How to take the car in the cabin?

Having a new car in the showroom, for which paid a considerable sum of money to anybody, of course, do not want to get a car already visited small repairs. And this happens not so rarely. Cars may be damaged during transport, on arrival at the car carrier and Congress with him, during storage in the open parking lot of a car dealer in adverse weather conditions. According to statistics, every tenth car in the showroom has at least one item is repainted. How to make a new car in the cabin to protect yourself from any unpleasant surprises in the future?

At various car forums you can find instructions on accepting a car in a checklist consisting of multiple items. There are big doubts that someone they should, since a similar check will need to spend 2-3 hours for which your manager will have time to thoroughly nervous. Moreover, some buyers believe the latter (Beating nerves) must-see destination receiving machine. It is clear that you are making an expensive purchase, but it's not a reason to turn normal hu
man relationships in the consumer selfishness and harm. Be vzaimovezhlivy and imagine yourself in the place of your manager. In the end he was just hired by the employer the person doing the work. Let's go back to how to take the car in the cabin. In the instructions found on the Internet a lot of time devoted to operations to verify the performance of various systems of the car. In our view this is superfluous. You get a car with a warranty and if any problem occurs in the process of operation you fix them for free. Instead, you should check out the following.
  1. Ask when it was carried out pre-sale preparation and that it involves. Usually it is the car wash and interior Checking and topping up when necessary fluids and control systems control the vehicle . About her conduct must put a mark in the service book of your vehicle.
  2. Check the identification number of the VIN on the car body to the one entered in the passport technical means ( TCP) , as well as the accuracy of the statements of the rooms in the contract of sale of the vehicle. Number and date of the contract must also be correctly entered in the TCP car. All these data can be checked already directly before signing the act of acceptance and transfer , issuing a pre- VIN of your vehicle during its inspection. This saves you from the hassle when setting the vehicle registration.
  3. Check in Russian literature to your car . Typically, it is stored in his glove compartment and includes a service book , manual and guide to the radio or radio navigation system , if it is present in the configuration of your car. Some manufacturers encode car theft has occurred and if the battery is disconnected , you will need to enter a special code to the device working again . Be sure to ask the manager about this code.
  4. Visually inspect your vehicle. To do this, you must provide the vehicle in a clean and dry in a well -lit area. Consider it behind closed doors on all sides at different angles . Even the most minor dents are clearly visible in this perspective . Pay attention to the uniformity of the gaps between the body elements and the coincidence of their planes. If you have any doubts , then compare with other cars of this brand in the showroom . Perhaps this is the norm for them .
    Open the door to alternately pay attention to their edges . Most often, they get damaged , especially the driver's door . Note the rapids. If the machine has long stood in the showroom as a demonstration , the thresholds could scratch the potential buyers when getting into a car or out of it.
  5. If your vehicle is equipped with cast aluminum wheels , is also closely examine them . Carry out a hand over the limb to detect any damage to be unobtrusive at that side of the disc which faces towards the ground. It is rare , but there are representatives of the new auto wheels take yourself , and instead put the already used ones.
  6. Check the tire pressure.
  7. Open the hood and check the availability of the spare wheel and the minimum necessary set of tools in the form of an onboard jack , canister wrench , towing eye and combination screwdriver. On vehicles with alloy wheels and the wire puller wheel bolt caps and adapter for loosening the bolt locking wheels.
  8. Visually inspect the interior for scratches on plastic parts . Pay special attention to the various glossy surface on which they will be most noticeable . Inspect the seat upholstery . It should not be damaged , or the castles of puffs on his trousers .
    How to take the car in the cabin?
  9. Rate overall packaging of your car and its relevant contractual obligations.
  10. Test the functions necessary for the trip . To do this, start the engine and check the direction indicators , brake lights , running lights in the form of a beam, when foul weather job blowing glass and wiper . Ask how much fuel is filled into the tank. Typically, pour very little and you will need to refuel at the nearest gas station .

After that, if all goes to sign the act of reception and transmission, and get behind the wheel of your new car. If found some shortcomings, even very important in your opinion, do not start immediately to find out the relationship with the dealer and request a new car. Instead, ask what you can compensate for auto defects noticed. You may be able to do some interesting offer in the form of several free technical support, discounts at him, or arrange for the installation of additional equipment. If you come to an agreement, then enter your comments in the note to the act to receive, transmit and receive a copy of one of his arms with the seal and signature of the representative of the dealership. After that you can get behind the wheel of his car and hit the road.