How and where to make money on the Internet?

Internet has already become for some people, especially the source of information and a place where you can have fun and socialize with their friends and other primary or secondary means of earning money. How to make money on the Internet, and why some people it turns out so well that they make it a major source of their income, while others, after several unsuccessful attempts to re forced to seek work in an offline, getting a job, as they say on the Internet, "Uncle"? To all these questions we will answer as soon as possible in more detail in this article.

Work on the Internet has the following undeniable advantages:
  1. Flexible schedule.Working with veti internet, you are absolutely not tied to time , unless of course , for some reason, you do not need a job to execute immediately , within a few hours . You can perform equally well work in the morning and evening , or even at night , if you want to spend the day time to solve some other problems.
  2. No territorial attachment.Work on the Internet in truth has no
    boundaries. You can work anywhere in the world and any country in the world. The only thing that can prevent - a knowledge of the languages ​​, but this problem can be solved by the hired personnel if desired.
  3. The minimum cost to get started. In most cases, all you need to make money online is a table, a chair and a computer connected to the Internet . Since many novice manimaykery ( so called people to earn online ) begin to work at home, vema desirable that all together you were in a home isolated from the hustle and bustle of the room.
  4. Comfortable working conditions.Press the button on the keyboard with one hand much better working conditions than , for instance unloading wagons frosty winter morning , and on the other hand they are not comparable . To work successfully in sei internet especially important perseverance, perseverance, ingenuity , discipline , determination , the ability to think outside the box .
  5. There is no upper limit for earnings.It is legally on the Internet you can earn a few rubles to several million rubles a month. It all depends on you and on the presence of the necessary qualities. Corporate ladder you are doing for yourself , and do not wait for the moment when your boss will notice your services and allow to set foot on the next step .

Also, it is not devoid of disadvantages:
  1. Self-discipline.On the Internet a lot of distractions.
  2. Fraud.There are many people who enjoy increased anonymity offered by the Internet for improper purposes , earning money on deception or outright blackmail users. Despite the fact that it often is illegal , before the real punishment brought only a handful of cases. Therefore , for a long time can encounter in implementing networks with unscrupulous , do not perform paid services and various kinds of scams , inventing new ways of cheating enrichment.
  3. Lack of live communication.Browsing the Internet, people, and most often it is the young man 19-25 years closed on themselves , on their work . All he sees is talking to whom - it nicknames forums, blogs , or social networks rather than real people around him .
  4. Outward appearance.No need to leave the house leads to the fact that Moneymaker no longer look after themselves . Do not shave , rarely wash, dress untidy clothes. Anticipating the righteous anger of some representatives of the "profession" just say, that it certainly is not talking about you. You are an exception to the golden rule , always clean-shaven , combed and dressed in a strict business suit .
  5. Health.Sedentary , sedentary lifestyle multiplied by irregular , often fastfudopodobnom drive power at least to the increased weight. And as you know , overweight is only the first call, which can be followed for a much more serious health problems .

If the deficiencies are not scared you and you still want to know how to make money online, then offer you a brief overview of the currently popular ways to make money.

How to make money on the internet file storage.
Complexity: Below average.
This method will be available, even a schoolboy. It is that you sign up for an affiliate program file-sharing sites. They are placed on various files of interest to users and receive money at a time when a user downloads your file completely. The more users will download your files, the more commission you will receive. One thousand of downloads, depending on the country can be estimated from 1 to 25 dollars. Since files are often distributed in violation of copyright, such sites are periodically closed and opened new ones. For long-term prospects of such earnings is not suitable.

How and where to make money on the Internet?
Earnings on the Internet at Rera, copywriting.
Complexity: Average.
All you need is a computer, the Internet and knowledge of Russian grammar at school, your writing did not look like an essay Losers on the free theme. Especially this is followed in different exchanges content. Content - is the information on the page in the Internet often in text form. As the content can also serve a variety of images and videos. Rewrite - it is a way of writing articles as the basis of a text someone else's article and on the basis of his own words or using synonyms written a modified version of the article. Copyright - when an article is written entirely "from scratch". Earn a lot in writing articles you will most likely not happen, as it is quite time consuming and tedious task, especially when have to write an article on an unfamiliar topic. If you happen to write three articles a day, a month, you can earn 9-12 thousand.

How to make money on the intenet trade links(Sapa, trastlink and similar exchanges).
Complexity: Above average.
Three or four years ago, Sapa could really make money online any newcomer, having minimal programming skills to create multiple sites, so-called "nulevok." Such sites were a svezhezaregistrirovannye domains, which created hundreds of pages with different content, which subsequently do make in the stock market and trading links automatically. Since these sites were not indicators of TIC (thematic citation index) and PR (Page Rank), and they called my best. On these sites you can earn from thirty thousand or more per month, without any special effort.
Since these sites are of no value to the user , and have been created solely for the purpose of earning , then the search engines have begun to actively deal with similar sites in different ways and have achieved some success in this . Now on such sites is almost impossible to earn , and do exchanges increased their requirements for the quality of decision- sites . Preference is given to sites with TIC and PR, of which you , as a beginner, probably will not.

Sale of eternal links and articles.
Complexity: High.
It was the next step in the development of trade links. For exchanges, Togra eternal links and articles are needed above all indicators site in the form of TIC, PR, website age, his presence in authoritative directories DMOZ and Yak (Yandex catalog). This way of earning more time-consuming, as you need to manually write descriptions and links to texts, but in the same time more profitable and secure for trading site also allows you to earn real money on the Internet. Fighting the search engines, especially Yandex, with sites nulevik led to the fact that its victims were normal sites, made for men, but still do not have sufficient performance. When trading eternal exile chance to get under the different penalties from the search engines is much lower than when trading links automatically through Sapa, or trastlink.

Seo promotion of client sites.
Complexity: High.
As you know most of search engine users are paying the most attention to the first three places in the search results . In these places , and there is a constant competition with the use of different methods of promotion. Especially " hot " in the expensive commercial subjects, for a place in which there is a real battle , especially financial.
If you can convince some company with a site, you will be able to promote the website in the top three in all key issuing request, entitled to financial rewards of their work. Some companies provide staff units to promote the site , or even whole departments , if the work requests , and keywords for promotion are many.

How and where to make money on the Internet?
Earnings on the Internet on contextual advertising.
Complexity: High.
Contextual advertising - it's text or image ads are less that are shown to visitors of your site . If the user is interested in any announcement and go through it , you will be credited with a commission. To make good money on contextual advertising is necessary to have sites with high traffic and, preferably, in the commercial category . There are cases when people are online a lot , but the themes of non-profit site and therefore the income is not high .

Arbitration CPA Marketing.
Complexity: Very high.
Under the arbitration on the Internet usually means buying something in one place or at one price and resell them elsewhere at a higher price . The difference between the prices will correspond to your bottom line. Speaking of arbitration as a source zaraboka the Internet are usually due to traffic , that is, users buy in one place and sell them in another . Users themselves , you , of course, do not buy , but simply show them the right advertising, that is, on the role of the customer content .
The complexity of this type of income is that it requires significant financial investments that can be spent " zero " for a couple of days . Before you learn the way of earnings you can not once izraskhodovat your budget .

Cybersquatting, resale sites.
Complexity: High.
Cybersquatting and resale sites in our view are a bit adventurous pursuits, though, and are directly related to how to make money through the Internet. Compound words called cybersquatting purchase, or the interception of expiring domains with a view to their subsequent resale. Resale sites may consist in the net sale of the site or purchase of sites for sale, that is, some kind of arbitration. Earnings from cybersquatters and peredprodavtsov sites can be quite large if lucky enough. Often, a successful deal that will block all failing prior periods, to have to wait for years. Therefore, this type of network activity can be practiced only in addition to the main work.

Earnings on banners.
Complexity: High.
As in earnings with contextual advertising you need a visited site, preferably in a commercial niche, in which there are interested in placing banner advertisers. With this site, you can either wait until you turn the advertisers themselves (such cases happen), or take the initiative to make your site miniprezentatsiyu in which to talk briefly about the site, its attendance, the target audience and other characteristics, to determine the cost of accommodation and promise discount in case of long-term advertising. The presentation to send to the advertising department of potential advertisers. For example, if you have visited the site for tourism and travel, its audience may be of interest to manufacturers of GPS-navigators, and which you can send out a proposal for advertising. The amount of money on banners will depend on the attendance of a site, its subject, and other factors.

Sale of treasury services or goods.
Complexity: Above average.
If you have some popular specialties and can provide , for example , consulting services, you can organize the provision of such services through the Internet , significantly broaden the range of your potential customers. In order to establish itself may begin with a free consultation and then, when the authority to pass to earn a fee.
By this method, earnings can be attributed to a variety of online retailers , which can be as a complement to your offline store, and self- organization. In the latter case, you will need to take care of the opening of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur registration on behalf of which will operate the store.

Earnings in the Forex market.
Complexity: Very high.
If the previous methods to make money online to authors of this article are quite familiar, and all that is described here was tested by us personally, then forex, we almost did not work and explain why below.
You've heard that in the forex market, or how it can be called by other foreign exchange market, spinning a lot of money. This is true, but to get there the common man is very difficult, as the main momentum there doing big international banks and they are major players on it. If you choose a broker offers you to go up for auction with a 100-200 dollars on deposit, it is pure deception from the outset. In the auction, you will participate, and your money will spin only at the very broker, then you draw graphs with visibility of trade in which you will see that a fully "drained" your deposit. Such brokers called the "kitchen". In order to participate in the actual bidding, you do not have to succumb to the tempting conditions brokerage firms, which have to do with our people. It is better to enter into a contract with any major Western broker, only need to take into account that the minimum amount to be placed on the deposit in this case will be from 25 thousand. Dollars.
In addition, you need to learn a lot of specialized literature on economic theory and analysis of forex trading . The activity of any trader in the forex market inevitably involves both profitable and loss-making operations. The main thing that profitable prevailed over a loss , then we can talk about the success of trading.

There are also other ways of how to make a little money on the Internet, such as reading emails , entering a secret code images ( captchas ) , clicks on the link above , and others. Because a lot of money on this is not to make money online , we will not dwell on them in detail .

Why do not many people get to earn on the Internet ? Because they are not serious about this type of work. I would especially like to emphasize the word work. Work on the Internet is the same as everyone else , and often require even greater impact strength, time , perseverance and skill as any other human activity . Many also formed a misconception that the internet can earn without doing anything.

At the end of the long article I would like to warn against a variety of attractive offers to make the Internet a lot of money doing almost nothing. All this hype and believing the promises are not likely to earn you and for you. Where good, there will not name. Imagine yourself in the place of the proposed methodology man. Would you sell it for $ 100, if it allows you to earn more so even without doing anything? No sane person to do that would not. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to make money online is to sound like work, work and work again.