length.
  4. You can find diagonal indirectly, if you know the length of the adjacent one of the sides of the rectangle corners. It will have to remember high-school geometry and the Pythagorean theorem, which states that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Hypotenuse in this case would be nothing more than a diagonal of the TV, and the legs of - part of its rectangle. Therefore, the diagonal can be determined using the formula d = √ (a2 + b2), where d - the required diagonal TV, a, and b - the length of the sides forming its display rectangle.
Using any of the methods you can easily define the diagonal of your TV and you will find the best possible place for it in your room, in terms of ease of viewing.