How to feel the dimensions of the machine?

Congestion machines modern cities makes high demands to the motorists . In addition, they must be very concentrated during the immediate driving in heavy city traffic , they also need to feel the most reliable cars of its size to maneuver in crowded streets and courtyards of cars , and be able to park in the limited space for parking vehicles.

Especially sharply this problem stands before the recent students of driving schools who received the cherished rights are accustomed to driving school car, but experiencing a genuine fear of the machine on which they will have to go on their own without an instructor. Even the smallest car in this case seems to present a limousine on their size, need only to sit down at his wheel .

But all this is easily avoidable for every man who set out to learn how to successfully operate the machine at all times.

In order not to feel a sense of fear and covered in sweat every time a parking maneuver or limited, use the helpful tips on how to feel the edges of the machine.

Driving instructor used for this exercise , specially designed to make it easier to feel the disciples dimensions of the machine . You may remember them from the time when training in a driving school took a little time. Only now you have to repeat them already own on the car, which will drive soon.

Exercises to adapt to the dimensions of the machine
  1. Feeling front and rear dimensions.Form bodies of modern cars is that in most cases the driver can not see any edge of the hood or the rear of the trunk lid. However, you should feel starts where the front bumper and rear ends. To help in this exercise may be a marker. For its production, you can use a plastic bottle partially filled with sand, which can be inserted in a small branch from a tree. The marker must be visible to you from the car as the front through the windshield, and back through the rear. Exercise is what you need to train and develop a sense of size, approaching the front and rear to the marker as close as possible without touching it.
  2. Simulation of driving in narrow spaces.It is also useful to overcome your fear and learn to pass in the seemingly narrow places. To do this, you need to have two markers installed at a distance slightly greater than the width of your car. After the equipment room to proceed with training exercises. Driving bottleneck forward course, keep in mind that the driver feels it is best to the other side of the machine, which is closer to him. According to her, and try to be guided during the journey. In developing the directions in reverse use the side mirrors in which you need to see clearly of the markers.
  3. Practice parallel parking.Parallel parking is often used. It assumes that your car should drive into the free space between two cars parked at the curb. For its mining you again need two markers, one of which will simulate vperedistoyaschego rear bumper of the car, the other the rear bumper of the car. Mark the curb line can be drawn with chalk or a small board. Train park performing both forward and reverse. You should feel much more amenable car parking is backing that will allow you to park in the pockets between cars that are only slightly greater than the length of your car. To better see the designated "border" and stop as close as possible next to him, lower down the side mirror. Some modern machines lateral tilt right mirror down automatically when reverse gear.
  4. Classes with an instructor.Find your city experienced instructor and spend a few practical lessons on maneuver necessarily on your car. A good instructor will show you no major mistakes and give valuable advice , which will come to a sense of the dimensions much faster.
  5. Proper planting.While driving plays an important role driving position. Try to adjust the seat under him, so that you feel it as comfortable as possible. I use all available for this adjustment: Remove the steering wheel, backrest, seat height. The angle of the backrest should be about 30 degrees, which allows the optimal distribution of weight around the chair. Do not place too much as the tilt angle, occupies the position recline, and too small when you sit almost vertically. If your machine is adjustable and the steering column, the change in their feelings and departure angle of the driver's main instrument.
Electronic assistants
Even drivers with more experience does not always feel good size of its vehicles. In these cases the helping various electronic assistants. First of all it praktroniki that beeps notify dangerous approach to obstacles in the way of the car. In recent years, more cars equipped with rear camera, and some machines and front view. Images from the cameras during the maneuver displayed multimedia system in the car. The effectiveness of the cameras compared with Parktronic much higher.

Most modern cars are equipped with parking autopilot, which provide active assistance to the driver when maneuvering in reverse. When they are used only driver presses the pedal and shift gears . The steering wheel is spinning itself , or rather it rotates the electric power in accordance with a given program .

But however sophisticated electronic assistants was not equipped your car , driving still remains the main driver . But he makes all the decisions and bear full responsibility for their actions. So , feel the dimensions of your machine you should definitely learn.