How to overcome fear of childbirth?

Pregnancy - is a wonderful time-out of a new phase , even in the era of a woman's life and her entire family. But before these 9 months will turn into a lifetime kid , his mom to go through a short but memorable time of delivery . And although this natural process , which is the very nature and accurate in every detail , the possible pain and the risk of complications make the vast majority of women giving birth to fear . And the rest , most likely, simply do not admit that they are afraid , or at least fear the bear .

There is nothing surprising in the fact that with the approach of the appointed time , more thoughts of a pregnant woman will be focused on how to overcome fear of childbirth. Approaching childbirth scares , disturbing , spoils the mood and the pleasure of waiting the birth of the beloved baby. In order not to poison the existence of himself and not be afraid of giving birth, just to overcome their fear of childbirth. And believe me, make it easier than it might seem at first glance.

I'm afraid to give birth, or where does the fear of childbirth
Let's start with the fact that fear of childbirth - a phenomenon as natural as birth themselves . It is easy to understand what a woman is afraid the eve of the birth of her child. Especially if it is born, and birth of their course and consequences she knows only from books , the media and the stories of other women :
  1. Unknown.The birth of the first child - is an event completely changes the way of life and what little comparable . But sometimes it seems that it would be better the pregnant woman did not know anything about the upcoming birth than those rumors and "horror stories" that can be heard by neighbors in the ward in the hospital, friends and other " well-wishers" .
  2. Pain.Waiting for pain is not unfounded , but greatly exaggerated . The strength of the pain during labor depends on the size of the fetus , prenatal preparation woman preparing her pain threshold , physique and other physiological and psychological individual parameters . Fear of labor pain causes women to look for ways of anesthesia , including local and general anesthesia , different methods of childbirth and so on.
  3. Birth injuries.Medical statistics provides data on preterm birth and problematic , pathology, cord entanglement , and other troubles . Despite the rarity of such a situation , every new mother at heart is afraid that it will affect her risk .
  4. Change figure.All the weight gain during pregnancy , who are more , some less . But childbirth threaten a bigger problem than the three to five extra kilos . If the child is big , it could break the head of the muscles of the perineum , and Caesarean section - is generally abdominal surgery with all its consequences ( joints , postoperative recovery , scars , etc.) .
  5. Postpartum depression.Excitement intensified as the date of birth, but after them , " pendulum" swings in the opposite direction and instead of relaxation comes the new excitement for herself and the newborn baby. And accumulated fatigue, which can not see the end - edge . A pregnant woman seems that postpartum life will never be the same, and it also raises the fear of childbirth.
It is the most common fears of childbirth, with which we fight virtually every expectant mother. Apart from these, depending on the imagination and hypochondria, every woman is afraid of childbirth also for other reasons, sometimes completely unfounded. And if you think that we are now needlessly compounded and listed them, then you are wrong. Because the first step in overcoming the fear of birth, or any other fear - it is their knowledge and sober assessment. Please note that after reviewing all the "pros" and "against" the threat no longer seems so sinister as before. This means that to overcome the fear of childbirth will be much easier.

How to get rid of fear and not be afraid of giving birth
How to overcome fear of childbirth?Women who give birth the first time, recognized that in its own experienced and overcome the fear of childbirth. But generalizing their feedback, we can conclude that there is one general principle helps to overcome fear of childbirth - is information. Is not it true that the less you know - sleep tight. In fact, the less you know - the more you make up one's mind, including that which has little to do with reality. And if so, then you need to speak out and share their fears and seek help from those who have more experience and more aware of what awaits in the delivery room. We, on the other hand, suggest that you try these effective ways to overcome fear of childbirth:
  1. Modern medicine.Childbirth - a complex physiological process, no doubt about it. But do not forget that in recent years, health care has leaped forward in comparison with the more recent time. Many potential problems are identified and addressed at early stages of pregnancy, while for others there are modern perinatal centers, which are able to take care of the kids even born on the 7th month of pregnancy and even before. As for the rumors from rudeness and indifference of doctors and nurses in hospitals, which are so fond of each other to scare mothers, do not forget that the perception depends on the person. But to be sure in advance to select the hospital and meet with his staff.
  2. The conversation with her mother.In the world there is at least one woman who survived childbirth and ready to reassure you - it's your own mother. Imagine that at the time when you were born, she had a fear of childbirth, but it went so well that today you wear a heart baby. But then the medicine was simpler, smaller and accessible information. Share your fears with her mother. So you are sure to voice them and get good advice. However, it is possible that your mother is afraid for no less than themselves. But in this case you will support each other.
  3. Support for loved ones.Often the fear of childbirth is exacerbated by the premonition of future problems. Young mothers are afraid that a newborn baby will take all of their time, do not turn to look after themselves, the husband will grow cold and other passions. To get rid of them, talk to those who appear in your dreams. Let the husband will surround you with care, and family and friends often cheer and inspire confidence in the future and that life will not change, and if the change - it is only for the better. If you wish, you can ask her husband, best friend, or someone from the parents present at birth, if so you will be calmer. In general, do not hold your fear of childbirth in itself.
  4. Communication pregnant.Another way to get rid of the fear of childbirth - a recognition of the fact that you are far from alone in its position. Tens and hundreds of women in your town now fear childbirth as much, maybe even more than you. Exchange of information, advice, simply talk heart to heart to help new mothers cope with the excitement. And you can meet a woman who is afraid of giving birth so much that his own fear will seem insignificant. In the role of Consolazione you just forget that recently could not get rid of the fear of childbirth. Find Minded possible on online forums, training courses for childbirth and even in the hospital ward.
  5. Courses for pregnant women.It combines lectures and workshops designed specifically to help overcome fear of childbirth. They can attend one or with her husband . You can not only listen to qualified experts , but do not hesitate to ask them any questions of concern . For example, in the details of how and why your body is changing , and how well it is adapted for a baby . And learn how to breathe correctly , to do simple exercises and massage to ease childbirth.
According to the young parents , communication with the unborn baby is also good help to overcome the fear of childbirth. It is not yet born , but already you can hear and feel your mood . And you can talk to him , to choose him or sew clothes and toys , along listening to music and read books , enjoy nature and works of art. Spend the remainder of the pregnancy a pleasant aesthetic experience , while at the alarm there will be no time nor the inclination .

In an extreme case, if none of these tips will help you overcome the fear of childbirth, you can visit a psychologist who specializes in such issues. Consultation with a specialist for sure give you confidence and dispel the fear of childbirth, because you're not the first nor the last woman to experience these emotions. And probably soon you will not only get rid of fear, but also be able to help him get rid of other young women who are afraid to give birth. Because the appearance of the baby - the greatest happiness, but happiness should not frighten and delight. Take care of yourself, your baby and be happy!