How to order a thanksgiving service?

The Gospel tells of the case of Jesus healing ten lepers , of whom only one returned to thank Him ; for which he was acquitted , and those - condemned. So that we will not be among open to the charge of God , the Church offers to follow the example of the ten lepers through participation in a thanksgiving prayer . This brief service , committed on behalf of the community of believers or privately from each of them for any good deed of God .

So , each year on May 9 we served thanksgiving service for the revelation of the victory in the Great Patriotic War , and in Kiev traditionally at the end of each year, the Metropolitan committed thanksgiving service at the monument Baptist Russia - these are examples of the mass prayers . But every single person in life there are cases personally provided the grace of God : just for him or for a limited circle of close persons. Then the commission thanksgiving must be submitted exclusively ( special ) supplication in the church.

How to order a thanksgiving service?
The procedure for filing requires (demands) for a thanksgiving service common to all prayers.
  1. We need to come to the temple and give your order in form of a note svechnitse ( worker sold in the church shop books and office supplies ) by paying a certain sum - donation. It's good to be at the same time specifically to buy candles that light the way before the Savior just before the prayer service .
  2. You can write a note in advance at home on normal paper size of a quarter sheet of A4 or half tetrad . Or you can do it right in the temple. Now almost all of them in a specially designated place are printing blank forms on all needful and an arsenal of pens ( but in any case have one more with him ) . If for any reason you can not write a note to yourself , ask for you to do it the same svechnitsu or any of the parishioners.
  3. In the title write "Prayer of thanksgiving."
  4. Below are the genitive names of those from whom brought thanks to: (from) Olga , Irina , Nicholas , and so . D . ( Excuse not necessary to write ) . It can be as few as one person , and , most importantly, thanks to each of them was conscious . Names are specified , the data in Baptism , such as the need to write Svetlana Fotini and written columns: one line - one name .
  5. If the list contains the clergy ( monks , priests ) , they decided to write the first and indicating rank, it can be abbreviated. Instead of " priest" is spelled " Priest ", for example : Jer. Alexis Deacon . Eugene, Archbishop . Ambrose , Hieromonk . Nectar and so on.
  6. It is allowed , but not required , to add to the names of worldly "status" : Neg. ( the boy ) , pp. ( aching ) , neprazd . ( not idle , pregnant ) , Zabol . ( misguided ) , soldier ( the soldiers ) . But popular postscript p . B. ( servant of God ), which is so obvious , is superfluous , it is not necessary to write .
  7. In no case can not specify nicknames animals!
For what thanksgiving can be ordered?
For all unrepugnant Christian precepts.

What's the most important thing in a thanksgiving prayer service?
  1. Awareness , voluntary and personal presence on thanking prayer service . Remember : Healing a leper himself came and fell at the feet of the Savior , and did not expect that someone will do it for him. However, for example , bedridden person can ask someone to order a thanksgiving service in the church by correspondence on behalf of , or at least invite a priest to the house for a fee .
  2. Do not be late.
  3. Do not stand idly by in the service of " candlesticks " - it's your turn to God ! - Listened to the words of prayer , to delve into the meaning , mentally pronounces them together with the priest . If the church- Slavic language quite unusual for you , take the trouble to preview the course , and the text of the prayer service . Now it is quite possible to do , ask for help at least to the Internet.
Be prepared for the fact that prayers of thanksgiving to be read together with the other ( pleading , blessing of water , and so on ) , as in the temples is usually a common prayer service , combining all ordered that day. However, experience is not necessary , " quality" of prayer will not be harmed .

Who can order a thanksgiving service?
So order a thanksgiving service (as opposed to the sacraments), any person, to feel such a need.