How to collect urine from newborn girl?

With the advent of a newborn in the house crumbs parents face both the joys and difficulties. Moms and dads first bathe my baby, decorating it in beautiful clothes, feed and walk. The first rays of the light of happiness all around at the time when his parents bestowed pipsqueak unearthly smile. However, periods of happiness are replaced by gaps and sincere despair, confusion and disorder. The reason can serve as a serious problem, such as colic, and ordinary specimen collection, for example, the collection of urine in the newborn baby. Young parents fall into despair now.

Of course, they can understand , because inexperienced moms and dads is a real event . How to collect a urine sample ? How to prepare your child for the procedure ? At what time do you need to process? What you need to analyze ? Let's look at all these issues in order.

How to prepare your child for the procedure?
Before you collect the urine, the baby must be washed. Newborn girls tempted in the direction from the genitals to the pope. Thi
s prevents the penetration of microbes from anus and vagina for further dissemination. Take your baby and gently place the baby on his arm. Wash meat under hot running water, using baby soap, then dry with a delicate skin baby diaper or towel. Be especially careful, because the sound of running water can cause the baby to urinate, and then you have to re-wash the baby and wait for the pipsqueak again wants the toilet. In addition to cleaning the baby nothing more needs to be done.

At what time you need to collect urine?
Pediatricians recommend collecting urine in the early morning , when the baby just woke up. In addition, all clinics take tests only in the morning , so difficult to consider other options . Gather the necessary midstream urine . That is why you should prepare a diaper or towel to collect the first urine .

What do I need to collect urine?
It all depends on how you are going to carry out this procedure . If you plan to collect the classical way , but you'll need a small plate . The modern method involves the use of a special one-time urine collecting device . In both cases , you need a container to pass a urine test to a clinic .

The methods of collecting urine from newborn girl
  1. The classic version.Collect urine at the girl is much more complicated than the boy . In the second case, it's simple: you must scald with boiling water container for urine collection , and then direct the child's penis into the container. With a girl a little more complicated . In order to accurately collect the analysis at baby , you need to prepare a pre- washed and scalded with boiling water a small saucer. The baby should be put on the back , and then put a bowl under her ass . To urination occurred as soon as possible stroke daughter on the tummy in a clockwise direction .

    After the urine gets into the bowl, gently pour it into a container for storing analysis and close the lid.

    Moms and dads to review!
    There are proven ways to help your newborn crumbs quickly give you an accurate result:
    • Try to give the baby the night as much as possible the water, if it is artificial feeding.
    • Just before you start to collect the analysis, his bare ass crumbs.
    • The sound of running water will also help your crumbs to the correct way.
  2. How to collect urine from newborn girl?
  3. The modern version.Today, Mom and Dad use a more modern way - is to use the urinal . Children's urinal - a special sterile container , made ​​of synthetic material , for example, cellophane , and for collecting urine of boys and girls . The device is equipped with an adhesive layer , which allows to fix the bag on the delicate skin crumbs .

    Before using the device , you need to prepare for the gathering analysis. To do this is to wash the crumbs , as mentioned above , and wash your hands thoroughly . Sterile - one of the most important conditions for obtaining reliable results. After that , you must make sure that the packaging and to the urinal , and the capacity to collect analyzes are at your fingertips .

    The bag must be removed from its packaging, and then remove the protective layer from the adhesive edge. Most often, the role of the protective layer plays a waxed paper. The device for the collection of accurate analyzes should be attached so that the urethral opening situated just above the urinal hole. For this reason, girls are glued to the edge of the sticky labia. After the baby will "make their case", carefully remove the adhesive from the edge of the skin remains. Do not be afraid that the device delivers baby discomfort, because the bag is specially designed for newborns. Then, carefully incise corner urinal and pour the contents into a prefab container for analysis. This procedure is completed. You can take back the analysis to the clinic.
A skilled and qualitative performance of urine collection crumbs newborn is very important. After all, it will avoid re-taking the tests. In addition, during the procedure performed correctly your baby will not feel the slightest degree of discomfort !