How to remove scratches on the car?

Virtually none of the motorists can not do without those or other damage the appearance of the machine during its operation. Cars get into an accident, are exposed to natural disasters, receive various "household" injury. Especially in large cities with high intensity traffic. Quite often, the paint on the car just scratched. Someone takes it easy, and some drivers perceive the damage only as a personal tragedy and trying at all costs to restore the exterior paintwork of the body.

The algorithm remove scratches on the car
There are two fundamental ways to restore scratched the paintwork of a vehicle:
  • Appeal to the professionals who are engaged in refinishing cars, and provide related services.
  • Separate removing scratches in garage conditions.
Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

When repairing the professionals you will get high quality work , but for him will have to pay a considerable sum , often artificially inflated . In addition, not all of the artists involved in the local repair , and often try to
convince the client to repainting the entire body parts , citing various reasons.

Independent repairs will be much cheaper , but the end result will be a little bit worse . How much worse depends primarily on your efforts and the availability of a minimum of knowledge in this area , which will be discussed below.

Before the start of restoration work, note the following.
  1. Before you start to do something with scratches need to be visually evaluated.
  2. Often a scratch catastrophic take remains on your car paint someone else's car.
  3. Most modern cars are painted on two- technology in which the base color on the layer deposited on top of a colorless transparent varnish . The Internet is still a widespread belief that the varnish only cover the paint with the effect of "metallic". It had long been the case.
    abrasive polishing scratchesabrasive polishing scratches
  4. If shallow scratches and suffered only the top layer of varnish, then you can easily remove them by polishing abrasive. Believe will be successful as polishing to remove scratches, very simple. In a place without a strong push scratches spend nail in the direction perpendicular to the damage. If the nail does not cling pronounced grooves scratches - all this polish the almost completely. As another checking method can use abundant wetting scratches water. If the wetting they cease to be visible, it is a good sign, indicating excellent results from polishing.
  5. Professionals use a special polishing power . Buy it for the removal of a few scratches are not economically profitable. Fortunately, you can do without it. In stores selling cosmetics, ask slightly tapered paste polish to remove scratches . You can offer wax with pigment to match the body of your car. Pigment help fill and hide deeper scratches . This is useful , but absolutely necessary in choosing color polishes not. Sooner or later, the pigment will wash from scratches.
  6. Before acquiring the means to polish the damaged area once again make sure that the surface being treated and the adjacent areas free from dust, sand and dirt. Begin to polish only clean the garage or outdoors in calm weather. Apply a soft cloth and a small amount of polish in a circular motion with light pressure will start to process the damaged area. Do not rub one area for too long, so as not to erase the entire layer of varnish. It is important to keep a balance between the camouflage scratches and thickness of the remaining layers of lacquer. After completion of the abrasive polishing put on this place a protective wax polish.
  7. When you are less fortunate and paint remained fairly deep scratches, no longer do without a touch-up repair. You can certainly benefit from the various wax crayons to remove scratches, but their effect is short-lived and you will after some time will have to perform this operation again and again. Therefore, it is better to buy the base paint with paint and do everything once and for a long time. Currently, most imported cars automakers with a repair kit consisting of two bottles of small volume, one of which is the paint itself, and the other clearcoat. Your task is to color code or choose the appropriate paint color of your car repair kit.
  8. Following the acquisition of the paint can start painting over deep scratches. To do this, again, wash thoroughly repair and operations themselves in a clean and dust-free place. Degrease with alcohol scratches in the paint that will be applied. If the scratches are too deep, it is desirable to complete their pre-ground that will not shrink during drying. Otherwise, you will need to apply several coats of paint and lacquer that after drying in the scratch has not turned a deep depression. Thin brush with soft bristles gently squirrel scratching paint and let the paint time to dry, which is listed on the bottle. Try to go beyond the boundaries of scratches.
  9. After drying in a similar manner , apply a scratch coat of varnish , varnish must be applied only to a small overlap in the base layer paint of the car. Allow varnish to dry and use the car for other purposes.
  10. No less than a month, when there will be a full curing lacquer, gently polish the polish of its slightly abrasive.
In the near future promise to the creation of user regenerating paints for vehicles that will be on their own to restore the scratches on the back of the car . But so far we have not lived up to this wonderful time , no choice how to polish and paint the defects refinishing own traditional ways.