How not to be afraid to drive the car?

A friend of mine a few years dreamed of your own car. Guessing New Year's Eve, he hinted to her husband, enviously watched the outside of the machine model you want. And as long as cherished minicar has taken its place in the garage - I never sat behind the wheel. All questions are answered tersely: "I'm afraid of traffic police." Another young woman avoids even the passenger seat after miraculously survived a car accident. In short, the reasons for the fear of the car can be as much as necessary. And according to statistics, it exposed predominantly female. If you know the problem firsthand, get ready for the dedicated work over his phobia.

Understand that the question "How not to be afraid to drive?" - Only the second. The first should be: "What scares me is?". Danger to life and health (his and / or passengers)? A fine and a possible driving ban? Inability to navigate the busy city traffic? Just look at the face of your fear, you will find the right way to overcome it. Ideally this should be done with t
he help of a professional psychologist. But nothing prevents you to call for help on their own common sense and logic. And for the driver and passenger are the best helpers in the fight against phobias.

Fear of driving: who is to blame and what to do?
Can you believe it, your panic in front of the wheel - not a unique case. Any instructor in courses on driving can tell a dozen stories of these would-be disciples. Try to overcome your fear is led by an experienced instructor. Let it be not only the driver with the experience, but also a calm, wise man. The presence of a reliable professional help distract you from the frightening thoughts. It is important to see in practice that the car can and should be safe. With time and kilometers knurled you so addicted in the process of driving, that the fear does not even remember.

If driving courses are long gone , and the rights and gathering dust on a shelf at home , then the problem is likely to appear later. People who saw with their own eyes , or been in a car crash accident , it is not easy to go back behind the wheel . The main "medicine" for them would be the time. Subsidiary - willpower. This is the case when you need to reverse himself and literally crush the terrible memories . Accidents happen every day , they are not perfect - but life goes on and it is happening here and now .

Did you drive prevents banal uncertainty in the forces. This problem is more common than it might seem at first glance. Too often drivers with experience intentionally or unintentionally frighten and humiliate even beginners sharp criticism. How many times have we all heard outrage against women drivers ?! Men's self-confidence often leads wives, daughters, girlfriends and just motorists frightened foreign press in the chair. If you are afraid of such criticism - healthy dose will only indifference. Do not allow anyone to impose your extra facilities. The road - not the ring for competition. By following all the rules of traffic rules, you have every right to operate the machine as it is convenient to you.

Often, women are afraid to drive a car with a keen maternal instinct. If you care about the safety of the child and paralyze your driving skills - work on yourself is difficult. Fear for posterity - one of the strongest in human nature. Stronger than he can have only a desire to take care of the baby and meet their needs. And if so, appeal it to this feeling. Independently take your child to the grandmother or the district clinic. However, take a car ride out of town. The main thing - to install a child seat car and check door lock.

How to stop worrying and start to drive
From theory to understand - let's move on to the practice.

If you have not kept the steering wheel, brush up on the rules of the road. Repeat signs and markings . To not be afraid to drive in the city , start to leave early in the morning , while traffic on the roads has not strained . Think carefully about the route and follow it . Let this be a rather short path , but you will go through it the first time without help.

Returned safely home , go online and find forums with stories such as a coward like you. It is possible that the experience of others help you overcome your fear feeling of uniqueness . A problem shared is known to be reduced in proportion to the number of friends in misfortune .

Repeat yourself that none of the car aces are not born with the rights in the pocket . Even virtuoso Schumacher did not always know what the parties come to an iron horse. Give yourself the right to make mistakes . At least for the training. Compliance with the rules of the road - a guarantee of a clean conscience. All the rest , including confidence is sure to come to the driving experience .

Pull yourself together and start acting. Let a drop , but dispose of their phobia. Any fear is born in the mind and lives there , making it difficult to think , act and live happily . Do not be weaker than his fear. Confidence and patience - that means capable of make driving easier and more enjoyable . Shift into gear and start driving ! Bon voyage !