How to sell a car quickly and favorably?

Time flies very quickly. It seems that you recently went on a brand new car from the passenger compartment and happy new iron horse, and today you consider buying a new, more modern personal transport. For many drivers, sooner or later there comes a time when they are thinking about selling his trusty iron horse. Of course, everyone tends to attach your favorite cars not only in good hands, but as can be profitable to sell their property. Very often, the driver is not possible to spend time on the long search for a buyer, so he chooses the easiest path.

However, not all such methods of sale bring him the maximum profit.

How to sell a car through a salon?
Virtually every car salon offers its clients a service " urgent repayment ." This proposal involves the acquisition of a company that sells automobiles, vehicles on mutually beneficial for the buyer and seller conditions. Since the sale of emergency , the amount received from the sale of the vehicle , in most cases , is not the highest among other possible
offers in the market .

In addition, variant able to finish putting the car in the cabin as the offset when purchasing a new car. Again, I want to note that this method is very, very speed up the sale of personal transport , but will not bring the owner a lot of money .

Sale of personal vehicles in the auto market
car marketcar marketOne possible embodiment of a used car is selling it at the car. As in the previous case, this embodiment assumes some nuances. First, ensure that your machine will sell in the first day, no one will, however, pay for a parking space is necessary. Secondly, sales of personal vehicles on a car - it's more a lottery, a lucky break. It is here that you can quickly and profitably sell your car just for one day and can, month and six months and a year waiting for a buyer.

Selling a car through a friend
Before calling to customers in the automotive market, it is necessary to ask around from friends or acquaintances, maybe some of them have long eyeing your car. This method is good only if you are 100% confident in the quality of its cars. Selling friend, relative or friend of broken and not quite serviceable car can not only discredit you and your loved ones make think that you simply "thrown". Therefore, any problems with the car have to warn in advance or not to sell his family at all. It is worth noting that this method of selling is one of the fastest and most effective. You do not need to look for a buyer, and worry about his honesty and integrity in the transaction of sale.

Sale of used cars via the Internet
Internet salesInternet salesOne of the most effective ways to sell a car is its implementation via the Internet. Today there are many sites that allow to advertise the sale of personal transport . It is worth noting that , despite the fact that the World Wide Web every day " lives " a large number of potential buyers , the probability of how quickly you receive a call and arrange viewing cars , depends on the well- drawn ads .

Therefore dwell on the question of how to create an ad to sell a car.
  1. Sign up for 3-4 sites where you can post your ad.
  2. Before you place an ad, look at the proposals of other sellers on the site.
  3. You should not assign too high a price for a second-hand car . Remember that buyers are also looking for different options and choose the most expensive of the proposed similar cars they will not. Try to adequately assess the value of your car . If you have a gasoline engine type , and you assign the exact same price as the owners of more expensive diesel counterparts, do not count on the fact that buyers will " pick " your phone from the very first minutes of placing ads on the site.
    condition of the carcondition of the car
  4. Form as soon as possible a more detailed description of the state of his car. You should not exaggerate it, because in person the potential buyer will be able to assess the opportunities and look of your personal vehicle with his own eyes. For example, phrases such as "a modern sound system", "leather upholstery in perfect condition", "new winter tires" should be supported by the actual facts. Seeing your far from ideal, very shabby interior rubber buyer, at best, just turn around and leave, and at worst - to write hard-hitting commentary on the site that you are misleading.
  5. Always explain the reason for selling the car. Quite naturally, that buyers will wonder why you want to sell the car in perfect condition? In this case, you do not necessarily indicate the exact reason. Many studies conducted by sociologists indicate that shoppers often "peck" on such ads, in which there is a kind of psychological influence or pressure on the pity. The most popular reasons include: "urgently needed money", "bought a car and need to sell old, so sorry," "leaving to relocate to another country", "flying a long trip to another city, to bring your car will not be able" "divide the property with his ex-wife, need the money."
  6. Always make sure that your ad was accompanied by a high-quality picture, even better a few. After all, the image of motor vehicles brings a very important informative. Before you shoot, make sure that your car was clean and well maintained, both outside and inside. If you decide to place the photo quality cars, it is not necessary to resort to "doubtful" camera. If you can not take pictures of high quality, ask a friend or hire a professional. It will cost inexpensive, but you'll be able to show the "goods in all its glory." Be sure to capture the following angles: front view, rear, on both sides, engine compartment, interior, front and rear. Inside, it is necessary to pay attention to the material upholstery, steering wheel, speedometer, pedals. Your main task: to present your car in a favorable light to a potential buyer the desire to assign you an appointment.
The final touch - a meeting with a potential buyer
So the meeting is scheduled , and you look forward to the hour when the car will be able to demonstrate its potential owner . Before you go to a meeting , consider whether all the documents for the vehicle you have in stock. Very often , looking at the car, the buyer is ready to immediately buy your vehicle . So, at the hands you should be: documents for cars , service book , manual , spare keys .

At a meeting with a potential buyer , you try to be as honest and friendly. It is not necessary " scorcher " in an effort to show all the possibilities of your car . Murphy's Law would work not in your favor , and it was at this point the machine can break something or, even worse, you become a member of a traffic accident .

Also, do not give the potential buyer still ride on your machine. Firstly, it is not included in the insurance on the car. Secondly , it can be "green" rookie who just got the rights . Third, it could be a crook who just wants to steal your car . In any case , observe the safety precautions . The above is enough simple rules will help you quickly and efficiently build out your favorite iron horse in good hands !