How to learn to save money?

Every person who receives money for their work at least once in your life wondering how to learn to save money . Also, many other known and regularity. Costs and requirements often grow faster than incomes and opportunities. For this reason, regular and long-awaited increase to the salary disappears in the bottomless family budget does not provide for a stabilizing effect , which could be expected from her .

All this comes from our wrong attitude to money, from the lack of ability to save them. The situation is aggravated by the fact that modern society promoted the cult of unbridled consumption. We skillfully imposed stereotypes, forcing to consume more of our real needs. Aggressive advertising we are forced to buy things without which we could well do without. So how do you not go on about marketing, how to save hard-earned money? This is what we want to tell in this article. Tip 1.Force yourself to save money.For this there is a very good reason. No income will not make you rich if your expenses are to
meet them. Not very reasonable to hope that if today you can not handle your money, you will begin to get it right as soon as you will have a lot of money. Believe me, this does not happen. All the rich people earn their status by their work they were very economical. Read the history of Rockefeller and you will find in it a lot of interesting things. If his story will seem far removed from contemporary reality, here's another example - Warren Buffett - who is consistently in the top five richest people in the world. Its basic principle is to save and invest. Therefore, take the decision for yourself and start saving now. Remember that saving - it means paying yourself.
Tip 2.Keep a personal budget.Write down all of your expenses and income. Do it in any form convenient for you in a notebook, in the table Excel, in a special computer program. Look online class program "Home Bookkeeping", for personal finance. In addition to direct income and expenses These programs provide a variety of reports and graphs that clearly reflect the dynamics of your articles funds. All this will allow you to see something from which you can actually refuse, on what can save costs and from which you can not leave. Truly we need very few things. In all other cases, we find a thousand reasons to justify our spending to himself.

Tip 3.Pay off debt.It will be very difficult to save, if you need to pay monthly interest on the loan with high interest rates . Situations in life and credits can be different, but consumer loans currently existing interest rates to take unreasonable. It is better to tighten their belts and to collect the necessary sum for several months and buy the desired item , than to overpay for it Bastard amount taking into account payments on the loan.

Tip 4.Use discount cards.Give preference to those vendors who have written you a discount card , or simply provide good discounts . If the card is not registered , you can while shopping share them with your friends , neighbors or colleagues at work . Let's say today you have shared with the neighbor 's card store with clothes , and tomorrow you needed to get something from home appliances and your neighbor was just proved necessary discount card . Thus substantial savings can be achieved .

Tip 5.Get rid of bad habits.If you will faithfully carry home accounting , as recommended in the Council 2 , then very soon you will be able to notice any significant part of the cost of smoking take and purchase alcoholic beverages. Avoid these habits and you'll not only save money , but also time, and can also improve your health .

Tip 6.Pay your bills on time.All prescription you need to pay bills on time, if they are expected to pay up to a specific date , after which comes the accrual of fines and penalties . Timely payment of bills will save you from these unnecessary additional costs .
How to learn to save money?
Tip 7.Use less.When you wash your hair, try to put it half the amount of shampoo you normally use. The hair at the same time so well cleaned up? Wonderful! So why spend more and more likely to buy shampoo, toothpaste, soap, powder, shaving foam and other household goods. Saving them ozhet become very significant. Plus, learn how to economize water, gas and Energy consumption. Replace these counters. Do not leave your electrical equipment on standby permanently connected to an outlet, as in this case, it continues to consume some power.

Tip 8.Make bulk purchases.Sellers are always more profitable one major customer, ten small . Therefore, products and goods which do not spoil you can buy in large quantities once a month , or even a quarter , while insisting on substantial discounts . Of course, in stores and discount supermarkets nobody will give you , but the market is likely .

Tip 9.Do not make impulsive purchases.Imulsivnye buying up a significant portion of the cost and they can and must be fought. This can be done in various ways. You can go to the store and purchase goods already on the list of pre-cooked and plan. Temptations and the temptation to buy something unnecessary in this case would be virtually nullified. If you succumb to the temptation to impulse buy some expensive thing, but still doubt its necessity, take time out for a day or two. This will allow you more time for reflection, to compare the prices that are offered for it and other sellers make an informed decision.

Tip 10.Get a score of 10 percent.Open a bank deposit account to which you will be charged interest on a monthly basis and make it 10% of the income of Svoge . Ten percent of this is some optimum value , which does not have a significant impact on your budget , but is capable of in the long run help you save you a substantial amount.

This article considered only the basic tips on how to save money . Maybe once you do not get to follow all these tips . But you have the desire to save money to turn in their subconscious habit , and then maybe the world gained another rich man in your face.