How and where to invest money?

Investments are important for various reasons. First of all funds deposited in cash is not advisable , as is their depreciation due to inflation . In addition , investments often give much more income than a simple savings . If you have free funds that you wish you invest , you need to analyze a number of factors before deciding where to invest money right now .

Investments may be short-term with maturities of up to one year and long-term , with a maturity investments in the assets of one year . Where it is possible to invest money ? Let's look at the order of the most popular forms of assets.
Deposits in banks.The most popular and known all the way investment. It will provide you with almost complete preservation of assets with the correct selection of the bank , but to invest money in them you will most likely not happen . Interest rates on deposits are now almost at the level of inflation for deposits in rubles and below the level of foreign currency deposits . But in any case, the decision will be much
better than just store money at home .

Real Estate.The time of rapid growth in property prices has passed and a significant profit by investing in the rights of equity money into apartments to be built , and then into the availability, selling it is much more expensive , it has not come out . Now you can get a good return on investment in real estate, renting it out . One or two apartments in the city can bring the monthly amount exceeding the average wage in the country.Mutual funds (PIFs).Also very popular way of where to invest money profitably. Represents trust funds of depositors management company in order to increase the fund's assets, and thus ensure income for its shareholders. Panic at the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008 caused an outflow of funds from mutual funds that undermined the work of even large funds and discredited the opinion of the population about the mutual funds, creating the impression of them as an ordinary variety of financial pyramids. It should be noted that this opinion is erroneous vema. In conditions of economic stability mutual funds is a good tool for investment, providing sufficient yield with minimal investor.

Stock market.Or, as it is also called the stock market, represented by shares of various companies, bonds and their derivatives. Like the rest of the civilized world is regulated at the state level, and you can not get access to the stock market directly. All activities on it, you can only take a chosen broker who will charge you a certain amount of brokerage services, but can provide assistance and support in carrying out operations. The potential for earnings in the stock market is huge, but it requires more knowledge of the investor and his direct participation in all processes.

The foreign exchange market Forex.Legally this market in our country is not regulated. Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners to invest both directly and in its various derivatives, such as popular lately PAMM or offer to sell successfully trading robots. In addition, the absence of legislation creates favorable conditions for the activity of various kinds of scams that take advantage of this and various complex schemes simply appropriated the money invested, often without even trading on the market, but simply giving the appearance of trading. Such structures are usually brokerage circles called "kitchen". For successful self-investment in the Forex market you need to have a large store of knowledge for economic analysis of the trends and behavior of exchange have outstanding moral standing to cut the psychological component in the trade, which falls under the influence of even the most experienced traders.

How and where to invest money?Investments in precious metals.The dynamics of growth of prices for precious metals has always differed consistently in the form of stable growth. At some point the cost, of course, falls, but then wins back lost ground and rushes up. Under investments in precious metals, we certainly do not mean the acquisition of finished jewelry, the value of which you will have to pay for the design and brand amounts that to you when selling to return. To invest money in gold, silver and other precious metals can only acquiring them in the form of coins, ingots, or unallocated metal accounts. Coins and bars are not very advantageous in that their sales price includes VAT of 18%, and bank margins, which are lost during a subsequent sale. Therefore, were introduced special unallocated metal accounts for popular precious metals (gold, seresbro, platinum and palladium), get rid of VAT, as in fact you do not buy gold or silver from the bank can not stand, but simply open a special account, the amount of which is converted into a mass of precious metal chosen. But this bill is another downside. If you have problems at the bank, you are more likely to lose their money.

To invest in the business.Advantageously it can be done only if you are well versed in it and clearly understand its potential prospects based on current market conditions . Otherwise, you can become a sponsor of simple experiments to promote high-risk products on the market unprepared for them .

Invest in yourself.When considering where to invest profitably, why then everybody forgets about the investment itself. And in vain! Loss of funds in this version is completely excluded. On the other hand, investment in yourself can howl quite profitable in the future. Additional education in the field of popular specialties, the study of foreign languages, specialized courses are recognized with the awarding of certificates you can open up new perspectives in life and significantly raise your "value" as an employee in the eyes of potential employers.

You should be aware that if your goal is a significant profit in the short term , in your investment should prevail high-risk investments , as only they can provide you the maximum yield in a short time . But this does not mean that you should blindly place their funds in some dubious assets. This is a direct way to lose money. You should carefully examine all the information , to observe the trend in assets , to try to learn how to predict and only then invest in them.

From all the above it can be concluded that there is some magical ways of investing that will provide you the maximum return with minimum risk. Investing is the same work as all other kinds of human activity and to obtain high results requires considerable effort. If you do not want to delve into a new area of ​​activity for you, or are afraid to take risks, you have to be limited to low-income. Invest in what well understand, and it will prevent the loss of your money on ill-conceived investments.