How to bless a daughter before the wedding?

In a solemn and memorable day, it is important to do everything to the soul, as far as possible to comply with tradition. Of course, not all is now married in the church, but the rite of blessing plays a huge role. How to bless a daughter before the wedding, to wish her happiness and well-being? It is necessary to remember some rules cook icon, towel, consider it in advance, if not longer, but warm and meaningful. Daughter creates a new family, it will build his house, establish a relationship with her husband. It will have a lot of worries, meet on the way and complexity. The mother, of course, in the eyes certainly be tears when she begins to speak words of blessing. But they need to convey not only the farewell, but his positive energy, give the daughter of confidence and hope.

We are preparing for the rite of blessing daughter
First you need to carefully prepare everything correctly to bless a daughter before the wedding.

You will need:
  • words of blessing, they should write in advance and remember;
  • towel (towel), which you will take an icon;
  • Icon for blessing.
Pay special attention to the speech of blessing . Wish her ​​daughter and fiance health, prosperity , understanding and peace of mind. Let parting words will sound and the need to keep our promises , do not forget about your debt, obligations , to remember the important role of the ability to give and compromise , which is so important for a wife .

Make your speech in advance, write it down.

How to choose an icon for the blessing of his daughter
It is possible that in a church wedding is not planned, and the young are not parishioners.

The fact that it is the icon, which you will instruct and bless daughter should then stay in the family of the young.

Traditionally blessing daughter choose the icon of the Mother of God . But tough restrictions. Based on various nuances , consider the features of the character and health of your daughter. You can select any icon of a saint, healer , martyr . For example, if your daughter's poor health , it is appropriate to select the icon of the healer Panteleimon .

When the family is already an icon, transmitted from generation to generation, it is necessary to bless her.

How to bless a daughter before the wedding
Keep in mind a few important points to bless a daughter before the wedding properly.
  • At the time of blessing of the youth, it is desirable to create a festive atmosphere, tune in to a serious way.
  • Blessing of young taken in the narrow circle of relatives.
  • The blessing comes when the bride has already seen the bride, the young are prepared to go to the wedding.
  • Young fit to the mother of the bride.
  • Mother icon takes up a towel so that the face was converted to the young.
  • The bride's mother blesses daughter, tells her his parting words and wishes.
  • Then the mother of the groom to be baptized three times, his daughter.
  • The bride and groom kiss icons, crosses.
The rite of the blessing of her daughter before the wedding is complete.