How often to change a spark plug?

Spark ignition internal combustion engines run combustion air-fuel mixture in the cylinders and their performance depends compliance performance motor stated by the manufacturer. Misfiring , even in a 4-6-8 spark engine significantly reduces its capacity and increases the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases . The most probable causes of faults in the spark plugs are manufacturing defects or untimely replacement .

How often you need to change the spark plugs
The frequency of replacement spark plugs depends on a number of factors:
  • engine design;
  • manufacturing technology candles;
  • the ignition system as a whole;
  • operating conditions;
  • the fuel used.
For most brands of cars change intervals candles spelled out by the manufacturer in the instruction manual or service booklet . As a rule, modern engines it is set at 30 thousand kilometers . It should be noted that this requirement is valid for the original value of the spark plugs with the corresponding engine type heat range .

Heat rating number represents the
thermal characteristics of spark plugs , showing the magnitude of the temperature limit , after which the process begins to emerge uncontrolled ignition of the fuel - air mixture in the cylinders of the engine from the hot parts of the candle. As heat range spark divided into hot , medium , cold and unified . There are special tables for marking and interchangeability of the main producers of the spark plugs .

In the absence of problems with the operation of the engine spark stick replacement intervals recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Irregular engine operation , noise and vibration may be a signal about the problems in the ignition system of work in general and in particular the spark .

If the diagnosis of the ignition system has not identified the fault , and then unscrew the spark plug and inspect them carefully . Work properly candle must have soot pale brown in the center electrode and the insulator. Black soot indicative of violations in the process of combustion of the fuel -air mixture due to a faulty ignition system or fuel . Nagar with a red tint indicates a large number of additives in the fuel you are using .

Visual inspection of candles by the presence of a spark between the central and side electrodes will not give you accurate information about its performance. The fact that there is a spark at atmospheric pressure does not mean that the spark will also work in conditions of high pressure cylinders. For adequate testing requires special boards, which plug is screwed into the camera with a viewing window, which later served the required pressure, then strain. Only such a test can accurately assess the performance of the candles.

In the absence of such a stand the only way for the normalization of the ignition system is unplanned replacement of spark new known good . Of course, before that should be carried out to identify and eliminate the causes of premature failure of the spark plugs.