How to send a resume to the employer?

Well-written resume the applicant brings a large part of the success in getting the coveted job. The remaining part consists of other factors, one of which is the right delivery method chosen by the employer to resume. Information about the applicants, prepared in accordance with all the requirements of the employer, can never lie on a table a potential boss. Errors in sending a resume, can cause failure of the applicant to work. Consider the main ways of sending information about the applicant, as well as the pros and cons of each of the methods.

  1. Send resume via e-mail.This delivery method is good resume to the employer only if the job has indicated the possibility of sending e-mail. By sending an e-mail , you must follow all vacancies. A potential employer may ask the applicant to attach a cover letter , an example of work , letters of recommendation , a photograph . In addition, the text of the letter should be written in business style , do not contain the voice of liberties .
    Save time, as a candidate
    for the vacancy and a potential employer is the main advantage of using email to send the resume. The possibility that the letter did not reach the HR-manager - the main disadvantage of this method. A letter from the applicant to the position may be in the junk mail, or the employer simply will not notice the letter. Therefore, without fail, after sending an e-mail, you must call the manager and asked if he saw a resume in an e-mail box.
  2. Send resume by fax.This method is a fast and very convenient to both parties. The main advantage for both the employer and the applicant , when sending a resume by fax , is , as in the case of sending the document via e-mail , saving time . HR- manager will consider expeditiously resume of the applicant. If a positive decision , invites potential employee for an interview. Jobseeker , in turn, do not need to waste time and go directly to the employer . Leisure time he can spend searching for other jobs .
    However, there is a possibility that the summary does not fall into the hands of HR- manager. It is possible that the document will be delivered to the company. But there is a risk that it might get lost in the pile of other working papers. Furthermore, this risk increases if fax company only . In this case, the best solution is to remind myself HR- manager. In the situation , if for some reason , the summary will be lost , it is necessary to duplicate it .
  3. Transfer resume directly into the hands of HR-manager.Personal meeting with an employee of the company - a definite plus for the applicant for the vacancy . Firstly, the representative of the employer will be able to meet potential employee personally , if necessary, to ask questions . The applicant will be able to evaluate their potential for the vacant position .
    The main disadvantage of this method in choosing to send the resume is a waste of time for both parties. HR- manager , taking the time to negotiate with each applicant wishing to transfer your resume may not have time to do their essential work . In this situation, the applicant shall also be both temporary and financial costs , which are not a guarantee of a positive outcome.
  4. Send resume to resume using regular mail.If the applicant lives in another city , he may send your resume using the services of regular mail . Today this method is the slowest of all the above possibilities presented resume delivery . In addition , this method involves sending and certain costs of the envelope , stamps and so on . The advantage of sending a document by regular mail is the ability of the applicant , who is far from the employer to submit your resume for the vacancy.
There are other ways to send a resume to the employer.

The method of sending the employer resume normally indicates when placing job . However, if the method is not specified, the applicant can choose the one that is most convenient for him. If an employer is interested in the challenger , he will definitely consider it separately .

The golden rule when you send a resume to the employer is repeated reminders about yourself.