How to recognize the gray dealers showrooms?

Due to the current practice of redemption dealers PTS (passports hardware ) sold cars even purchasing cars from official dealers to buyers associated with some risk . In the same case , if the buyer is faced with the so-called "gray" dealers , the risks will increase manifold and they can be added numerous additional problems .

In addition to the worst-case scenario, in which the firm to trade under the guise of "gray" dealer closes and the buyer does not get his car, the future car owner can wait for the following troubles:
  • Overpriced car. The main method of attracting customers "gray" dealers are attractive prices . In practice, it turns out that the price is announced without VAT or the basic package , or use other tricks .
  • Having one of the owner of a new car in the PTS . "Grey" dealers acquire cars from official representatives of automakers and after that sell them to their customers. Accordingly, it is reflected in the main paper machine - TCP .
  • Reduced warranty.
  • Additional costs.
  • Longer delivery. Desp
    ite the assurances of the availability of car buyers' interest in the stock , it may not be there , especially when it comes to individual equipment . In this case, the "gray" the dealer places an order for a car from the official and potential customer dissatisfaction smoothed false information of various kinds, and / or promises of generous gifts .
This is the most basic and obvious problems when buying a car from the "gray" dealers, the knowledge of which helps to identify unscrupulous sellers of cars.

How to recognize dealers "gray" dealers
We offer you heed my signs, drawing attention to you in 99% of cases will be able to easily identify the "gray" dealers and their showrooms.
  1. Check the " mediocrity " of dealers on the official website of your chosen car brand . Every self-respecting automaker and its customers regularly updates the information on your site . If in any doubt call on the hotline representative automaker and ask questions.
  2. Rate design showroom . Authorized dealer providing enough high requirements for compliance with corporate design , both inside and outside the dealership . It is sure to be a big sign with the logo of the automaker . Good signs are the presence of a spacious showroom and provide vehicles for a test drive . In addition to the sales department dealership authorized dealers necessarily have the departments of spare parts and branded souvenirs.
  3. When the promise of a speedy delivery of the car required within 1-2 days ask called VIN- number of the car in question and provide a copy of its PTS . Official dealer can easily perform these requests , and "gray" deny them under any pretext .
  4. Before paying carefully study the contract and any other documents that you are going to sign for obviously unfavorable for you and / or hidden points , the fine print . Try to sign a contract in the last instance , to avoid substitution at the time sheets agreement signed by the representatives dealership .
  5. The presence in the showroom cars of different brands.
  6. Suspiciously low cost car. As noted above in order to attract customers "gray" dealers can be specified in various ways down the price, which is unpleasant and will inevitably increase the moment of full settlement .
After completing these simple guidelines you will protect yourself from the actions of the "gray" dealers, who are trying to pass themselves off as official and the number of which is growing every year.