How to care for the car?

To your car has never let you at the most inopportune moments and always looked great for him to take care and follow some simple rules of operation and maintenance . What are these rules ? Many people have heard the expression " machine love kindness , cleanliness and lubrication ." Lusk in this context means caring attitude , cleanliness regular washing and cleaning , and lubricated at all the issues should not arise .

Consider all the components of the care and detail to answer the question of how to take care of the machine.Wheels and tires.
Wheels should be checked periodically to carry out balancing and imbalance. If recommended by the manufacturer, it is necessary to swap the wheels for a more uniform they wear. Stamped Steel wheels should be cleaned and tint as the appearance of rust on them. Cast aluminum wheels podkrashivayutsya varnish if damaged protective coating. The tires must for safety movement should match the season. In summer, the machine must go on summer tires and winter at the winter.
Winter tires are selected according to the prevailing weather conditions in the region in which the vehicle is operated. If a significant part of thaw and the asphalt is most often observed mud, sleet, or even dry asphalt, it is best to buy non-studded winter tires, because in these conditions the spikes wear out quickly and cease to perform its functions. If frost is often present, it should give preference to studded tires.
Tyre pressure.
Once a week, you need to check the air pressure in the tires and pump up if necessary they. The operating instructions for your machine, you can find the recommended pressure. This may differ depending on the vehicle load. Insufficient pressure results in additional fuel consumption, increased wear of transmission parts, deterioration accelerating dynamics and accelerated tire wear. It is enough to drive a flat tire 1-2 km and it can come into complete disrepair from the destroyed cord inside the tire. Excessive pressure will reduce the ride on uneven surfaces and increased stopping distance, especially on slippery winter roads.
Washing and cleaning of the vehicle.
To prolong the life of the paint machine should be regularly washed. How to do it you can read in our article. In addition, you need to regularly clean the interior of the car. Plus, in the winter, when the road surface is treated with various reagents is recommended to remove them from the body sinks under pressure, as they are very aggressive. High pressure cleaners will clean the car in tight spaces, such as the underbody and wheel arches. It is also important to keep the engine compartment clean. Dirty engine and the radiator is not only aesthetically pleasing look, but can lead to violations of the thermal regime of the engine, which will result in overheating and subsequent costly repairs.
How to care for the car?
Replacing the engine oil.
Engine oil should be changed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. If you use the vehicle mainly for city driving with frequent starting and short runs, it is desirable to change the oil for a few thousand kilometers before. The viscosity of the oil used must comply with the season. In the cold congealed oil low humidity can lead to oil starvation during engine start-up. In hot weather, low viscosity oil will not retain an oil film on the lubricated surfaces, as a result they will experience increased wear.
Spark plug.
They recommend a change in the mean time 30,000 km . But we have a very bad gasoline , especially for high-tech engines, which leaves a lot of deposits during combustion , resulting in the candle stops working properly. Therefore, most likely you will have to change them more often.
Daily inspection.
Before every ride is recommended to open the hood and check the engine oil level, coolant and brake fluids. The coolant level should be between the risk "min" and "max". Brake fluid must be kept at the level of high and constantly monitored. If necessary, add a liquid in a tank washer. In winter, you want to use for the washer fluid freezing. And the summer is better to use a special liquid cleaner for glass, as it is better to clear the insects from the windshield than plain water.
Chassis and transmission.
No lift to do with chassis and powertrain something quite difficult, so care for them is to periodic inspections for leaks and control of their work in the course of the vehicle.
Clean glass can using household chemicals , primarily glass cleaner like MisterMuskul . They are well cleans oil and grease film from the windows and do not leave streaks. In the event of the windscreen cracks and chips do not rush to change them . On modern cars , they pasted and their replacement requires highly skilled maintenance workers and accuracy . Visit repair shops auto glass repair shops . Maybe you can be limited to the local repair.
Storage battery.
Seasoned motorist joke that summer is put even a log. But in winter the battery will last you 4-5 years can bring you at the most inopportune moment. It is winter in the battery falls increased load , and it must give a sufficient amount of current to run the starter motor. Therefore it is better to replace previously served its power source .
Air Conditioning System.
At each service, if your car is equipped with cabin air filters, replace it. Over time, the air conditioner evaporator appear colonies of bacteria, resulting in the first minutes of the duct work is unpleasant smell. To remove it, you need to clean the evaporator, but it is quite expensive, as it requires significant disassembly of the cabin to access it. You can try to get rid of the odor special tools to apply them in accordance with instructions for use. The success of these drugs depends on the degree of clogging of the evaporator and from this how efficient cabin filter protects the item from the penetration of lint and other debris from the street.

If the engine of your car is equipped with the timing belt , it must be changed every 60 thousand . Km . Unexpected interruption of the belt always results in damage to the engine and subsequent costly repairs .

Any advertised treatments like nitrogen tire inflation , washing nozzles , use detergent motor oil is not recommended . At best, it will turn back to you wasted money , and at worst can lead to malfunctions and trouble on the road.
Instead, if you have something does not suit in your car must pass a professional diagnosis and replace all the identified defective parts to the original.

Modern machines are reliable enough for the first 7-10 years of use , provided that you properly care for your car. By following the above tips you will be ready at any minute car trip , providing driver and passengers safe transport .