As written an autobiography?

All people are different , but no one knows you better than you yourself - a familiar saying ? It becomes quite literal sense , when it comes to employment. Preparation of documents for the interview - the most common but not the only case where you may be required your autobiography. It is necessary for admission to the service , filing papers for admission to studies , the formulation of foreign visa and generally when the official and / or organization interested in your life or a specific period of her .

Autobiography differs from job, and the characteristics of the written surety , - first of all, the style of presentation of information . All the facts relating to your specific achievements and successes of employment , the employer can easily get out of your track record and / or other sources. But once your biography, written by you personally , can reflect life events in his personal interpretation to convey your attitude and look. A psychological profile of the applicant , as is known, no less im
portant than his professional qualifications .

What is the autobiography
Autobiography - a document that contains detailed information about the applicant, personally presented by him in writing. In fact , this is the biography of any person, which he shows in public. Therefore autobiography so often try to embellish to make the best possible impression.

On the one hand, this is a logical approach, because you are given the chance to show their best side, to show the most attractive side of his character, and a decent life events. This kind of self-presentation, the purpose of which is to increase their own chances of getting a good job. On the other hand, an autobiography - it is, the official paper, and it will be treated precisely in this capacity. Therefore, bias in the transmission of facts and / or selective feeding can work against you. Hence, in his autobiography, it is important to maintain a reasonable balance between the best and realistic.

In a sense, autobiography - a first contact with you, and the impression that you will be able to produce with it largely depends not only on the probability of obtaining the post, but also relevant to you supervisors and colleagues in the future. In this vein, an autobiography can be considered a kind of tool to create the desired image. Autobiography, written correctly, sensibly and with understanding these subtleties become your ally and help win a good reputation. But only if you can with it emotionally to win the reader.

In other words , the task of autobiography - show you in the best light , as a person that can be trusted and responsible job and that will be a valuable employee . Achieving this goal is not possible without the right approach , thoughtful from a psychological point of view. You will in indirect terms, hidden behind the statement of the objective facts , to convince the employer in your exclusivity and reliability .

Subtleties of writing autobiography
Autobiography of a resume in common is not only about the creation , but also the fact that both of these documents are not standardized , that is not written on the pattern. In fact , the pattern autobiography simply can not exist as there is no similar fates and a set of life events . Nevertheless, there are certain minimum information , which should provide each author 's own biography:
  • the name and surname of the author;
  • his date of birth and / or age;
  • place of birth and place of residence;
  • education, as basic and special, as well as advanced training;
  • Gainful employment, career growth, timing and causes of change jobs;
  • marital status and a summary of the immediate family (spouse, parents);
  • hobbies, sporting achievements, awards, etc.
It is important not only and not so much the presentation of this information , as its supply in the right way. Note that read your life story will be people that are configured quite critical , and until now they know almost nothing about you. So quality will form the autobiography of you the impression that you will want to make . However, this is not a reason to indulge in a lengthy discourse , and apply a style of speech and inappropriate verbal turnover .

Autobiography of writers and cultural figures, included in the story, are rich in language and full of his means of expression, so that they themselves are literary works. You must create all the same official document, and its style should be appropriate. Artistic images, figurative meaning of words and vocabulary spoken in his autobiography is not appropriate. But at the same time, you have the opportunity to demonstrate their competence, high level of literary language and a wide vocabulary. And this is a lot to produce favorable psychological portrait in front of the reader.

If you already had to be resume and write a biography of the first time , do not forget that the chronology of events in the presentation of these documents is diametrically opposed . Summary requires reverse order, ie first specify the most recent and current events , positions , achievements, and only after them - the educational institutions and the first steps of labor . Autobiography does not imply a similar inversion , and maintains a logical order of things : from birth to the present day.

Rules for writing an autobiography
Like other official documents should be written in an autobiography vertically oriented sheet of white paper in standard format A4. Try to accommodate all the text on one page and be sure to accompany his photo . She , in contrast to the portrait in the personal file , CV and / or passport , can be a little less formal : it is allowed smile, casual wear, in short, you can select a photo , which themselves like you.

You can write a biography in advance, print and enclose in a folder to other documents, but be prepared for the fact that during the interview you will be asked to write an autobiography by hand. So better to think through the content, so you can easily play it in the presence of an employee of the personnel department. We can not say that the requirement is found everywhere, rather it depends on the position you are applying for and the type of organization. But in many companies, it is because of you not only read the biography of the personnel manager, but also a psychologist, graphologist and a security officer. These people expect autobiography worthy competitor looks like this:
  1. On top of the middle row shows the name of the document: The Autobiography.
  2. Autobiography written in the first person singular.
  3. Immediately after the name indicates the date and place of birth of the author.
  4. This is followed by information on education, and in order of receipt , that is , starting from elementary school ( pre-school institutions may be omitted ) . It specifies the name of the institution , year of entry , year of graduation and the form of education, qualifications. Similarly, reports on higher education courses and trainings . Make sure the dates and topics of seminars and courses passed .
  5. Experience , if any, set out from the very first place , also indicating the start and end times , as well as the reasons for dismissal. This information is accompanied by a description of the terms of reference , the number of employees, career . It indicates the overall experience .
  6. Be sure, if any, reports on scientific works, publications and titles.
  7. This is followed by information on additional responsibilities and achievements . In particular, it states that the applicant has successfully acted as their leader while he stayed on vacation or on sick leave, and what results reached .
  8. If in addition to the work of the applicant has a hobby, something to talk about them, and mainly those who in some way related to the position he wants to take.
  9. Concise message about his personal life: marital status, number of children, occupation of the spouse.
  10. Additionally, there may be mentioned during a change of residence, military service and other information that the author deems important.
  11. Each thematic section's autobiography begins with a red line.
  12. After the last sentence is indented bottom and left to put the date of writing an autobiography (the number and the year written in digits, month - in words), and the right - the personal signature of the author.
An example of autobiography
In the absence of a standard template autobiography in its drafting can use this generic sample:


I Chukovskij Roots Ivanovich, was born April 15, 1970 in Dnipropetrovsk, in the family of employees.

In 1972 he moved with his parents to Kiev, where in 1977 went to the first class of school №15. After the end of 9th grade did not continue schooling and in 1985 enrolled at the Technical High School , from which he graduated with honors and a gold medal .

Since 1988 he studied at the Kiev National University of Taras Shevchenko , at the physico-mathematical faculty on specialty " Mathematics and Computer Science ." In 1993 he received a complete higher education in this specialty and qualification of a teacher of mathematics and computer science. All five years of study at the university was the head of the group involved in organizing recitals and sporting events , successfully defended the honor of the faculty at the Olympics .

Immediately after graduation began working at the National Technical University "KPI" , which served as an assistant of the department of physics. I worked in this capacity until 1999, then enrolled in the correspondence department of economic faculty of KNU . Shevchenko and in 2003 graduated with honors , receiving a degree in economics (BA ) .

From 2003 to 2013 he worked in a private company as a manager to work with clients . Leaving reason - impossibility of further career development within the enterprise . But over time I have gained valuable experience in working with people , conflict resolution and the conclusion of large contracts.


I am fond of athletics and winter sports, he has repeatedly won prizes at amateur competitions in Alpine skiing.

I like classical literature, take part in amateur theater productions, fond of fine art photography.

Currently residing at: Str.

29 January 2014 Signature

Autobiography is now part of the list of requirements of the majority of recruitment agencies and are increasingly requested by the personnel department of enterprises, so it is important to know the nuances of which it is made and be able to apply them in practice . Try as much as possible to present to the future employer , taking advantage of our tips . Good luck and new , expressive and positive points of the biography !