How to make money in the decree?

You have long been preparing for a long-awaited appearance of the baby, and this is a joyous moment has arrived . Caps , diapers, undershirts , bottles , mix - and that the family budget is already bursting at the seams . Young mother gets nervous , because you want the most and dress up , and her husband do not forget to think about the baby . If earlier it was believed that it is impossible to work in the decree , but now everything has changed . Many young mothers successfully combine part time at home and care for the baby. Exactly how to do this successfully , let's see .

We work and earn money in the decree: Myth or Reality?
Many young moms , thinking about how to make the decree not always been particularly active in this matter. Most moms cite a lack of time, lack of opportunities , and other difficulties. Here is a good one saying: "It would be a desire - and there are always possibilities ! " .

Some mothers prefer to send their children to kindergarten early to go to work as soon as possible . Howe
ver, further sick leave that flat jamb lie on the table boss, will not bring anything good. In this case, wait until the decree is preferable when your baby will be independent and became strong , and get to work already full . However , the decree and the young mother could work well and earn real money .

Mother's fears about working at home
What scared young mother ? Firstly, the lack of time. After all, the older the crumb , the more it requires care and attention. However , you can work when the baby sleeps . Proper and competent organization of their time to help the young mother not only perform all the household chores , but also have time to work .

Good advice!

Write down your daily routine . What time do you get up and your baby . What do you do during the day : breakfast, lunch , games, cleaning, cooking . Surely there is free time to work . Very often my mother , tired of the everyday worries and troubles , while sleeping baby sit in social networks or browsing news sites . However, even the time spent on the Internet , can be used for the benefit of yourself and your wallet.

Second, mothers are afraid of earning the remote itself. It is believed that if you work at home , you will be sure to cheat and not get paid . Naturally, a variant of deception is not excluded , however , showing care and caution , you can avoid unpleasant situations .

Third, young moms are afraid of not being able to do anything to earn an extra penny to the family budget.

All the fears of young mothers in vain!

Methods earnings maternity leave
There are three options for earning the most realistic:
  • Work on the Internet;
  • Work on the main profession;
  • Work on a hobby basis.
Let us consider the essence of each of these types of income for young mothers on maternity leave, single out advantages and disadvantages of each will try to find a way.
earnings in the decreeearnings in the decree
  1. Using the Internet- Is a real storehouse for all those who wish to earn from the comfort of home.
    • Writing articles to order(Copywriting, rewriting). Today the Internet a huge number of stock exchanges on which their customers are looking for artists to write texts on various subjects. The principle of exchanges is very simple: you sign up, you pass, if required, tests and get to work. In each exchange, there are several levels of professionalism. As a rule, the quality and quantity of completed orders is dependent level, and, accordingly, pay. The level of risk in the form of wage freezes in advance minimalnyy.Kazhdaya Exchange client funds, which are intended to cover in this article. When performing the work in good faith the money will be transferred to your account. Usability maximum. Young mother could work and earn real money. Without leaving your home.
    • Administrative groups in social networks.As a rule, young mothers, and rare moments of relaxation from his native Chad is carried out in social networks. So why not spend the time usefully? You can become a manager of the group, offering, for example, children's products. This work suggests answers to all the questions to the group, maintaining interest in active communication. For work of this kind can be obtained from 2000 rubles per month. Risk Level: Medium. The risk in this operation is much higher than when writing articles on the exchanges. Perhaps you worked month group administrator, and then defaulting employer refuses to pay you. However, this is quite rare, and if your job will suit the group owner, you can combine business with pleasure: to actively communicate with the same young mothers and get paid for it. Ease of such work maximum. To sit with a cup of hot tea in front of the computer to communicate with the same "Maternity" Mommy, and even get paid for it - a pleasure!
    • Master classes, photography.If you are perfectly able to cook or make a wonderful improvised birdhouse - go for it. Take a step by step photos of what you know , accompany the text accessible to the reader , and go for it! Customers can be found on the same exchanges copywriting . Risk Level : Medium . You risk not to find customers. Convenience: the maximum .
  2. Work on the profession.There are many jobs that allow you to work and earn money , even while on maternity leave. For example, before the decree you worked as an economist . Your education and professional experience will help you not get bored sitting at home with the child . You can write term papers , essays , test , reports on request. This kind of work can be found in social networks , as well as exchanges of copywriting , freelance .
    With the accounting profession , you can easily carry a couple of small firms . Having a technical background, you can do the drawings , projects, estimates. If you have graphic design skills , you can come up on the computer unusual postcards and calendars. You can also work remotely , coming up with various options for advertising billboards , street signs , and so on .
    If you have a medical background , it is a great opportunity to earn while on maternity leave. You can do massage, both children and adults , as well as injections . The main thing with this - work experience and a small customer base.
    If you do not have special education and to the decree you have not yet really nowhere else to work - do not despair . You can find a job that does not require special skills. For example, your neighbor need to walk the dog while she is at work . Take on this responsibility . You will be able to walk with a stroller and a dog , while getting for their work an extra penny to the family budget .
    Also quite popular profession is the operator of the personal computer , the dispatcher at home . Something for everyone can be found anywhere . For example, your friend's mom " in the sandbox " is going to go to work and invites you to sit with her ​​child for 3-4 hours a day. If your kids get along with each other , then why not agree to this kind of earnings ? So , you put an extra penny to the family budget , and your kid will have fun playing with his new friend .
  3. Work on a hobby basis.An interesting hobby - it's a great opportunity to earn money while on maternity leave. Think about what you are able to do best? Sewing soft toys , make jewelry from polymer clay , weave bracelets and necklaces of beads , grow violets ? In all of this you can earn. His work can be sold on the ongoing numerous art exhibitions and workshops , which are now organized in almost every city , as well as in social networks .
    Level of risk: minimal. You will receive payment for its work with the direct transfer of the goods to the buyer. Unless there who want to buy cross-linked your teddy bear or glass beads , you can easily give your product a friend or mom birthday .
    Convenience: the average.
Jobs in the decree - is absolutely real. And absolutely no matter what type of activity you are interested in : copywriting , embroidery, beadwork , work supervisor or a PC, it is important to one thing - the work will help you not get bored in the decree and to receive additional professional skills. In addition, it is a great opportunity to supplement the family budget. The one who searches always finds , therefore, the decree can find a job for the soul !