How to choose cosmetics pregnant?

Nine months of pregnancy radically change the image of a woman's life - but it's change for the better! Some things have to give, but in their place come other, more useful and correct. What about makeup? Is it possible to use it during pregnancy and, if so, how to choose makeup pregnant? In today's product range and new products constantly emerging among her mother's advice on this subject is almost useless. Have a pregnant woman to choose their own makeup, and considering the needs of their child, as well as overall safety.

Suitable for pregnant women cosmetics are high quality and carefully selected composition, natural ingredients and a minimum of dyes and preservatives. Anything that can harm the baby, is strictly prohibited to use in the production of cosmetics for pregnant women's Skin and decorative. And still need to choose a special cosmetics for the body, face and hair to look impeccable during and after pregnancy. In short, pregnancy - is not only not a reason to give up cosmetics, but on the c
ontrary, the time of purchase of new products and pleasant cosmetic procedures.

Can I use cosmetics during pregnancy?
All the fashion standards of beauty fade before the pregnant woman : her body is perfect, because it performs its main function , her face lights up with a soft happy smile , and his eyes shine with the warmth and kindness. But it is not prohibited to contribute a little manifestation of natural beauty with makeup . Therefore, to use cosmetics during pregnancy can and should be , just need to take into account some special features and requirements of the cosmetics :
"Doberemennaya" cosmetics
  • Throw or give away all my girlfriends " doberemennuyu " cosmetics are not required. Firstly, it is still useful to you after the birth of the baby. Secondly, hypoallergenic mascara, moisturizing lipstick and mineral powder is safe and can be used throughout pregnancy . From what it takes to get rid of, so it from open jars of creams and all other oily cosmetics on the basis of which you do not plan to use in the near future , and that for the first 9 months of simply spoiled .
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy entail possible problems with skin, hair and nails , but they can not predict in advance . Just be mentally prepared for the fact that the T- zone of the face may become more oily, it showed a tendency to irritation , and skin becomes more sensitive . On this basis , it is necessary to buy makeup with soft antiseptic, matting and / or other desired effect .
  • During pregnancy, the main enemy of beauty - dehydration. Be prepared to confront him with the help of moisturizers for the face , body and hand hygiene lip balms and thermal water . Those funds are used to easily cope with this task , may be useless in the new conditions . But they can cope with the problem - check !
  • Weight gain during pregnancy affects not only the size of the clothes , but also on the skin condition. Therefore, you will need special cosmetics for pregnant women: oil against stretch marks creams nipple cracks , personal hygiene . Despite the fact that such products are generally more expensive than intended for pregnant women , to save on their quality can not be . These expenditures will last a relatively short time , but you will not be disappointed in the result.
  • Natural cosmetics for pregnant women - is not a panacea. Some traditional recipes of cosmetics have a powerful effect that can harm you and your child . In particular , nettle affect blood clotting , Parsley increases the risk of premature birth , and aloe vera can provoke bleeding and banned for use in the third trimester of pregnancy. Modern women may not know all the subtleties of popular recipes , so they need to use extreme caution.
Even harmless components of natural cosmetics , and even more ready cosmetic products intended for use by pregnant women , should be of high quality and certified, vetted and approved by physicians. To be sure not to make a mistake , it is advisable to buy cosmetics for pregnant women in the pharmacy . Cosmeceutical , ie the production of cosmetic products on the basis of pharmacological technologies , will provide the best results for the beauty with minimal risk to health.

What is needed cosmetics pregnant?
Pharmacy - this is the right , but not the only place to buy cosmetics during pregnancy. Feel free to make purchases in stores of cosmetics online and in real life. In the end, it all depends on your desires and capabilities that not all pregnant women do makeup and nails painted , but there is hardly one that would react with indifference to dryness and flaking of the skin. Therefore, the general rules for the selection of cosmetics for all pregnant ones :
  1. Facials.The scheme remains the same care : washing, moisturizing and / or meals twice a day, morning and evening. If the skin has become capricious , can be used antiseptic for acne , but carefully read the composition for the presence of salicylic acid, which is not recommended for pregnant women. You can make masks out of clay , brewer's yeast and natural oils , ready to use , or use soft scrubs for exfoliating oatmeal .
  2. Body care.Purchase a cream for stretch marks as soon as possible and start using it before the appearance of stretch marks - it will give a greater chance that they never will . Moisturize the skin after a shower can be creams and oils , including children's butter . But aggressive creams and gels " anti-cellulite ", " to simulate the contours of the body ," etc. set aside until then , when you do not nurture the baby and breastfeeding .
  3. Makeupdecorated with a woman and gives her pleasure , so during pregnancy do not abandon it. Just keep in mind that suit or sundress with " tummy " best combined with a gentle make-up in pastel colors than with bright red lips and smoky ice . For safety , choose the means permitted by ophthalmologists and not irritate the eyelids and lips .
  4. Removing makeupIt must be thorough , but gentle . There was no soap for washing, which dries the already dehydrated skin ! Wash with a soft foam or baby milk , use lotions for removing eye make-up designed for contact lens wearers .
    manicure and pregnancymanicure and pregnancy
  5. Mani Pedican be hazardous and chemical and mechanical point of view. In the first case, try to avoid beauty salons , which always smells acrylics for nail , hair spray and other substances harmful to the health of the pregnant woman. Call the master of the house and ask him to use a nail polish without toluene and nail polish remover without acetone . To avoid injury , during pregnancy do only edging ( the so-called "European" ) manicure.
  6. Hairduring pregnancy, lack of nutrients , so it's best to care for them with the help of natural resources , oil masks do not dry with hot hair dryer. Hair dye for pregnant women can be , but with reservations . Firstly, only safe bezammiachnymi paint. Secondly, during the hormonal changes paint can simply not take or give an unexpected color.
  7. PerfumeryIt causes pregnant conflicting feelings . If your favorite perfume does not have ceased to please you - use with pleasure! But most likely during toxicosis you will annoy any strong smells, even the once pleasant . To avoid the risk better use of cosmetics without fragrances .
    personal carepersonal care
  8. Personal care.Gel for intimate hygiene come into direct contact with the mucous membrane of genitals , so you need to choose it with special attention : from the pharmacy or a special cosmetic line for pregnant women. Deodorants , antiperspirants almost always contain the potentially carcinogenic aluminum salt - instead, using alum, talc or safe organic agent.
  9. Tanrather harmful than useful for pregnant women. Avoid direct sunlight , especially the solarium . If pregnancy fell on the hot season, use sunscreen with a maximum force of the filter SPF 30-50, it is best for children. In addition , hormonal changes promote the appearance of age spots, and the open sun only adds to the credibility.
  10. Epilationduring pregnancy is necessary, but it is better to abandon shugaring and wax hair removal in favor of a safety razor.
All of these rules can be reduced to a single conclusion: Cosmetics for pregnant women should be especially secure. Avoid all components that can be absorbed through the skin and / or mucous membranes and damage . And if in doubt - it is better to give than to risk their health and children .

What is impossible to use cosmetics pregnant?
If we are talking about bans, let's turn our attention to the potential and / or actual danger to pregnant components of cosmetics.
dangerous substances for pregnancydangerous substances for pregnancy
  • Benzene- Carcinogenic and toxic substances , addictive as drugs . After contact with skin causes irritation and, if ingested, - nausea , loss of consciousness and seizures. In small doses found in solvents , some medications and creams for acne .
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(Often written as sodium lauryl sulfate, or simply SLS) - a strong carcinogen, is accumulated in the liver and bone.
  • Parabenswidely as preservatives in cosmetics for creams, serums and other finished products.
  • RetinolOr vitamin A, in excessively high concentrations affects the development of the fetus and can cause birth defects, developmental disorders of the liver.
  • Salicylic acidIt is considered to be a complicating factor during pregnancy and affects the formation of the fetus.
Here are the basic rules that you need to know to choose a safe and suitable cosmetics for pregnant women. They may seem complicated, but these efforts are definitely the baby's health and mothers . Make sure that all your cosmetics during pregnancy was high-quality , efficient, and fun. Be beautiful always and in any situation for your child, husband and herself !