How can I use the maternity capital?

Payment of maternity capital is regulated by the "Law on maternity capital " . Under this law, the right to receive money are families in which there was a second and each subsequent child born or adopted after the 01.01.2007 . However, the concept of " mother's capital " is not entirely correct . After all, it can count and fathers , guardians . Therefore, more correct to call this help " family capital " .

" The law on maternity capital " is a pleasant exception to the set of ill-considered and frankly weak laws of our country. He almost annually undergoes amendments , but always in the direction of protecting the interests of the family.
One important factor is the annual increase in its size. In 2007, when the law came into force and earned the payment of 250 thousand rubles, then in 2012 the amount increased to 387,600 rubles. In 2013, it will amount to 408,960 rubles. A nice new feature is the fact that to get the maximum amount can, even those who previously received certificates for smaller amounts,
but did not use the funds belonging to them. If the amount of the maternity capital has been used only in part, the parents are entitled to a 5% indexation of the amount remaining in the account.

On the municipal surcharges
In some regions of the country in addition to the federal family capital in 2013 will pay a so-called " mother's capital city ." The regions have the opportunity to decide for what amount they can to increase payments to families in which there was the addition . In Russia on average , these figures range from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles.

Some regions have gone even further . They have provided a number of benefits for families who are eligible for maternity capital . Municipal authorities in 2013 plans to allocate additional funds to pay for the child's stay in sanatoriums for medical reasons. This assumes the payment of the fare of the accompanying person to the place of treatment and back .

How can I use the maternity capital
Throughout 2012 the maternity capital can be used to solve housing problems of the family:
  • repayment of a mortgage loan;
  • repair or reconstruction of the house in which the family resides;
  • participation in the joint construction - buying an apartment in a new building;
  • the purchase of building materials for self-construction or repair of houses;
  • Membership in the building society.

Money maternity capital could be used for education.
  • services provided to fee-paying schools;
  • maintenance of the child in preschool;
  • Student accommodation in a student dormitory.

In addition, this year the maternity capital could be directed at the expense of pension savings mother.

In 2013, to dispose of the parent capital can be just as well.

How to get maternity capital
Get funds for maternal capital only when the child reaches the age of three . The exception is the payment on the mortgage. In order to handle your money , you need to apply to the Department of Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of residence, and to submit the following documents :
  • certificate or its duplicate;
  • pension insurance certificate of the person in whose name the certificate;
  • passport or other identity document confirming the place of registration and the person in whose name the certificate;
  • if the representative acts: a document proving his identity and place of registration, a power of attorney.

In addition , you must submit documents ( certified copies ) , confirming what needs to be sent to the parent capital or part of the capital . In each case, a complete and accurate list of the required documents can be found in the pension fund . Within one month from the date of filing the staff pension fund is verified the authenticity of the documents and the decision to pay ( or refusal to pay ) the amount claimed . PF decision issued in writing.

If necessary to cash the person who submitted an application to the Pension Fund, may cancel it and use the money for another purpose.

Non-standard situations
Unfortunately, it happens that for various reasons the child dies very early. In this case the parents do not lose their right to receive the amount of capital and the parent can use it after the expiration of 3 years from the date of birth of the child .

However, this does not apply to persons deprived of their parental rights. If the mother is deprived of parental rights , the parent capital can use the father of the child, on reaching the last 3 years . If both parents are deprived of their rights , the right to dispose of money guardian with the consent of the guardianship authorities . Since the age of 18, the remaining amount may dispose of the children themselves . Behind them is the right continues to perform his 23 years.