How do you know the year of manufacture tires?

Despite the fact that the tires do not fall into the category of something perishable , however during the purchase of new tires it is useful to know the date of their manufacture . After all, tires - a material subject to aging , which greatly accelerated if not properly stored . Purchasing a relatively " fresh" tires can be partially secure and naedyatsya that during storage , they have not lost their performance.

Determination of release tires
According to the requirements of all manufacturers are required to put tires on them standardized labeling , including including the date of manufacture of tires . Look at the sidewall of the tire . It shows a lot of different information about specific tires and at first you will be difficult to find . Simplify your search task can be 10 or 12 -digit code , starting with the abbreviation DOT. Reducing DOT (Department of Transport) is the Department of Transportation , which ordered the manufacturers of tires to put on their labeling certain way.

Find the last four digits in the code. As a rule, they are located in a separate block. This is the release date of the tire. The first two digits represent the week of manufacture and the last two - the year of manufacture of the tire. For example , the figures in 1612 will mean that the tires were produced at week 16 2012.

According to the new requirements of the tire identification number must be applied on both sides of the tires on one side of the tire a complete number, and the other may be a partial record . So if you see a number, but can not identify the production date it , then try to see the other side and found her full number .
Until 2000, it was not supposed to use tires for ten years or more. Therefore, the tires were produced by a three-digit designation of the date of issue . For example, 407 means that the tire was manufactured in the 40th week , but pinpoint the year is no longer possible . The number 7 is the year of this decade , but what exactly can only be indirectly inferred from the general state of the tires .

Subject to the rules of the tire according to the rules of storage is suitable for use and is allowed to be realized within 5-6 years. But really , given that guarantee the correct storage vendor you are unlikely to be able , even when the " age " the bus for more than two years, it makes sense to buy them only if there is a good discount .