How to cook sea buckthorn oil in the home?

No matter how much modern cosmetology offers us, but traditional medicine has not lost its relevance. In pharmacies, specialty stores and even supermarkets and grocery stores to buy tools for the implementation of the "granny" methods. But once we decided to use the natural composition, it would be logical to implement our plans in full. That is, do not buy ready-made products and to prepare them yourself. For example, to cook at home, sea buckthorn oil, which is widely used in recipes for health and beauty. Production of sea buckthorn oil in the home - a guarantee of quality. So it is better to make your own sea buckthorn, not to doubt the safety and efficacy of the product.

As home to make oil from sea buckthorn
Sea buckthorn oil, which is sold in a pharmacy, nothing to blame. It is well made, made by the rules and have certificates of safety. But you will agree that the process of preparing autographic buckthorn oil gives it a peculiar, not considered industrial technology "ingredient". So if you have th
e time, desire, and buckthorn, of course, better to prepare their own oil, giving it a soul. Make it not so difficult, but will have to tinker. But believe me, the present sea buckthorn oil worth your labor. This becomes apparent when it comes to all the beneficial properties of sea buckthorn oil. We will talk about them later, as long as pay attention to the distinctive characteristics of sea buckthorn oil:
  • We've learned that the oil extracted directly from seeds or nuts , sometimes - from the pulp . But sea buckthorn oil is prepared according to the same principle as burdock - i.e. by extraction on the base oil. This is due to the fact that the bone buckthorn too small to have been possible to obtain a sufficient amount of base oil . As a base used sunflower, olive, sometimes other unrefined vegetable oil.
  • Sea buckthorn oil in the finished form has an intense red-orange color and a distinctive odor. It is enough liquid , but leaves sticky and difficult to remove stains. This is due to just the technology of cooking: the oil from the seed has no color , but it stains the pulp of sea buckthorn berries , rich in carotene .
  • Industrial production of sea buckthorn oil is associated with a complex process which involved a strong pressing, pressing, diffusion and final check on compliance. For home cooking oil from sea buckthorn invented simplistic ways .
But in order to prepare the sea buckthorn oil at home is not worse than the factory , you need high-quality raw materials. It is fully ripe , undamaged fruit that must be separated from the branches , go through and rinse . Then buckthorn berries obsushivayut at low temperatures ( in the open air in the shade or slightly warm oven ) . And only after that you can start making sea buckthorn oil in the home.

How to cook a meal of sea buckthorn oil in the home
preparation of sea buckthorn oilpreparation of sea buckthorn oilTry to start to make sea buckthorn oil in a simple manner . Of course, its simplicity is relative. But you get an idea about the technology homemade oil of sea buckthorn and will be able to decide whether to engage in this future :
  1. Selective and clean sea buckthorn berries pass through the juicer.
  2. The remaining cake transfer to a non-metallic bowl (suitable large glass jar) and fill with fresh oil.
  3. Use unrefined sunflower or olive oil at the rate of half a liter of oil for every 3 cups of sea buckthorn cake.
  4. Cover the jar lid (tightness is not necessary) and store in a dark place.
  5. After this time, the pulp will have time to pass the oil trace elements and vitamins.
  6. Again, squeeze the juice of about the same amount of fresh berries, like the first time.
  7. Repeat infusion, and then press the oil from the meal.
How to cook the berries of sea buckthorn oil in the home
The apparent simplicity of the method described above in no way reduces the quality of the final product.
sea ​​buckthorn oil from berrysea ​​buckthorn oil from berry
  1. Choice, clean sea-buckthorn berries lay on a sheet evenly and drain in the oven at low temperature.
  2. Dried berries grind into flour using a grinder or chopper.
  3. Flour of sea buckthorn berries Pour into a non-metallic bowl (ceramic or glass jar).
  4. Preheat the crude oil to a temperature slightly warmer room.
  5. Slightly mix the contents of the banks, cover it with a lid (not airtight) and store it in a dark place.
  6. Upon expiration of sea buckthorn oil extraction strain.
  7. Therefore leave of strained oil for another day, for which the precipitate fall.
  8. Separate the precipitate, and the transparent sea buckthorn oil, pour into another container.
  9. As in the previous case, you can repeat the procedure from the beginning, use an infused oil to increase the concentration of nutrients in the finished sea buckthorn oil.
How to make a high concentration of sea buckthorn oil
There is a fairly simple and effective , but , roughly speaking, is not a profitable way homemade sea buckthorn oil . However, it resorts to it when you need to cook sea buckthorn oil of the highest quality . If the quality of the product for you is more important than its quantity , try sea buckthorn as follows:
oil high concentrationoil high concentration
  1. Clean and dry the choicest berries buckthorn load the juicer.
  2. Dishes with juice put in a dark place and leave at room temperature for about a day.
  3. After this period, you will see that on the surface of the juice formed a thin film of oil.
  4. Remove the oil in any convenient way, and pour into a tightly closable container.
Oil get very little, but the concentration of vitamins and minerals in it will be a maximum (compared to sea buckthorn oil , mined in other ways ) . Sometimes sea buckthorn oil is made from frozen grapes. It is quite possible , however, oil with fresh sea buckthorn berries is a more useful. But the frozen berries are available at any time of the year . Even if you missed the point and did not have time to prepare the sea buckthorn oil at harvest time , you have a chance to make it even in the winter .

Why sea buckthorn cook yourself?
Seabuckthorn - long known and loved by the people medicinal plant. A sea buckthorn oil - it is a kind of concentrate all the useful properties of sea buckthorn. It retains most valuable vitamins ( A, C , E, K , F, B group) and organic fatty acid (linoleic , oleic , palmitic , stearic and others . ) . Sea buckthorn oil is rich in tannins and trace elements . Due to the biological activity of all these components , sea buckthorn has a range of useful features :
  • antibacterial;
  • soothing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • wound healing (accelerates the regeneration of tissues);
  • tonic (gives the skin elasticity);
  • nourishing, moisturizing.
Sea buckthorn oil is taken internally and applied externally. If you are going to use sea buckthorn as a cosmetic, you should know that it can not be applied to the face in a pure form. This is due to high content of carotene that can disrupt the skin's natural defenses. But as part arranged masks, compresses and creams sea buckthorn helps to restore elasticity and smoothness of the skin, combats wrinkles, dryness, crusts, strengthens hair and nails. Before use of sea buckthorn oil, consult a beautician or at least those who are versed in folk medicine.

On prescription drugs, and sea buckthorn oil based on it being treated gastritis and ulcers, diseases of the pancreas and bowel disorders. Sea-buckthorn oil strengthens the cardiovascular system, therefore applies to normalize pressure and problems with vision. Sea buckthorn oil can be applied not only to the skin but also the mucous membranes, which makes it indispensable in the treatment of stomatitis, conjunctivitis, etc. But if you make your own sea buckthorn - not a problem, then its use should be coordinated with the specialist. Stick prudence, take care of yourself and stay healthy!