How to bless a son before the wedding?

The rhythm of modern life forces us to adapt to new trends and donate old habits. In keeping with the requirements of society in the organization of celebrations going on about fashion, we often do not even notice how thereby offend the older generation. But their priorities are different from ours, and often where we just want to save time and money, our mothers and grandmothers, it is important to stick to traditions. Old-fashioned, simulated, unhelpful - let them! But today's scenario, once obsolete. So why not follow the rituals that highlight which will decorate your holiday and at the same time delight loved ones.

Especially men sin failure to traditions. When planning a wedding, the future husband thinks about anything, but not to hold the wedding rituals. This is normal, because the male mind is aimed at addressing more prosaic tasks. About blessing parents should consider and agree on holding a ceremony with the bride. Depending on the scenario of the wedding blessing can be slightly different fro
m the ancient ritual. There is nothing reprehensible - important to maintain the essence of what is happening. And she is the wish of the parents of children of good, well-being and happy life. And it is the groom's parents bless his son and the parents of the bride - daughter. The rituals themselves are similar, but there are important differences between them.

When the father and mother of the groom will speak words of blessing, they have to stand in front of her son on a clean embroidered towels. In the hands of his father - an icon, and so-called "male" icon, which is not suitable for the blessing of his daughter. On the men's icon depicts Jesus Christ, and in the women - the Mother of God. The words of his father's blessing can not be formulaic, more importantly, that they are sincere and wise parting words kept, love and good wishes. After the word "bless!" Son should three times to bow icon and once - his father. Only after this young man can kiss the icon.

After his father the same procedure repeats the groom's mother . Godparents can also say his blessing - but it is not a strict part of the ritual , and it is not running at all weddings. Moreover, tradition allows deviations depending on the characteristics of the family. For example, if the groom does not have two parents, bless him can a father or a mother . Grandparents , aunts or foster parents are also suited for this role . Sincerity in this case is more important than compliance with formal action .

In addition, the surrounding reality itself makes adjustments to the ancient customs. Even the most fervent desire today is difficult to obtain the blessing of the newlyweds parents just as happened to their ancestors. Then a young family to get married in the church, and today registered in a registry office, so the blessing ceremony moved into its walls. Often the wedding day planned out to the minute, and, in this hurry parents bless son when there is time for that. Thus, it would be a mistake to bless their child at home, the bride's home after the foreclosure or even in the evening in the restaurant. The newly made husband takes out of the hands of parents and the icon after the wedding puts it in the back seat of the car. But if the son was brought up in a family with a traditional way of life and respect for their parents, even in the modern parent peynthause icon will take pride of place.

But even today are families that are not limited to the civil registry. If you too have decided to link their fate not only the earth, but also the laws of the church, the blessing of the best produce in the walls of the temple. The wedding will require you to be able to follow the canons, but the ritual and will be more meaningful and solemn. For the blessing of the church, the groom's parents may say more than a long speech and prayer, which prepare in advance. Can be very useful for this purpose will approach these words from the Bible: "Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they become one flesh." (Genesis 2:24)

And finally, let me give you the best advice . When planning a wedding, entering into it the rite of blessing , do not chase the outside of the custom. The blessing of a son before the wedding - it's not so much the action as attitude, love and care of parents . Our ancestors put in blessing the spirit and power of a kind that was passed down from fathers to sons . So do not be afraid to make a mistake . You can not " bless wrong" if there is a blessing from a loving parent heart.