How to become a Mary Kay representative?

Mary Kay is a successful company operating in the market of cosmetic products for about 50 years . In the line of Mary Kay products provided high-quality cosmetics for the body , face and hands. The company helps modern women not only improve its appearance but also gives you the opportunity to earn. Doing business with the company Mary Kay you can , becoming its independent consultant .

How to become a representative of the company.
To become an official representative of the company, you must perform a number of the following conditions:
  1. Call the company Mary Kay.On the Web site specified number of single telephone line Mary Kay.
  2. Liaise with the beauty consultant.After a while , you will be contacted by a consultant beauty. It will be your personal trainer. Consultant will teach you the basics of the company's business , will hold master classes in the care of skin , body and hands , as well as help you successfully start your work with Mary Kay . Official representative of the company Mary Kay, where you
    can ask for advice and began work in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Khabarovsk.
  3. To conclude the sales contract with the company Mary Kay.To become an official representative of the company, you have to sign a contract with the company.
    • Bag representative;
    • educational literature of the company;
    • basic cosmetic products for workshops.
    After getting the starter pack you become the official representative of Mary Kay.
The main advantages of working Mary Kay representative.
  1. Support Mary Kay.After the conclusion of the contract of sale , your cooperation with Mary Kay does not stop . The company continuously supports its representatives , conducting master classes , offering to purchase goods at discounted prices. You can build your business , in parallel to get help from the company.
    How to become a Mary Kay representative?
  2. Flexible working hours.Becoming a representative of Mary Kay , do you plan to schedule your business day . You choose what time you want it to work, and to engage in any family. This point is especially important for young mothers who want to devote as much time to children and the family.
  3. Unlimited earnings.The amount of wages Representative Mary Kay depends entirely on the employee . When planning your every working day , you can organize workshops to attract new consultants, and organize your team . You decide how much work you can perform and how to work schedule .
  4. Self-confidence, the ability of implementation.Self-confidence and reliance representatives Mary Kay get as you progress in your career . You can build a career and get paid for it is not only monetary rewards , but also all sorts of bonuses from the company Mary Kay .
Who can become an official representative.
The official representative of the company Mary Kay can be:
  • young mother on maternity leave;
  • housewife, seeking the sphere of realization for themselves;
  • woman, just a retired and wish to have additional income;
  • student, ready to work and earn in their free time.
Representative Mary Kay can be any girl who strive to be successful and to have extra income . The consultant will be able to deal with themselves and their family, in parallel earning money and building a career . Mary Kay employee , working on a flexible schedule may not receive a salary lower than the worker in full working day. It all depends on the individual as a representative of Mary Kay , his aspirations and desires to make money and build a career with Mary Kay .