How to transfer money from one card to the Savings Bank through the Internet?

Joining the majority of people in our country to modern financial instruments was largely due to transfer payments of salaries to plastic cards . At first, many criticized the perceived this initiative , but eventually realized that credit cards - this is a very convenient tool not only for the storage and withdrawals of funds , but also for the implementation of the various settlements in non-cash form .

They can be used both to pay for purchases in stores and pay utilities, as well as to carry out transfers from one individual to another , directly transfer money from card to card . For information on how to make payments between individuals using cards Sberbank will consider in this article.

How to transfer money from card to card Sberbank
To make a transfer you must be connected to the service line Sberbank.
  1. Open any browser and in his address bar, type the name of the official website of Sberbank
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, clickLoginWhich redirects you to the login page Savin
    gs Online.

    button to go to Sberbank Onlinebutton to go to Sberbank Online

  3. On this page, enter the ID or username and password in the personal account of Sberbank Online. Login.

    Form login and passwordForm login and password

  4. Confirm the input by one-time password received by SMS, if you have connected to the service Mobile Banking . If this service you do not connect , then as a one-time password can be used to check one-time passwords obtained at any ATM of Sberbank.

    login password confirmation onorazovymlogin password confirmation onorazovym

  5. In case of successful authorization you will get to your personal cabinet Savings Online, to the home page.

    Home private officeHome private office

    It will show your cards and open deposits. Transfer to an individual.

    Available operations with the cardAvailable operations with the card

  6. Enter the card number and transfer amount.

    filling of data transferfilling of data transfer

  7. If you want to write a message to a recipient in the appropriate line and pressTranslate.
  8. Press buttonConfirm by SMSor go toAnother way to confirmationTo introduce a one-time password to check printed at an ATM or self-service device Sberbank.

    confirmation of the transfer passwordconfirmation of the transfer password

  9. In the resulting window, enter your password and clickConfirm.

    enter one-time passwordenter one-time password

  10. Wait until the operation is completed, which will indicate the stampExercised.

    Confirm the operationConfirm the operation

    Save or print a receipt confirming its implementation by clickingPrinting check.

    check printingcheck printing

    Translation from one card to another customer of Sberbank of the region, as a rule, the recipient receives almost instantly. If the payer and the recipient are served in different regions of the Savings Bank , then this can be credited with the translation delay.
If for any reason you can not currently perform these actions on your computer , then transfer money from card to card , you can use self-service at any branch of the Savings Bank. You need to identify yourself with a plastic card and a PIN code , select the appropriate type of translation device and enter the card number to be translated , or the account number that you assigned to this card.