How to wash your car?

Regular cleaning of your car it will provide a beautiful appearance , prolong the life of the paintwork and save your time in future washes . If you wash the car very rarely , this process will take much longer , and also increases the risk of damage to the paint that will lead to rust .

Most modern cars except paint directly coated with a layer of lacquer, which is becoming the main protective cover. But lately, automakers are forced to use more eco-friendly paints and varnishes, which are more sensitive to mechanical damage and chemical attack. On these lacquers and paints very quickly there are numerous scratches and mechanical damage if you wash your car and take care of it properly. So how to wash your car? Doing this is not difficult. It is only necessary to observe the following guidelines:
  • Never wipe the dust on the body with a dry cloth: Tiny particles of dust and sand on the surface of the lacquer left numerous scratches.
  • Never wash your car in the sun: Cold water entering the heated iron on the b
    ody, can lead to the appearance of micro-cracks , which accelerate the destruction of the paint . In addition, water droplets on the sun represent a microlens concentrating ultraviolet rays destroying paints and varnishes .
  • Do not forget to wash the windows and close the sunroof in the car.
  • Before you wash your car,rinse with a hose body.
  • If you have such an opportunity, alwaysWash your car with a hosewith a small shower.
  • To wash the bodyUse cold or lukewarm water.
  • Use a spongeOr a soft cloth for cleaning (for this purpose and fit the old towels, T-shirts).
  • To avoid scratching a web in the washing processfollows the contours of the surfaceAnd do not make a circular motion . Rinse the cloth as often as possible to crush with her ​​stuffed dirt and sand . The sponge can be periodically rotate , alternating surface paint on . Do not use excessive force , you can scratch and damage the paint.
  • To wipe dry areas of the body after a car wash, you can use a small towel, or better yet, a special cloth of carMicrofiberThat does not leave streaks on the body. How to wash your car?
  • Use a special car shampooFor a more effective cleaning of the body. Besides better cleaning cars shampoos create foam which envelops the dirt particles , whereby they are easier to remove from the surface without damaging the paint. There are car shampoos with polish that the assurances of producers after washing left on the back of a protective layer of wax. Do not use body wash , household chemicals and powders, particularly since they are very aggressive and can damage the paint .
  • Useeco-friendly detergentsTo minimize environmental pollution.
  • AlwaysWash the car from top to bottom.
  • Do not forget the hard to reach placesIn which it collects dirt.
  • Clean the wheelof grime, you can use special chemicals that are sold in the automobile, and can use a toothbrush and soap.
  • After washing of the body it should be dry with, Without leaving streaks with a soft, absorbent wicking fabric.
  • After washing once in two weeks, treat the paint wax polish for the body.

Here , in fact, all the "secrets " gentle car wash , which will provide long your car beautiful appearance . Also every car owner knows that clean machine and travels differently. Faster , more pleasant and more comfortable. Suppose it is just a psychological effect , but the fact that it exists - it's a fact .