How to polish the car manually?

Net shining a car body with a deep gloss paint will always be a source of pride and admiration for his car owner to others. It will characterize the owner of this machine as a caring host who worry not only about the appearance of your car , but also about its safety. To help in that car owners are called special funds autochemistry called body polish , for many years represented in a huge range in the market.

If you want to paint your car keeps shine on newly released cars off the assembly line to paint was the most protected from the corrosive environment and you have a few hours of free time that could be devoted to polishing the car, but do not know where start , this article is just for you.Where to begin? Before polishing the car is necessary to wash and wipe dry . Do not polish the car in the sun and wind . If you get polish on rubber and plastic parts it needs to delete them without waiting for drying , since then scrub the dried wax will be very difficult .
The wax keeps posing on car paint protec
tion film , which adds luster paint , closes its pores and damage from dirt, water and rust. Also wax treated surface is wetted with water is much worse . Droplets of water on it to quickly roll , which will contribute to the rainy weather, lower body splashing mud. Even if you wash your car using car shampoo with wax , you are still desirable , at least twice a year to carry out manual polishing body .As polishing machine?
Apply a selected portion of the machine no larger than a small amount of polish 0,5h0,5m sponge came with polish. After drying rub the polish on the area of the body with a soft , lint-free cloth. For this purpose very well suited diapers . After processing one section go to the next . Do not leave polish not grated on large surfaces , as it can severely dry out and then it will be difficult to grind .
Do not apply excessive force when grinding and follow that onto the surface did not get dust and sand, as they are leaving a large scratch.
If you polish your hands for you to tediously can use a polishing machine with foam discs.
An additional advantage of polishing is to remove small bitumen stains from the surface of the body that are very noticeable on light colors.
How to polish the car manually?
Which polish to choose?
You can choose a painting polish on the market under the color of your car. Also pay attention to what kind of color is interested you polish . For example, there is a special polish for painting metallic type . Widely known is a manufacturer of various polishes TurtleWax, or as it is often referred to as a bug , because of the presence of her image on the banks of a polish.
What are the polishes?
There polishing with an abrasive , which are used to remove the small scratches from the surface by the removal of a layer of varnish. This operation is carried out only by special polishing machines as desired manually remove a layer of varnish is very hard . To create a protective coating on the paintwork and giving it shine apply non-abrasive polish . These can be applied as the polishing using the polishing machines, or manually.
As you can see in the process of polishing protective body there is nothing difficult. We just need to have some free time, patience and diligence. We guarantee that after its completion you will experience a great sense of pride and admiration as the appearance of your car , as well as his own work done.