How to write a response to the job?

Search for a new job - this is a common , though not the most pleasant event in the life of every person , regardless of their professional qualifications. Workplace change more or less frequently and experienced professionals , experts and beginners . Each time the process is accompanied by a whole chain of actions , including searching for information ( from open sources and with the help of friends) , the consideration offered vacancies , matching "for" and "against" , the final choice and decision about changing jobs or positions .

And if upscale professionals often choose job , promising a promotion , increased profits or other improvement of working conditions and life in general , before candidates with no work experience ( students, graduates , novice master) task even attract the attention of the employer and to convince him of his professional suitability . And for this a little to find a good proposal , you need to be able to write a response to a published job that will distinguish you from the
competition and will get the coveted post.

Search vacancy and the response to it
Jobs, or the announcement of the employer's search for a new employee in the company can be obtained from a variety of sources. Today, the most popular of them - a specialized Internet sites used by both employers and job seekers. It is affordable and fairly extensive communication channel between the two sides of the labor market, are interested in each other. But not the only one. And in order to find a really good job, you need to provide themselves with the maximum amount of information about these opportunities. Therefore, pay attention and listen to several sources:
  1. Sites for Job Search- Crowded and full of resources , what are both pros and cons . On the one hand , there is indeed a lot of information , many employers , including large companies , placing ads on the search of personnel on such sites. On the other hand , a lot of useless information here , among which it is difficult to single out what you need . And the competition is rather big - in fact all applicants , even those for whom this is not the only source of information , try posting your resume .
  2. Friends and relatives- The old, tested and, not surprisingly, surest way to a new job. First, the really interesting proposal is not primarily spread among outsiders - Employers are people too, and do not want to help strangers. Secondly, they are interested in that place was really clever fellow, and it needs to be confident in his skills and ethical qualities. Finally, some companies adopted a system of so-called tacit continuity or "clan", and without the appropriate recommendations to get to them is almost impossible. Thus, managers are trying to protect yourself from hazards and create a strong team, united not only the employment contract.
  3. Corporate websitehave virtually everyone, especially serious, the enterprise. Often, information on current job openings placed in their special sections. This data source is suitable for those candidates who want to work in a particular company and are looking for an opportunity to become part of its team. But as a rule, this method is not very expeditious. Therefore, if you are employed but want to in the future to improve its position and / or get your dream job, regularly inquire on the page relevant companies: what they claimed was the employee is your skill.
  4. Ads in newspapers- Slightly outdated but still working communication channel . It can be as obschereklamnye publications and periodicals specifically about job search and employees. Like the ads on posters pedestals , they often contain an invitation for professionals working specialties and offers temporary work . But for those looking for just the unstable part time , it's a good chance of finding what you need .
Whatever the source of information not proved most productive in your particular case , the next step should be a signal to the employer in your interest . The best way to demonstrate your interest in the job - immediately create and send a reply . How to do it best? There are several sequential steps and their variations, the choice of which depends on the specific job and your capabilities :
  1. Even staying in a joyous frenzy of receipt of the proposal, keep a cool head and once again re-read the text of the announcement carefully, especially the part that deals with the employers' requirements. This saves you from unnecessary stress and unnecessary action, which is fraught with inappropriate handling of your qualifications work. Do not try to outsmart the hosts: you would not be able to perform those functions that do not make sense. On the other hand, if you are sure to quickly learn new skills, do not hesitate to declare it.
  2. Compare job requirements with their own resumes. Perhaps it will have to reformat some in order to build an optimal procedure for submission of information about you : to rearrange the data on your experience and skills , we must first employer , forward to the minor in this case properties.
  3. Depending on how you learned about the job, please send your response to the employer. If the ad was found on the site of employment, you can use immediately placed a special form of communication. It allows you to attach a document with your CV, provides a field for a small comment and send your message by e-mail of the personnel department of the company. Do not neglect to write in this field at least some symbolic words: greeting, expressions of interest and duplicate contacts.
  4. Some companies , employers restrict communication with candidates feedback form , but most directly indicate their position to Contact and email address , and phone . In this case , send the copy of your resume directly to ensure that it hits at and show your interest . It will not hurt to call the specified phone number and personally acquainted , reported sending a resume and ask when you can expect a response from the personnel department and / or an invitation for an interview.
  5. Personally, include your resume to the reception or the personnel department of the employer - the best option to declare themselves as interested, resolutely tuned to candidate positions . And make it a lot easier than it sounds : you know the name of the company , which would like to work , and thus to find out the address of the office is easy. Additional bonuses such a bold move may be a personal meeting with a potential head and an invitation for an interview on the spot , without delay and expectations.
In any case, when answering position, you must be prepared to demonstrate their uniqueness and competitive advantage over other candidates. And for this good all reasonable ways to show their personality. Professional competence, you will be able to demonstrate at the interview and / or probation, as long as is necessary to draw the attention of the employer is over. As has been said, never leave an empty box to the summary accompanying text. Please, there are only a few polite, intelligible, meaningful phrases, condusive to you emotionally.

Remember that "on the other side" your message read by a live person and his favor depends largely on the fate of your resume. Do not try to flatter the employer, or to exalt themselves in the accompanying text to retell the content of the summary. Your task - to show courtesy, but to preserve their dignity and impress confident, sober and competent man. And for that invented a lot psychologically tuned instruments, the main of which precedes the personal contact during the interview - this cover letter in response to an open position.

The covering letter to the summary
How to write a response to the job?The response to the open position in a cover letter attached to the summary , - is, in fact , a simplified version of your self . So you propose to take on your work and arguments motivate his desire . For the successful preparation on your part and supportive attitude on the part of the employer , taking on writing a letter to the personnel department , consider these recommendations:
  1. The cover letter should not be too large in volume: Try to contain it on one page, regardless of whether it is an electronic document printed text message or fax.
  2. Caption your message , do not hesitate evidence " cover letter ", " Applicant Information ", " Letter to the applicant ", etc. Employees of the personnel department on a daily basis deal with a lot of correspondence and documents , so making it easier for them to recognize the problem of the purpose of your letter , you are likely to accelerate the process of its consideration.
  3. Do not forget to greet your readers in a polite , but the official form. Then go to the point : briefly but succinctly , tell us about yourself and the benefits that can bring the enterprise , occupying a specific position . Unlike the resume is not limited to the dry language of submission of theses and text in the form of a list. In the letter you should manifest itself not only as a professional but also as a person , which soon may become part of the current team.
  4. However, avoid excessive emotionality and continuously adhere to the framework, restricting the official communication of strangers. Do not try to put pressure on pity or share intimate details of your personal life. It will not help you get a job, but rather the contrary, give rise to the employer's unwillingness to communicate with problem employees. But an indication of key life circumstances occurring in varying degrees of influence on the development of your personality and the construction of a previous career, will reveal your character and express the individual features.
  5. Representatives of creative professions ( artists, designers , photographers , journalists, writers , etc.) , be sure to demonstrate their abilities and work style . Attach to the letter from two to five samples (preferably disparate and / or directly on a suitable work required ) of his work . But do not overload your cover letter full portfolio. Just a link to a resource where it is represented throughout the volume of the employer , if desired, could get acquainted with the material.
In order to have your response to the position did not go unnoticed among a large number of other securities and similar responses, find ways to make it conspicuous. First of all this contributes to the headline: avoid lengthy and impersonal names like "Resume" or "Letter". Just imagine how many letters and resumes the company receives on a daily basis! And if it is simultaneously opened several jobs, then resume without specifying the positions at risk just to get lost or fall into the wrong department. So do not be lazy to specify the position, his name and initials. If you can prove that you - that the employee who is able to benefit the company and thus also is an adequate, positive mood and friendly person, then consider that the response to the position you have written is correct.