How to write an autobiography to work?

Many of today's employers in hiring required to write an autobiography . Beginners to experts , just finished college entrance , or previously worked people such requirement may seem strange . Indeed, originally an autobiography - a biography of a person in any form that best reflects the major events in his life. However, in employment , the term " autobiography " is meant a more specific meaning . What is the autobiography of a job and how to write ?

What is different from an autobiography and resume what it was for?
In summary, and in his autobiography should contain well-defined information , such as full name, date of birth, education and professional experience . Why do employers differentiate these concepts and require sometimes do both ?

Summary - a dry set of facts , in addition to allowing general information to know you as an expert . Autobiography provides a great opportunity : in addition to the main stages of the employer can see how you are literate and educated, whether you are able to expres
s their thoughts and whether you are honest - any , even the smallest differences in the autobiography and resume may do a disservice to you . Therefore, the best impression of you as a worker and a person needs to know exactly what is required of you .

How to write an autobiography to work?
There is a list of unregulated issues that need to be reflected in his autobiography.
  1. Full name and patronymic.
  2. Date and Place of Birth.
  3. Education, starting from the school. Usually indicate only the number and city schools, but that's about university writing details - department, specialty and years of study . However, you can optionally specify a specific extra. education that you have received in my school years .
  4. Experience in chronological order.
  5. The story about his achievements, extra duties and other experience that may be important for the job.
Initially, I decided to write an autobiography official language, which prohibit liberties. But more and more there companies who value free communication in the office and outright humor, so you should navigate on the situation. It is unlikely that the employer will appreciate a man claims to be the head of the department, who wrote "rAdilsya" or "one morning I decided (a) to do something." However, as absurd will look animator of children's parties, writing in his autobiography, "I finished (a) Pedagogical university, possess rapid perception of professional competence." Be aware where and among what kind of people you are.

Example of the brief autobiography on the job:
I Nikiforov Margarita Igorevna, born July 27, 1965 in Kovrov in a family of engineers . Since 1972 . by 1980 . studied at the secondary school №2, then he entered the College of Agronomy Faculty of Agronomy at Kovrovo , which ended in 1984 with honors. After college, he was sent to the farm "Red Flag" , where she worked in the specialty for five years .

In 1989 he married a Russian officer, Alexey Viktorovich Bogdanov, and left the post in the city Blagoveshchensk husband.

Since 1991.

Since 1997.

Since 2003 I have been working as a senior research officer of the Department of Microbiology of the Far Eastern State University. During operation, optimized data processing staff of the department . I have the gratitude of the University administration ( 2004 . , 2005 . , 2007 . , 2010 . ) .

Date of writing autobiography