How to buy gold in the Savings Bank?

Gold from ancient times is the subject of investment and capital accumulation both individual members of the human race, and entire nations. Modern people, seeking to save the funds, it is also thinking about the effectiveness of gold as an investment instrument. We know that this precious metal prices are regularly rising, it remains a sought-after commodity. Some acquire gold jewelry, souvenirs, watches. However, to implement such a thing is not always easy, and you can lose the sale marked money. The best option - to invest in gold coins, ingots. However, there are also its "pitfalls". For example, there are many banks that are licensed to buy, sell gold. But which one is best to choose? Who can guarantee the quality of the goods, the authenticity of the gold, its compliance with the designated sample?

Certainly one of the most reliable banks , Sberbank may be considered . In it buy and sell gold coins , ingots . Selecting the position here is really impressive , so virtually everyone will be able to in
vest without any problems , identifying the best option. You think how to buy gold in the Savings Bank ? Keep in mind a few nuances , important points. Then you will be able to buy gold with no problems, invest your money the most profitable.

Buy gold Savings Bank.
You will need some simple advice.
  • Invest or buy a souvenir?To start think about why you are buying gold. Many simply draw beautifully decorated bars , catchy design of the coin. Of course, anyone can buy for yourself or a loved gold as a gift. Commemorative coins and bullion standard look great . At the same time they can be implemented , if the need arises . But the approach to the acquisition of gold for investment should be a bit different , so you have not disappointed.
  • To invest in gold.If you decide to invest in gold, it is important to accurately determine the amount of investment , as well as form. You may find it more profitable to buy bullion or more successful version of the standard will be the bullion . You can achieve harmony of practicality and aesthetics , arranging commemorative coins at an acceptable cost .
  • Margin.When you see the price of gold to buyers , it is important to remember that the sale of the precious metal is lower than its cost . Forward-thinking customers prefer Sberbank to closely monitor the course of the sale of gold to pick the perfect moment . The Bank offers a favorable rate of gold sales , ready to realize the precious metal on the most favorable conditions for the customer ? Then it's time to go for the gold bars !
  • Prospects.Changes in the financial market often provoke the rise of prices for precious metals. Now it has become the most popular gold. It often invest, hoping not only to keep their exchange rate fluctuations, but also increase your capital in the future. Of course, do not count on a fantastic income, if you purchased 10-50 grams of gold. Far-sighted investors usually prefer to buy gold in sufficient quantity to, and profit was palpable. However, individuals often buy gold to save money in the currency depreciation. In this case, it is possible to be limited and small ingots.
  • VAT.If you want to get your hands on gold, you need to pay VAT.
  • MHI.Unallocated metal account allows you to invest in gold, but without paying the VAT. On OMC your funds will be considered in grams of gold. As soon as you want to , you can " cash out " your gold reserve and get his hands in the form of ingots . Then you will need to pay VAT.
  • Taxes.Many people choose to buy gold , then to sell it. Someone expects to receive extra profit , and someone just wants to keep savings in such a way . On taxes , many forget . Remember that after the implementation of the gold bars , coins , you may need to pay tax on their sales . Consider , for what amount will decrease your earning potential . The tax will depend on the amount of the sale , the time during which the gold is in your property.
  • Storage house.It is important to store the acquired gold. If you decide to leave the bars and coins at home, you need to buy a safe. It is not necessary to tell friends, family and friends about your purchase . It is advisable to be aware of it , only members of your family living with you in the same apartment . Then the risk of theft will decline , since any information spreads quickly when it is known to many people.
  • We return the gold in the vault of the Savings Bank.The best option - to leave your gold bars in a special storage Sberbank . To do this, you will need to present a gold itself , a certificate for it. Ingots are checked for integrity, compliance with specified characteristics , weighted at the client. The authenticity of the gold is confirmed by a study without violating the integrity and appearance of the ingot. Then you can quickly pick up gold by presenting an identity document , the contract of storage.
  • Sale of gold.Please note: if you branch of Sberbank sold gold, it does not mean that here you will be able to implement it . Particularly acute problem can stand selling bullion coins in small towns. The bank branch must be appropriate conditions for research of gold , its acquisition from individuals . Make sure you 'll have no problems selling your gold if you want to invest in the precious metal .
  • Certificate.A very important point ! Remember that without a certificate you can not buy bullion . Sberbank refuses to accept bullion , even if their authenticity is not in doubt when a person does not have a certificate on hand . All the information on it should be easy to read . Bar itself must also have the proper shape , the exact weight . Minor scrapes , stains , damage, do not change the weight and shape of the ingot are allowed .
When you are already familiar with the highlights, it's time to learn the peculiarities of the process of buying gold in the Savings Bank.

Buying gold in Sberbank
It is important to note that when buying gold must be met all the requirements.
  1. You need to bring a passport or other identity document.
  2. All gold transactions must be carried out in the presence of the buyer.
  3. Gold is visually inspected, weighed, compared with all the parameters stated in the certificate.
  4. You should see a good balance.
  5. Bargain sale of gold is confirmed by Handover, cash instruments.
  6. Along with the gold certainly receive a certificate.
Choose the best option: you can buy gold coins in the Savings Bank, or open a MLA.