How economical housekeeping?

Economically, contrary to a popular saying, the people departed with a light hand of the notorious politician must not only and not so much the state's economy, as the personal economy of each individual and each family. This becomes particularly evident if you look at the terminology and to find out what the ancient Greeks invented in his time the word "economy" put into it two semantic components. Translated from the Greek, οἶκος - House and νόμος - law, that is, the economy - that is, in fact, the rules of farming. A home or a larger - now only depends on the circumstances. The principle remains the same: the resources, regardless of their amount, must be spent efficiently and economically speaking one word - effectively.

But current realities are making their adjustments to any theory, regardless of the justice and fundamental. And their mechanisms do not always work as intended, and sometimes do not work at all. For example, savings of almost no sense when all the accumulated inflation eats. Or spend
less money on the purchase of a thing in the long run turns unsatisfactory quality of this thing and entails only new spending, instead of the expected savings. In other words, life shows that we should not rely solely on clear rules and standards described in economics textbooks and reference books on housekeeping. Of far greater importance is the insight and experience to better than to whatsoever other navigate the waves of financial and economical housekeeping.

Terms in the household economies
Each of us at heart sure knows how to save and increase your capital. And even willing to give advice to friends / neighbors / colleagues, and simultaneously comments on the economic processes in the country is not worse than financiers and analysts. But when it comes down to it, that is, before the real life, there are many obstacles to the successful implementation of intelligent reasoning to life. That price increase, the delay of wages, then some unexpected expenses ... And here we are again, instead of saving to go into debt and expenses, promising ourselves and others, let alone the next time will definitely smarter and smarter! But let's better right now recall and analyze the rules that we are used to guide the conduct of personal and family budget. To ensure their usefulness. Or vice versa.
fixation of income and expensesfixation of income and expenses
  1. Fixation of income and expenses in writing.Drawing up a list of necessary purchases for the month ahead and reconciliation of expenditures with this list. Surely you have heard this advice from older relatives and childhood repeatedly watched dad or mom earlier this month, received a salary, sit for compiling the list, surrounded himself with checkered notebook, ledger, handles with red and blue ink and a pile of receipts utilities. Many more children since then shudder from the need to do something similar, and allowed keeping a household budget to chance. Others grew up, selflessly trying for some time to follow the example of the older generation, but later also refuse this lesson.
    In fact, make such lists - it expensive and time and strength. It brings some benefit if you stick to a disciplined and systematic records, and allows you to visually see what was, what to spend, when and how it happened. That is the information that is so hard to keep in mind, and then restore from memory. But the main thing in this mechanism - not a formal compilation of one or two lists, and the balancing of revenue and expenditure, ie the basic personal finance management. Time, patience and skill it is not all enough, so the recommendation is basically good, and is a waste of time, and eventually all is forgotten as unnecessary. But you can try to use modern computer programs have replaced ledger. Calculations are done automatically in, and the information is securely stored and conveniently displayed in tables and graphs.
  2. Disclaimer unnecessary expenses and purchasesWithout which you can easily do without. Too good advice for those who have iron willpower, whose mind always prevail over emotions, and there is at least the proportion of austerity. For the rest of this recommendation and is something akin to the advice parents have less sweet and wash hands before eating, that is reasonable, but not feasible. The main difficulty here is to strictly distinguish between what is necessary and what is not. For example, in winter you can do without buying a swimsuit, as much relevant are new gloves, and you will be able to wear a bikini no earlier than six months (it was then, and buy). But an inner voice immediately nashepchet that "that's when" these bright cloth will cost five times more expensive than it is now on sale. Therefore, the separation of the desired / unnecessary very conditional, and realize it can only be with a clear understanding of their needs and their families, including advance. And this will not prevent the implementation of the preceding paragraph, the pros and cons of which we have discussed in the paragraph above. Although in relation to impulsive purchases still can and should educate themselves to each evening was surprised not to reveal the emptiness in your purse, even in the morning seems to be quite plump.
  3. The search for additional sources of income.This is usually, perhaps, could be called the leader of the list and submit it in the first place. But we leave it to the third paragraph, for one simple reason. The majority of our compatriots and do not sit idly by, and some are already occupied is not one job. Therefore, neither the time nor the energy to search for additional earnings they simply remains. The fundamental change of the kind of activity, though promises a tempting prospect, but can turn into quite the opposite result of the loss of the existing stability. And that is why many people prefer not to take risks, and be content with the established order of things, and income. Although the capabilities of the extra money to give up not worth it. They can plant relatives, friends and even the occasional interlocutors. Sometimes it is this unexpected help from fate comes just in time. And in any case, unplanned, but the extra money can always be used in accordance with the following rule in our list.
    putting money asideputting money aside
  4. Regular shelvinga small but constant amount in reserve. Here much depends on how much money you can afford to save. If it is a more or less considerable sum, the opening of bank deposit accounts can actually be considered a good way to hedge against a rainy day, or to save for a major purchase. But the meager savings in the bank bring almost invisible earnings and home nightstand at risk just to depreciate because of the constant price increases and currency fluctuations. In addition, there is the converse rule that the money should be in motion, not to stagnate at multiply. And let this approach, there is a fair share of esoteric, but refuse to justice is impossible. So the best tactic is to create a nest egg on the basis of their own capabilities, but in the construction of its cult and not a substitute for other ways to optimize its domestic economy.
As you can see, even in the dogmatic rule on closer examination found the gaps. That is to blindly follow the recommendations of the stereotype in order to truly economical to run the household, is unlikely to succeed. Instead, it will have to be creative and show dexterity and ingenuity. But as a result you will definitely be rewarded both materially and morally, I feel like a real master of life even if not in general, but, at least, with regard to your personal living space and the family budget. And that, you see, has a lot to live comfortably in the world with him, the household and the price tags in stores.

How to save on purchases and housekeeping
All of this seems to be clear in theory, especially after debunking myths about the most well-established economy housekeeping. But life rarely coincides with the theory, it is happening here and now, requires quick decisions and their implementation instant. So the next steps in the development of easy, but important things thrifty housekeeping, offer you at least briefly (so far as the volume of the article) to review the most common situations in which our normally require the most rational approach to spending. And for convenience and, hopefully, the subsequent application, divide them into sections:
savings productssavings products
  1. Food items.According to all opinion polls, and the needs of the pyramids - it is the first and most volume item of expenditure of each person. Save on buying products can be, even without a lot of damage to the quality of food and dietary diversity. You just have to know where, what and when to buy. For example, there is a category of products that do not deteriorate for a long time and that you can buy for the future, and thus save yourself from the risk of a rise in price and and the need to spend on them each time little by little from the daily or weekly budget. These products include pasta, cereals, flour, sugar, salt. Economy or the so-called "family" package so groceries are cheaper than small packing. The same applies to the dry and canned pet food. Canned fish and meat, compotes, jams, too, can be attributed to this category, if your house has suitable conditions for their storage. Most games are sold in small wholesale hypermarkets special for private entrepreneurs, where the price of goods is not added tax. It makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity to purchase products for large families and / or for themselves for the future.
    Perishable foods, which include meat, fish, milk and milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought once a week on the market, where prices in the morning, usually less than a whole week at a supermarket in the town center. If you have a chance to go early in the farmer's market and load the trunk with natural and fresh products, such a purchase is not only cost you less, but also bring a lot of pleasure and benefits of the products themselves. All the food grown on the land of local firms and state farms are generally better and cheaper one that was brought from far away (at least, you do not overpay for its transportation and storage). However, some vegetables can be frozen and stored in the freezer, even when their season is over and the price jump. This applies mainly pepper, carrots, onions, peas, zucchini, eggplant and other dense enough to maintain the shape of the fruit. Fruit (apples, pears, apricots, plums) and berries (cherry, currant, cranberry) is also perfectly stored in deep freeze.
    To avoid unnecessary spending, do not go to the grocery store on an empty stomach and do not bring children. Best of all, if you write a shopping list in advance and will move from department to department according to this list, not to be tempted appetizing smells of bread and confectionery divisions, which, incidentally, are always on purpose, so that it was difficult to pass them through. Babies difficult to explain why this time you do not plan to buy an extra chocolate bar, so to avoid the vagaries of the risk and succumb to the entreaties better just to go without food for babies. But this advice is of little help if you are a sweet tooth and can not resist the kinder-surprise with the Disney princess inside. And indeed often remind ourselves that the most useful food - it's just the minimum components and their processing. But such products are generally cheaper frills food. Unavailability of proper nutrition - rooted and dangerous stereotype coined by marketers grocery brands. Power in the Post and handling (quality, not quantity of food) diet demonstrates this very clearly.
    savings on clothessavings on clothes
  2. Clothing.The second largest (although for many fashionistas - first) item of expenditure. To dress stylishly and affordably possible and necessary. Firstly, for this purpose there are sales. Practical Europeans and Americans, for example, with the possible exception of millionaire celebrities, consider buying clothes from new collections unjustified extravagance and always waiting for seasonal discounts. Photo - also a storehouse of branded and inexpensive things that fall back immediately after the update range in the boutique. Subscribe to our newsletter and / or to set up a regular customer card, and will be always aware of new arrivals to have time to buy a size. Secondly, quality clothing Western brands are now without any problems is available for purchase via the Internet. Its price compares favorably to shop, especially since not all cheap brands are represented in our country. Delivery is carried out around the world and is often free or cost very symbolic money. If you are afraid of placing yourself - offers hundreds of entrepreneurs, intermediaries involved in the procurement of such items to order.
    Thirdly, the best way to spend extra money on clothes - is the availability of good taste and sense of style. Make Solid basic wardrobe, based on the classic stuff of good quality, do not go out of fashion, combined with each other in various combinations and great sitting on your figure. Then there is enough time to time to buy more missing and not very expensive accessories, refreshing your image and the corresponding seasonal trends. As for children's clothes, then all over the world it is considered good form to buy and / or exchange it for special sites auctions. You can also find toys, furniture and much more for your favorite, but quickly growing out of its former dimensions, kids. And, of course, individual tailoring never go out of fashion. It is expensive, if you use the services of a tailor, and significant savings when himself become a tailor. This advice is not for everyone, but if the gift and skills of sewing you have something for your wardrobe and wallet sure we need not worry!
    saving on utilitiessaving on utilities
  3. Life and utilities.Regarding the purchase of the set of economic detail, household chemicals, consumables such as light bulbs and matches, as well as napkins / towels, subject to the same rules that apply with respect to food items in bulk is cheaper and more profitable. Also note that many large retail chains such products produced under private label and sell it much cheaper third-party counterparts. This production capacity promoted brand and the store private-label can be the same, but there is no cheat for the name and resale. Shopping List, compiled in advance, does not hurt, especially because sometimes you can forget that the house already has a stock of toilet paper, and accidentally dial even when money is tight and so. When paying at the checkout counter, using cash rather than bank cards. On the one hand, you do not have to pay, though small, but still a commission to the bank. On the other hand, the specific amount of discipline and holds the purse from unnecessary purchases, in contrast to the universal credit card. Finally, do not neglect the opportunity to have a cumulative discount card or in the supermarket, which often make purchases. Even a 5% discount of the total costs - this is a considerable savings over time.
    Installing residential water meters, gas and electricity justifies itself and saves you to pay for those services. Because the conventional standards of management companies may sometimes three times exceed your real needs and expenses. Especially when you are away from home on a business trip or vacation. Not to mention the central heating, bills that come much more regularly than it is delivered to homes. In the long term, many owners recognized that the installation of an autonomous heating system is very profitable investment. But this advice will be relevant only for those who can afford to spend a considerable amount immediately to return it gradually over two to three years. But energy-saving bulbs, even though there are more expensive than conventional incandescent bulbs, but almost everyone can afford. They serve a long time, and electricity use is really a fraction.
  4. Entertainmentare categorized as non-binding and additional cost, so it is possible to save them. It all depends on your habits and lifestyle. For some people, going to the movies - this is the event, while others feel left out without weekly binge the night clubs. But in a general sense we can say that you can save money on movie showtimes by special "wholesale" displays when weekend evenings shown three films for the price of one ticket. Premiere show is always more expensive than the current. Morning - cheaper evening. And, of course, romantic dinner much cheaper to cook and eat at home, you order at a restaurant. The alternative - ordering food at home. Even trendy and not cheap Japanese and Italian food delivery provided are often 25-30 per cent cheaper than the places at the table. As for entertainment, concerts and exhibitions, but recently very popular open-Eyry, which are much cheaper and more fun festivals under the roof. And ask about the work in your city special services, providing discounts and flyers to visit the different events. Often, they make it possible to see and hear a lot of interesting, if not entirely free, it is much cheaper than the standard price of admission.
    savings on leisure travelsavings on leisure travel
  5. Travel and tourism- An important part of a full life, personal development and inner harmony. But not very cheap, and the further - the more. Save on travel in two ways: by vehicle and by housing. This subject is very extensive and worthy of a separate article, so I just give a few tips, guidance. Save on transportation can be through the purchase of tickets airlines loukost, and order them through the Internet and print out an electronic ticket yourself. The second option - to monitor motion and seasonal offers charter flights, fares which is much cheaper than the basic tariff. Instead of renting rooms in the hotel look cheap but comfortable hostel. These institutions are often located in the heart of the city, but is aimed at students and young travelers, so living in them is cheap (cheaper than a hotel room or a separate apartment). Complete package offers tour operators, as well as trips to mnogozvezdochnye hotels with the program "all inclusive" is always more expensive independent travel on their own route without standard mass excursions. At the same time they give a lot more impressions and memories than expensive lying in the comfortable sun loungers by the pool with the warmed-tenth calorie cocktail in hand and boredom on his face. So - the choice is yours and your budget that you are willing to spend on vacation.
Summing up, it is said that the whole vast sphere of the home, and the personal, the economy is built on a little secret. It lies in the fact that the economically housekeeping does best people, whose culture of consumption is high. And what attributed to this concept - everyone decides for himself. For some, it is a gradual but steady increase in income for someone - cost reduction. But in the end important balance and rationality in everything from finding a democratic alternative to the catwalk novelties to purchase vermicelli to the nearest salary. But we must not forget that for the sake of saving the economy does not bring no joy, no good, subordinating all your thoughts and interfering enjoy life. Therefore, from time to time, allow yourself to unnecessary but pleasant things to decorate your life, cheer up and give meaning to every day. After all, happiness - not the money, as banal as it may sound.