How to write a resume?

Often it is the right resume becomes a real start in life for the applicant. Wishing to expand their opportunities to begin to earn more and to realize their potential, many people are thinking about a new job. Sometimes the search is forced: are reducing staff, the company closed. In any case, the person must be willing to "showmanship." Wondering how to write a resume, it is important to pay attention to all the details, nothing is missing. It is likely that one unfortunate mistake will make a negative impression on the employee's personnel department, and successfully compiled catchphrase - distinguish you among other candidates. Think of writing your resume with great responsibility, so that it can bring you the maximum benefit.

Writing a resume.
You have chosen to create a resume ? For this to work , there are common standards as for any other . Even if the employer does not specify any requirements for resume writing , it does not mean that you can talk about themselves in any form. Your resume shoul
d be clear , concise , coherent and consistent.
  1. First line.The best option - just specify the name of the position for which you are applying . The fact that the specialists of HR departments , employers usually browsing a lot of documents, and in the course of recruitment they send hundreds of resumes . It is important to facilitate the task of those who will read your resume . He can immediately identify what it is you seek .
  2. Estimated post - universal formulation.Of course , the situation may be different . For example, a particular resume collection is not performed , but you have heard , it is expected that soon the available vacancies. In this case, it is important to formulate your aim is good , write on what kind of position you are applying for , but do not call it directly . For example, " an employee of a trading hall ", " Head of commercial service ", "specialist of finance department ." The main thing - be concise .
  3. Personal data.Name . Now you need to introduce . Enter first and last name . Please note that international companies contact name and patronymic is not accepted , so the first name you may well be omitted. However, we usually use it along with the name of the name: then the best option for you will be indicating your name .
  4. Location.Many prefer to write in the abstract the most detailed contact information. However, this is not necessary. For example, indicate the number of apartments is not worth it - you're not going to invite the employer to visit. Information about the place of residence at the same time is not excessive. Reflect the street, the house as a geographical landmark. If you live near the proposed place of work, it will be for you an additional advantage. Specifying the place of residence, which is significantly removed from the office where you intend to work on the rigid schedule, do not forget to write the summary of your punctuality and responsibility.
  5. Contact details.They definitely need to specify. Ideal - your mobile phone, e-mail, as well as home (landline) number. It is possible that the employer will be more convenient to call you at home or send an e-mail. Remember that this number must be available. If you stick to a particular mode of the day, for example, get up late, and enter a telephone, and in brackets - the time when you need to call. Mail also check regularly. When you left your mobile phone number in the personnel department, do not forget about it, be prepared to talk with the employer, to answer his questions, clarify some points.
  6. Experience.It is useful to you the ability to correctly show its positive side. To properly write a resume, be sure to start listing your jobs in reverse order. Keep the emphasis on achievements, pay more attention to the positions held, which are closer to the job for which you are applying. To list all places of work, if you are frequently changed, it is not necessary. Indicate experience in my life, too, not worth it. Accepted dwell on the past five years. If you have worked successfully and title fits very well into your actual task of finding work, but it was a long time ago, can still point and the information. Then it is worth noting that you simply decided to return to this area after the break.
  7. Education.In order to write a resume properly , make it more complete and interesting , enter in the column not only your specialized education , but also the corresponding courses passed trainings, private lessons and master classes . It successfully complement your portrait applicant.
  8. Personal qualities.Write about your benefits . Valued literacy, care , attentiveness, punctuality and responsibility , mobility and ability to handle stress . Focus on the position that you specified in the summary . For example, the head is important to be able to take decisions , to find the most effective ways of development, to solve problems quickly .
  9. Photo.Here, everything depends on the place to which you are applying . Of course, a nice picture will attract attention to your resume , but it is not always appropriate. If you plan to work with people , the photo might be useful. Choose a fairly new picture , clear , fairly discreet .
  10. Additional information.About your hobbies , interests , too, can write . It is important to take into account the particular work you plan to do . For example, where you want to focus , the ability to carry out qualitatively monotonous work would be appropriate love of knitting , weaving from beads .
How to write a resume?
Follow the simple guidelines to properly write a resume.
  1. Concisely.Write a brief but clear.
  2. Sequence and format.Your resume should be easy to read.
  3. Literacy.Of course, to avoid errors and typos . Your resume and it will be quite brief, it is important to make the text literate. Check it for errors , inaccuracies, at least twice . The man who reacted to resume writing without proper attention , showed his carelessness and ignorance , will make a negative impression .
  4. Honesty.Exaggerate their achievements do not need to . Write the summary only what corresponds to reality . If you translate with a dictionary - enter it . It is not necessary to report the wrong information on work experience , courses taken , etc. All the hype may open at the wrong time .
  5. The ability to bypass the "pitfalls".It is possible you will need to tell a few jobs that you had changed over the past five years. If there are more than 3-4 , you can omit some . But definitely think through what you say in the interview if you are asked why you often change jobs , they indicated not all. Explain changes delicately , without blaming previous employers and not complaining about life, and a list of places is based on their proximity to the job for which are applying for.
Learn how to write a resume properly . Specify specific information be concise and literate. If you are applying for several positions , make a separate resume for each . If you want to write a summary of various options , and then select the most successful .